Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Number of Guam Abortions Falls, But Percentage of Chamorro Women Seeing Abortions Rises

Kudos to PNC for not shying away from posting this illustration as part of the story. People need to know.

Now, we need to ask WHY does the majority Catholic population account for 70% of the abortions even though it only accounts for 37% of the total population. I'm seriously tempted to tell you, but not yet. Figure it out.


  1. I am an alumni of AOLG and during my time there I was very pro-choice as most of my "progressive" instructors. Abortion was never discussed even in my theology classes, but I did pick up on the anti-Catholic rhetoric. The administration was so blind of those molding us young, Catholic women. If it wasn't for Ms. Pat Perry, who was strumming up awareness in the Archdiocese, I would have never known the evils of abortion.

  2. Many years ago archbishop Apuron was very good in his fight against abortion. But like most things in his life he does something then lost interest. When he found the NCW he gave up a lot of good that he inact did many years ago. Fighting abortion gave him no money, so I guess he have up this to join NCW. He would have been better giving the same energy to fighting abortion that he gave to NCW. Then Chamorro women seeing abortion would be lower.

  3. I only caught a portion of the rebroadcast of KUAM News last night and I don't think they mentioned the 2013 abortion report at all, so I'm guessing PNC is the only one that carried this new story. Kudos to them for covering it AND for including the illustration of a common abortion procedure in the story.

    I've said before that I wish the Archbishop was as passionate about protecting the unborn as he is about protecting this island against the "evils" of casino gambling. After learning more about his NCW activities via this blog, I have another wish: that the Archbishop was as passionate about promoting the life of the unborn as he is about promoting the liturgical abuses and heresies of the NCW.

    Finally, to all those NCW members who have nothing but contempt for the owner of this blog may I suggest that you use your time and energy in a more productive way: direct your time and energy at trying to save the unborn as Tim Rohr, does instead of trying to find new words to use in vilifying him.

  4. Lou Leon Guerrero is an AOLG alumnus and sponsors attacks on prolife legislation. Did she receive a Catholic education or did she attend because her parents were rich and forced her?

  5. It's not that women and men don't know what happens in an abortion, but it is because it is a convenient way of "covering up" and "wiping up" and "saving face" from the consequenses of their adulterous habits and a way they can continue about their lives without facing the consequence of fathering or mothering an illigitimate child.

    "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." Blessed Mother Teresa