Saturday, December 14, 2013


The Neocatechumenal communities will once again be celebrating their Eucharist. Will they distribute Holy Communion in conformity with its Statute and in obedience to Rome or will they continue to obey Kiko?


  1. Skipping the communion ritual, I'd rather go into symbols. Does anyone know if the NCW use the menorah or channukkiah when celebrating the Eucharist? If so isn't this being used during the celebration Hannukah by the Jews? Does the presided cover his vestment with a shawl (can't remember the term for a Jewish shawl)?
    If these Jewish symbols are being used are we reverting to ancient Judaism traditions and teachings?
    The music to the song they sing sound so gypsy style.

    Just wondering and seeking answers to better understand what is actually going on.

  2. Let's see...if they are still receiving communion as they have normally done, does that mean they are disobedient to the pope and to the statutes? How dare they call themselves Catholics!

    If they have decided to finally obey the's only to show face and to make themselves look good! Does that mean they have lied to us this whole time??? What else have they lied about? What other secrets are they keeping from us?

    I guess the saying is true in this particular situation...

    "You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't!"

    Just a lay person,