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Reading all these comments seems like some are blaming the Neos. For Aaron, its good he wants to become a priest for this Archdiocese but also there are challenges to overcome even when he becomes a priest. I understand that he is concerned about his college credits and I too would be. But the fact of the matter is that he wants his way only. People should understand that even though he wants to be a priest, he should learn the First thing of being a seminarian or priest, which is OBEDIENCE! If you can not follow what the Bishop says to be in his diocese then what? The Bishop mentioned that there is another seminary in the making in the coming year. The new seminary is for Diocesan Seminarians that want to be a priest for the Diocese but have to attend the Bl. Diego Institute. I understand why the Bishop doesn't want to sponsor him for the Mount Angel Seminary. Because he has a new seminary in malojlo and can take classes at the Bl. Diego which is on our Island. I hope we all understand that the institute is the school and not apart of the Neo way. It is just located in the RMS. I pray him and for everyone on this blog.
- NON Neo and NON Trady (TLM) (Sorry TLM but that is what my friend from the TLM calls your group).

Dear Guamboy, 

Thank you for voicing your opinion. It allows us an opportunity to clarify some things for others.

1. The issue isn't about Aaron wanting "his way". The central issue is that Aaron was lied to. 

2. Aaron desires to be a traditional diocesan priest, and to be formed in that tradition. Every diocesan priest before Aaron was allowed that formation. Aaron is being denied. This is not "his way". This is the "church's way". The church requires a certain type of formation for diocesan service. RMS, by definition, is oriented differently - though we are only finding that out now.  

3. There is no second seminary. It is another ruse. The archdiocese does not even have the money to run RMS which is why the Archbishop increased the "tax" on the parishes. And now we're going to start a second seminary? 

4. Blessed Diego is merely an institute. It is not a college. It is not a university. Its credits have no value outside the institute and depending on the results of the recent review from the Lateran, may not even have value within that system. It is also run by neos and for neos. There is no other reason for its existence. 

5. Obedience? Obedience to who? The man who lied to him? But beyond that, no bishop on the planet has the right to demand that a man submit to a priestly formation that is not his calling. Yet this is what the Archbishop and Fr. Adrian are demanding. 

6. More on obedience. Obedience to a bishop who publicly and proudly displayed grave disobedience and disrespect to authentic magisterial authority? Obedience to a bishop who weekly engages in a Eucharist tainted by the illicit manner in which the sacred species is distributed? In the Catholic Church, a cleric's authority extends only insofar as he is in union with the Magisterium. And when he is not, we are duty bound to disobey him

Should Rome change its mind and authorize Kiko's way of distributing the Eucharist and release a document stating so, THEN we will obey. But NOT until then. This is why from the beginning we have only said "show us the document."

7. I don't have a group, "Trady" or otherwise. My group is my family and the Catholic Church.

NOTE: Aaron did not release those emails to me. I was approached by a third party who felt that a grave injustice was being done, both to Aaron and to the people of Guam whose money is being taken thinking that they are contributing to the education of their future priests, and that the people of Guam needed to know first hand what was being done to their sons and to their money. Aaron, like Fr. Paul, was already blackballed by the Archbishop and Fr. Adrian.


  1. Amen! Alleluia! Thanks Tim! You said it all. Have a nice day "Guamboy". :)

  2. How wad he lied to? Did they promise to sponsor him? My understanding is that Aaron asked, and the archbishop had a choice to say yes or no. Are you saying that the archbishop should have no choice in the matter at all and say yes.

    1. Are you saying it's ok for the bishop to refuse local sons the opportunity to receive proper and traditional diocesan formation? The RMS does not offer this - only a Neo formation. If a man does not want to be formed under the Neo, he's kicked to the curb. Men who show a sincere interest should be allowed an option. All the other archbishops did it before - why can't this one be fair and just to his own people?
      Are you even reading the blog and responses, or just "playing in the jungle?"

    2. Anon-2:11pm....or to anyone else that do not understand English very well. Mr Tim's explanations are simple and to the point! Please read carefully and understand each words. Please use an English Dictionary if needed!

