Monday, February 3, 2014


We took down the post about the Borg family as it appears to have been a copy and paste from this website:

The facts are the same, and we still have the same questions, and we may yet ask them, but for now, since they did not initiate the comment on this blog, and out of respect for their children, we will hold off on our inquiry. 

But we will say this. Things are not well. And while it may be salutary to put oneself into insecure situations for a cause, even if it is a wrong or misunderstood one, purposely placing ones children into the same situation raises some very serious questions about responsible parenting. 

So we may yet ask those questions. 

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  1. Thank you mr. Rohr. Once again you have our respect for your respect for the protection of children. What kind of parent would place children into this situation, even if it was a religious purpose. Best they stayed home, lived a stable family life, ministered on their home parish. When you really think of it, why would any stable person drag their family all over the world, even to beautiful Guam. Guam could be their paradise on earth, but why make kids unstable.