Friday, January 10, 2014


Many are asking what they can do. Anonymous shares the following:

The best person, I am told, to contact is the Nuncio for our region, Archbishop Martin Krebs. He is based in Wellington, New Zealand. According to the website his email is

There's also his address and fax number on that website.

I think it's best you write or email him using your real name (I will do that). Also tell him if you are a parishioner or if you serve on a church committee or group. Tell him what you know. Facts, facts, facts. We've all seen and heard with our own eyes and ears. Ask him to come to Guam and see for himself. Especially to come and make sure the chancery does not pick and choose who he talks to. But that he hears from everybody. I think he'll keep your name confidential if you ask him to.


  1. I inquired via email ( with the Apostolic Nunciature in New Zealand. It does indeed serve as the Apostolic Delegation to Guam.

    1. Thank you for this address. If we really want Rome to hear us, then this is the address to get. Our Nuncio is the Pope's rep for our region so let us send him info on why we feel there is a problem.