Saturday, January 11, 2014


We have reformatted the page "Neocatechumenal Way", located by clicking on the tab above, to include a LINK to all posts related to the NCW on this blog and what will be an updated series of links to external sources relating to the Neocatechmenal Way. 

Most of the information on the Neocatechumenal Way which is publicly available (there is VERY LITTLE), is in italian or spanish and what you see on the web is often a translation, so expect some spelling and grammatical issues.

Obviously this is not a neutral blog and does not pretend to be. We see this blog as "equal time" given the one-sided statements of the Neocatechumenal Way leadership and the forced advertising at our churches when all we thought we were doing was going to Sunday Mass. 

Feel free to start your own blog to oppose this one if you like. Or, to make it easy, simply make your catechetical directory available for all to see so that these websites and this blog can be discredited. 

Here's the latest addition to our Neocatechumenal Way page:

            Is the Neocatechumenal Way... Roman Catholic?

     This website contains news and documents about the Neocatechumenal Way (NCW), an organization inside the Roman Catholic Church differing from typical Catholic groups in many aspects (especially doctrinal and liturgical issues) and organized like a "cult" (with its secrets teaching, its elitist hierarchy, its one-sided "official statements" denying even the most evident facts, a personality cult for the founder...).

    While the NCW managed to get some official acknowledgement by the Holy See (thanks to number of Bishops and Cardinals supporting it), even while encouraged and corrected by Pope John Paul II and Benedict XVI, it still maintains its secrecy about the catechetical texts and keeps celebrating liturgical abuses (mostly closed-doors). To date it has never officially published any of its Catechetical Directory texts (not even after their somewhat weird "official" approval), in use since late 1960's, which partially leaked in early '80s showing large discrepancies with the Magistery of the Roman Catholic Church.

    The authors of this website are Roman Catholics worried about people directly or indirectly involved with the NCW. Our mission is to show differences between NCW and Roman Catholic teachings and liturgy, and to show why Popes encourage but actually want a serious change; we will try to translate the most known and verifiable sources to make evident those differences (most of the documentation about NCW is in Italian).

    Note that more than half of the worldwide NCW members live in Italy and Spain; this and the secrecy aura surrounding NCW liturgies and core issues of its teaching, partially explain why the NCW problem is not yet widely recognized in the Roman Catholic Church.


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