    3. On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Aaron Quitugua wrote to Fr. Adrian: Since the reason for not allowing local seminarians from Guam to have an education abroad is due to lack of financial resources, would the Archdiocese sponsor me to study at Mount Angel Seminary if I were to consume the cost of my education and formation there since I seek a fully accredited seminary?

      7 weeks later and with no answer from Fr. Adrian, Aaron again wrote: I just want to follow up on your Nov 12, 2013 response to my November 07, 2013 letter that I sent you regarding my decision not to enter the new local seminary and my question of whether the Archdiocese would sponsor me to study at Mount Angel Seminary if I were to cover all costs of my education and formation there, meaning to say that it would not cost the Archdiocese any money to send me to Mount Angel.

      On the same day, Fr. Adrian wrote: I regret to inform you that your request to have the Archdiocese sponsor you at Mt. Angel Seminary is denied.

      You can read it for yourself here: http://junglewatch2.blogspot.com/2014/02/i-regret-to-inform-you-that-your.html#more

      Here's the short form:
      1. Aaron is told he cannot be sent off-island due to the archdiocese not having the funds.
      2. Aaron volunteers to pay for his own education, all he needs is sponsorship.
      3. Archbishop refuses to sponsor him.


    4. Swat the gadfly!

    5. Having read the few past posts regarding Aaron Quitugua's request and denial to attend an off-island seminary at no cost to the Archdioesce, I can only come to the conclusion that the Archdioesce's refusal to sponsor him means that if he pursued his seminary studies off-island at the Mount Angel Seminary, he would not be able to be a priest on Guam but rather would have to be sponsored by a dioesce that would accept him, probably in the U.S. Mainland. This is so sad because, he is being refused to return to his homeland and serve his people as a dioescian priest. This is outrageous and should not be allowed to happen and I hope they'll be enough of an outcry to prevent this unjustice from occurring. Case such as Aaron Quitugua is the reason I am willing to donate to the annual Catholic Charities appeal. This clearly sets a bad precedence for local Chamorro men not having any option but to attend the local Redemptoris Mater Seminary if they want to be a priest in the local archdioesce. About the only choice left would be to join the Capuchins and become a Capuchin priest. Wake up people of Guam, is this the kind of tyranny we want from our Archdioesce!!!

  3. http://www.seminaryguam.com/#!/page_About


    Redemptoris Mater, Archdiocesan Misionary Seminary of Guam

    Promoting vocations requires adequate institutions where seminarians may be formed in communion with Rome while immersed in the local cultures.
    The Archdiocesan Missionary Seminary, Redemptoris Mater, of the Archdiocese of Agana forms priesthood candidates holistically for the new evangelization in Guam, in the Pacific Region and the entire world. The Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania provides these candidates with their intellectual and theological formation.

    The philosophical and theological studies will be carried out by the candidates at the Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania, according to the Ratio Studiorum for the Seminary studies. Those disciplines and optional subjects that are most useful for the service of the new evangelization will be emphasized. The Catholic Theological Institute Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores for Oceania is under the direct jurisdiction of the Archbishop of Agaña.

    This is the link for the RMS on Guam. Notice how "new evangelization" is emphasized and the Blsd. Diego Institute is used.

    1. "While immersed into the local culture "....apparently that seminarian that laughed did not immerse himself into the culture.

    2. Dear anonymous at 4.03, thank you so much for posting this.
      It could not be clearer.
      Definitely a far cry from the Statement for the Seminary under Archbishop Chaput, (Philadelphia, formerly Denver and Rapid City) which some neos wanted us to read as a supporter of the NCW, a few days back.
      Basically a " our way or the highway" situation, which just underlines the pernicious nature of such an arrangement.

    3. It's exactly the "my way or the highway" approach of the NCW here that leads me to believe that the NCW is NOT a "charism" as Kiko claims. St. Paul said, "Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of working, but it is the same God who inspires them all in every one." I Cor. 12:4-6

      I would add the NCW penchant for secrecy and the tremendous control their catechists exert over Kiko's followers to my list of reasons.

      Kiko talks a lot about "signs", but the signs of the NCW, when the light is shown upon them, indicate something quite, well, devilish.

    4. If the Pope met with them? Why then they're wrong? I'm pretty sure many saw this but here's what Pope Francis said below. I pray for the Holy Spirit on this one.

