Monday, February 10, 2014


I received a note that the "Diana" we have been conversing with is actually a neo-priest. It was pretty easy to confirm. I already had several leads.

The first clue was "Diana's" familiarity with the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. "She" was just a little too familiar with it to be some innocent member of "the Way". In fact, the average member of the Way is probably kept away from the GIRM since it includes instructions which the NCW regularly violates.

"Diana" also keeps a blog that I've been keeping an eye on. The posts there are not written by any mere member of the NCW. 

But now of course, this little revelation makes "her" errors exponentially more egregious and what we said previously about "her" not being culpable is of course no longer true. In fact, "Diana" being a neo-priest is a damning indictment of the Neocatechumenal Way and especially the seminary which Guam parishioners have poured over a million dollars into over the last decade and a half. 

Here is one of "her" most ill-informed and outrageously stupid comments. In justifying the idea of congregants as "concelebrants, "she" quotes the following from the GIRM:

You might also want to take a look at the beginning of Chapter IV in GIRM which stated the following:  
114. Moreover, among those Masses celebrated by some communities, a particular place belongs to the Conventual Mass, which is a part of the daily Office, or the “community” Mass. Although such Masses do not involve any special form of celebration, it is nevertheless most fitting that they be celebrated with singing, especially with the full participation of all members of the community, whether of religious or of canons. Therefore, in these Masses all should exercise their function according to the Order or ministry they have received. Hence, it is desirable that all the Priests who are not obliged to celebrate individually for the pastoral benefit of the faithful concelebrate in so far as possible at the conventual or community Mass. 
According to this, "these Masses (referring to community masses) do not involve any special form of Masses, they nevertheless should exercise their function according to the Order and ministry they received. It also says refers to the "faithful concelebrates in so far as possible at the community Mass.

When "Diana" was just an innocent female member of the NCW, we were willing to overlook her ignorance, but NOT SO "Fr. Diana". This is dangerously stupid and may explain why many of you are terribly uncomfortable listening to their rambling content-less neo-sermons. 

Fr. Diana doesn't even know what the hell the word "conventual" means. This is so staggeringly stupid I can hardly go on, but I shall. 

Dear Fr. Diana: "Conventual Mass" here refers to those Masses celebrated by and for priests and religious who live in community, e.g., the Capuchins, Jesuits, Mercy Sisters, etc. The "conventual mass" (get it? "convent"?) is the daily religious Mass of those communities, and where more than one priest is present, they normally concelebrate. These religious orders are known as "religious communities". IT DOES NOT REFER TO YOUR NEOCATECHUMENAL COMMUNITY. GET IT?

Here is some more of Fr. Diana's colossal stupidity:

Also, how can the Way be in two years of disobedience when disputes are still ongoing as to whether the members of the Way should sit or stand? I would think that the approval of the Way's Statues in 2008 settled those disputes. Both sides had to come to an agreement - thus the introduction in the Statutes, which was signed by Kiko, Carmen, and Father Mario. 
Fr. Diana seems to think that because the Vatican has not shut Kiko and crew down entirely that this amounts to an approval. Are you being entertained yet? Frightened? Both? Of course, this amazing ignorance comports with Archbishop Apuron trying to tell us that the 2005 instruction from Cardinal Arinze was in fact a permission "for the variations that is (sic) being done in the Neocatechumenal Way" for "the first time in history", given "officially by the pope. (Listen to him say that here.)

Truth? Facts? Rome? The Pope? Documents? The hell with all that!

Just an FYI, Fr. Diana, the Vatican took nearly a quarter of a century before it finally shut down the Legionaries of Christ and its companion lay organization. The care of innocent souls is the pope's first concern. Too bad it's not yours. 


  1. Where did you receive this false information? I assure you, I am not a priest. I am a female, and as a female I cannot be ordained as a priest. I have been walking in the Way for 7 years and I am a Co-Responsible in the Way. I assure you, I am a female member in the Way.

  2. Does ANY TRUTH ever come out of the Neos? Their doctrines, from what I've read, are based on Luther and contrary to those of the Church. They engage in creative math to justify their practice of receiving the Kiko bread they refer to as Eucharist which to them is only a symbol of Our Lord, not His Real Presence. They twist Church documents and excise sections to rationalize their actions. And now a priest assumes a female pseudonym to try to persuade us Judases that not all lay Neos are as unhinged as Zoltan and Benjamin. Is there no limit to their subterfuge?

  3. That's just dirty, Diana.
    Seriously, if "she" is a neo-priest, isn't "her" website promoting scandal, now knowing full well that "her" information is incorrect and incomplete?

  4. Diana aka Diane aka Fr. Neo misspelled "Neocatechumenal" in the name of his blog. He reversed the last "e" and the "u". "neocatechemunal". More pesky rules.

  5. "Diana" also keeps a blog........

    I would like to read this blog. Can you provide the link, Tim?


  6. The Neos are only interested in Their way. They have established their own church, which, very sadly, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Agana, has chosen to be a member. When will the deceit and the disobedience end? Hopefully, Rome steps in soon. I fear for our local Church. As our Holy Father, Pope Francis, is committed to rebuilding the Church, so too, this Archdiocese needs to be rebuilt - and NOT with the NEOS!

  7. Archbishop think it over. Maybe you belong in the pew with your community. Why didn't you sit with the brothers in Rome at the audience. Did the Cardinals tell you " come up higher friend? " Poor Father Tom. I feel sorry he was part of that fiasco of the 7:30

  8. 943am. Post is so true. At some point we will all have to begin rebuilding the church of Guam. Apuron will go within seven years one way or another so we have to begin to plan for life after Apuron. And believe you me there will be many years of life, beyond the destruction caused by this failed archbishop of Guam.

  9. We are being catechized correctly by researching the idiotic ideas the Neo keep posting...lessons learned on the field of battle. Wake up soldiers!