Friday, February 21, 2014


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Anonymous February 20, 2014 at 5:20 PM
You say that your not "Good Enough". Who said you were not?

[No one had to "say" it. An off-island architect named Francesco Gennarini, an architect who has designed many neocatechumenal buildings, is the architect who did the presentation. We did not see any competing presentation from local architects. If there are some, then post them.]

How do you know that you would lose MY (OUR) culture. Did you know? They teach Chamorro in the Seminary. AGAIN pure speculation. Looking outside the box and not opening it to see. the reason why of INFLUX.

[Hmmm. Hard to figure this out. More evidence of why more and more Catholics on Guam are showing concern as to the academic standards of the Institute and Seminary. "They teach Chamorro in the Seminary." Hmmm. So what. Russian spies learned how to speak English with an American accent during the Cold War. The "culture" we refer to isn't simply the language, it's the Kiko-fied way you practice the Catholic Faith, if in fact it is Catholic. We're beginning to wonder. Kiko-songs, Kiko-art, Kiko-vessels, Kiko-architects, Kiko-rugs, even Kiko-chairs.]

State your proof, how do you know the Architects are getting paid? Do you know of the amount?

[More evidence of the despair that appears to be creeping over this group. Ummmm, architects don't work for free. He probably hasn't been hired yet simply because there isn't any money yet to pay him. The presentation of the two "neocatechumenaries" (for Barrigada and Santa Rita) were sales jobs, a pitch to get the people on board and open up their wallets. If any other firm was approached, feel free to let us know.]

What if the Architect here is a Protestant? Would you hire him if he hates OUR CATHOLIC Church. AGAIN SPECULATION.

[There is more "hate" in this statement, and more "hate" in the general comments coming from the Neos on this blog than I've ever experienced from any protestants. In any event, given the hate and anger in this comment, I don't think we need to worry about Catholic-hating protestant architects. They, if they exist, appear to be the least of our worries.]


  1. Yeah Tim there is hard evidence of also influx of people have left the Catholic Church starting with my family members who felt mediocre type of congregation. No fellowship, after mass everyone so in hurry to leave. Not a single apologetic reason can change their mind. Not only my family but people left the Church. I left the Church! Reason I came back I did not like how the Protestant battered the blessed mother. So if you continue to be a hater, I suggest you go to confession. Envious is a sin, if your stuck with Vatican I then I can't help I'm with a new Mr.Proud Man. God Bless and enjoy ur day. = ]

    1. Anonymous (February 21, 2014 at 8:53 AM): Could you please explain your first sentence about “ … hard evidence of also influx of people have left the Catholic Church …” I can’t make heads or tails of it. I understand from the sentences that follow that your “needs” for fellowship and apologetics were not being met. But I don’t understand your reference to “… INFLUX of people have LEFT the Catholic Church …”

      The word “influx” is defined as “an arrival or entry of large numbers of people or things”; “a mass arrival or incoming”; “an inward flow”; “the act of flowing in.” Did you notice that all definitions demonstrate the act of coming IN? Yet you refer to an “INFLUX of people” who have “LEFT the Catholic Church …” Please enlighten me: Are the people coming in? (“INFLUX of people”)? Or are they leaving (“LEFT the Catholic Church”)? It almost sounds like you’re describing a revolving door!

      BTW: You made no clear statement of being a NeoCat in your comment; however, your NCW association is betrayed by the general tone of and the (lack of) quality in your writing as well as your suggestion that Tim go to confession because “Envious is a sin … ” I doubt that you are in any position to make that suggestion, but I do know that “ENVIOUS” is NOT a sin. Envy is, but not “Envious” as you stated. Of course, your closing pseudo-blessing coupled with the “=]” is the hallmark of the Neo Commenters, whether Anonymous like you and the few who identify themselves (e.g., Zoltan).

    2. before you left what steps did you and your family take to foster fellowship and community, or did you not consider that to be"your job"?
      I am under the assumption that you haven't "walked" in community to long because you will come to find that the NCW feels the same way about our Blessed Mother.

  2. To Anonymous Feb 20 5:20PM -
    Re Architects fees - the NCW has all the answers to this question, show us the agreement from the architect that they services are rendered for free then we will know. Otherwise they are getting paid. While you're at it, show us the same "pro-bono" agreement for Barrigada, Chalan Pago, and the Seminary project, and then we can believe.
    We await, but don't really expect a response since there is no such agreement.