      If the way is Devilish, then why would POPE Kiko would say this below?


    5. You need to read the account of how long and hard the popes tried to reach the likes of Henry VIII and Luther, how hard they tried to prevent schism, how they personally agonized over the potential and the eventual loss of souls when these men, despite the prayers and imploring of the popes, chose to go their own way. Try to see beyond every little photo-op and kind papal word as validation. At the root of this, there is the glaring fact that Kiko was asked to obey and he refused. The popes are simply trying and hoping to prevent the loss of souls including Kiko's...and yours.

    6. I don't think Pope Kiko would encourage them if they were wrong. He siad he encourage them to announce the gospel in the end of the earth. Devilish is more like worshipping the devil. That's pretty harsh to say. These people are taking a risk with GOD. Not for Capital gain but to inherit the kingdom of GOD. In China Christianity is rough. I've been to Egypt Christianity there is 5%, I felt alone there and muslim will crucify you. All I see whith this charism, they do and follow the GOSPEL. To me that is WOW factor. I disagree that they fall under King Henry VIII, that king want it to get married again with another woman. No comparison. These guys follow the GOSPEL.

    7. *shakes head in disbelief* POKE KIKO?? Seriously?

    8. POPE KIKO.. not poke

    9. Francisco's nick name is Kiko. What is wrong with that?????

    10. SMH too if I poke Kiko. Really?

    11. Kiko is a nickname. People can choose or not choose a nickname. As far as the rest of the world knows, Pope Francis has chosen not to refer to himself as such. But apparently that doesn't matter.

    12. Pope never said that..... Haha Come on Man.

  4. ...Ah Ha! there you have it, we've been waiting for this confirmation...Pope KIKO!
    I knew there was something very fishy about this pope.

  5. And the blatant disrespect for our Holy Father, who has chosen the name FRANCIS - not Kiko! Keep dreaming!

  6. What difference would it make of having another seminary on island if the instructors and mentors are the same as those of the Yona palace, and if they don't follow the teachings of the neos would they be removed and told they can not be priest because they don't follow carmen and kiko?

  7. Glad to be back in Holy Mother ChurchFebruary 26, 2014 at 9:52 PM

    Freudian slip? How very funny that Guamboy says " the institute is the school and not apart [sic] of the Neo way". Actually he is right. The institute is not apart (separated) from the Neo, it is a part of the Neo. Who are the professors? Neo, neo, neo. Rector-Neo not from our priests, but from Bolivia, via Kiko. Vice-rector-neo from Spain. Fr Francis-neo. Dr David-neo. Dr Bosco-neo. Msgr David-neo. Visiting professors because Blsd Diego ran out of people from Neo here who could teach-all neo. Spiritual director-neo not from Guam but from Europe. Accountant-neo from California. Bookkeeper-neo from Indonesia. Maint staff-neo from Italy and Malta. Housekeepers/cook staff-neo from anywhere but Guam. Yes, Guambot, the institute is not apart from the Neo, it is purely neo, and not many neo from Guam even get to play in that jungle.

    But the professional staff must be doing something right. Every single priest to finish from that institute has graduated with highest honors! BTW-that is sarcasm about a sad truth. Who sits in on the oral exams for their final grade. Guiseppi Gennarini from New Jersey. So now they can tell the world how overly qualified their scholars from the institute are.

    Well thought plan. Only problem...we are not stupid or blind. We see right through your charade.

    Aaron wanted to get a real, fully rounded theological formation from a professional institution, accredited and recognized for actual accomplishments, not apparent successes. I fail to see the problem with that, since it is now admitted by the Neo that their seminary is specifically for forming Neo priests with a missionary goal. That is not what every man seeking to serve the people of God desire. Some, like Aaron, wish to serve one diocese with the best that God wants for us. Seems like a no brainer to me. I guess the problem is really with those with no apparent brains who call themselves our leaders.

    1. Way to go, "Glad to be back in Holy Mother Church"! I noticed that quote by Guamboy and thought "Freudian slip?" myself. Thank you for the rundown of all the Neo Connections with BDI.

      I'm so very happy that you are back in Holy Mother Church and look forward to reading more of your insights. God bless you!