Saturday, December 14, 2013


Ah! As I suspected, our old friend Zoltan is back under the name, Anonymous. Here's his latest:

Thank You Tim for finally posting my comment. I guess my intuition was correct, you would hold out on it for another time.
I admire the special time you have taken to dissect my comment and look at each section. You didnt have to do that, it was plain an simple.
I also see how as simple as it was you still decided to take my comments and amplify what apparently is not my intent.
When you told me, "take it to your leaders in Agat", and then just recently you told me about the "old gas station now turn chapel(victory)", to me it meant that your were guessing I was from Agat.
You referring towards my offering of "Peace be with you" as TYPICAL leaves me a bit troubled to see you as a Christian Man acting in this way. I offered it to you freely and wholeheartedly. I guess you dont need it or even want it.
Peace be With You!
I guess I should take the advise of another comment and just take this to prayer. We need a miracle to change our hearts.

For the record, you can thank Zoltan for everything I am now posting about the Neocatechumenal Way. His insults first showed upon on my Facebook page and I engaged them there. But then he decided to take his fight to this blog where he has continued his personal attacks. As you can see from his above comment he has some doubt that I am a "Christian Man". 

Because I don't believe in calling people names and find personal attacks of little use, I decided that I would need to show Zoltan how he and the other members of the NCW have been misled. So you can thank him for the all the ugly details that I am now making public. 

As you can see by the facts I have presented so far, I have been in possession of the this documentation for several years and till now have chosen to do nothing with it, even though I could have easily used it before. I chose to do nothing because I really did not want to get into it with the Neocatechumenal Way. As I have already said, it wasn't bothering me personally and I saw no reason to expose the disobediences. I figured, "whatever", the church has as way of taking care of these things eventually. 

However, even though the NCW wasn't personally bothering me, Zoltan decided to make it his business to personally bother me…as he continues to do here. His personal attacks are all he has because he cannot deny that the leaders of the NCW have lied to him. Not able to discredit the message, he attacks the messenger. 

That's good! Because as you can see from this blog, most of what I post is in response to a provocation. And Zoltan gets the prize for giving me the best reasons to continue posting. And, Zoltan, I have much, much more. 

Shall I next tell about the "missionary family" here on Guam that is on food stamps? Or would you like to hear more about the "thrilla in Manila"? Don't know what I'm talking about? You soon will. Go ahead Zoltan, give me a reason. 


  1. I always understood that the lay missionary families, most of them coming from Europe were to be helped by the community with whatever they needed. So who pays for their living accommodations, to include power, and water? As you blog says, "on food stamp" takes care of food. How do they buy other essential needs because I know that they do not get paid so they say for being lay missionaries?

  2. Oh well, I did not write this comment, you are talking about dear Tim, although it could have been me. My problem with publishing on your blog is that you prefer anonymous comments while I do not. Also, you moderate out comments that don't support your agenda. This is intellectually dishonest. So perhaps I'll respond to you on a different blog, a blog I manage. So readers will know what I truly think without you "interpreting" for them. Is this a good deal for you?

    1. Zoltan, you really are full of _____. I have no control over who posts as anonymous. Even you posted as Anonymous. You are simply a desperate fool and your are stupid enough to put it on display. Keep showing your stupidity. No one here is fooled.

    2. Dear Tim, I am somewhat surprised that you show your true colors on your own blog and curse me. This is not really a trait to follow for a true Catholic. I have a serious issue with anonymous posting. Especially with arrogant anonymity that could very well be a cover for your own alter ego. Also, anonymous aggressiveness is generally considered as simple cowardice. Simply by this reason I have never ever posted anything as Anonymous on your blog and you know it! So, please stop this shameful ying.

  3. Dear Mr. Rohr:

    I think you should allow Zoltan to speak his mind no matter how distasteful, I am curious to see his response to many of the comments posted this past week critical of the archbishop and the Neo. I read them and unless Zoltan knows something that none of us do, he cannot, and people who cannot respond logically or are unable to rebut rationally, will resort to name calling instead, as a way to distract the reader form the underlying issues. So, Let Zoltan fire away. We will be waiting with breathless anticipation to analyze the depth and strength of any of his arguments, and the facts to support them. Courage and Peace!

    1. Except for one post, when I banned him because of how he discredited the other members of the NCW, I have posted every comment. I've turned off the comments moderation so he is now free to make as big a fool of himself as he likes. Apologies to the other members.

    2. It is another piece of shameful lie from you. I'll publish my comment for everyone to see here:

  4. I am soooo disgusted with this Zoltan guy! Maybe they should ship him out to do missionary work since he is such a NEO ADDICT! We don't need fools like him on this island.

    Dear Zoltan,

    I don't know what books you are learning from or where you get your information but I think you should start by reading catechism of the Catholic Church... unless that is too difficult a book for you to read then may I suggest catechism for children....

    1. Dear Anonymous, I feel honored by your emotions, as I am sure we have never met in person and you have never read anything I have ever written. So your emotions are based on pure imagination and have nothing to do with reality. ;) Please, try to grow up, and do not hide behind anonymity as a coward.

    2. But you call yourself "Zoltan" ?! That, in itself, is as bogus as "Anonymous" don't you think?

      Joe (and that is my name)

    3. Ha-ha-ha... so my name is bogus? So, please, try to give a search with "Zoltan Guam" and find out that I am real. ;)

      By the way, Joe, why don't you just sign your posts as 'Joe'? Are you ashamed of your name? If so, I am really sorry for you.

    4. Wow, your name is Zoltan. I apologize for discrediting your name. You have shown factual evidence that Zoltan is your name. If only there was evidence you can produce that may help the readers here make sense of your ramblings.


  5. Hi Tim,
    I was surprised not to see my post denying my identity as "Zoltan". I have no idea what you and Zoltan have going between the two of you but could you please post my last comment in response to you accusing me of personally attacking you, of which I have yet to and never planned on.
    So other than the Manner of receiving Communion in the NCW what else do you have to reveal? Just wondering.
    Im getting tired of the attacks and low blows from those not in the NCW, it sort of hurts to know that these so called Catholics are resorting to this. I havnt heard anyone in here from the NCW doing this. Good Job Brothers/Sisters for setting a good example.
    I also believe that its one thing to allow people to air out their frustrations and hurts but a clear line has to be drawn when it ends up becoming an arena for people to shun others, to defrock the Archbishop and certain clergy of their ordained titles and with the latest comments to plain out say that members of the NCW are dumb. You Tim will also be responsible for this.
    I will drive you to the bank, wait in the car while you rob it, no sin on me.
    Hopefully this dumb comment of mine will be posted.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    1. "So other than the Manner of receiving Communion in the NCW what else do you have to reveal?"

      What more than that?!

    2. More than you can imagine I suppose. So just sit tight. Patience is a virtue.

    3. Hi anonymous...

      Why do you hide yourself? Are you afraid that your NCW brothers/sisters will say something about your post? Are you afraid of the regular Catholics who may look at you differently? I'm pretty sure a lot of NCW members are reading all the posts and fuming over how we lay Catholics are what you call giving "attacks and low blows" but let me tell you something...

      Maybe the reason the NCW members are not saying anything is because they are's okay to be persecuted...Jesus was persecuted.

      Maybe it could be that they want to look good to the rest of the island by not saying anything. Your leaders tell you..."let them talk about us, let's see who is Christian"

      Or maybe the real reason is because the leaders don't want the members to say anything at all. They are afraid the members might say something that may bite them in the butt in the end. They are afraid their "secrets" may be revealed and we will ALL know their true intentions!

      The bible did say

      "But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be among you lying teachers, who shall bring in sects of perdition, and deny the Lord who bought them: bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their riotousnesses, through whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of." 2 Peter 2:1-2

      For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables. 2 Tim 4:3-4

      Maria Rose

    4. To anonymous at 1:57 a.m., if the shoe fits wear it!

    5. Dear Anonymous, thanks for your nice posts. You say you have no idea what is going on. I have no idea either. All I see is an enormous amount of obsession with the Way that seems to turn into an obsession with Zoltan as well, because Zoltan is a member of the Way. ;) ;0 ;)

      Well I do not need this obsession from anyone and I hope that Tim and all his alter egos will understand this one day...

  6. Thanks Tim for removing the moderating feature of the blog.....Comments are now Live Streaming. I guess my comment was misplaced somewhere in all the rubble.