Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Actually not so fun. I just make it fun. It is rather difficult trying to wade through the disjointed, spelling and grammar challenged, comments I wake up to each morning. More difficult are the ones which miss the point altogether. So here, let's give a few a try today:

It sounds to me that Aaron isn't even sure if he is called to the priesthood. He seems more concern about making sure that his college credits are still accepted in the event that he realizes that he isn't called to the priesthood. 
This person misses the point which is that Aaron was lied to. But beyond that, he also misses a previous reply to the same deal: men enter the seminary, not only to discern if they have a vocation, but also to submit themselves to discernment. 

Aaron may be very sure he has a vocation - and shame on you for presuming to know his heart - however, his vocation directors may discern that he does not. And through now fault or choice of his own, may at some point - as are many men - asked to leave the seminary and pursue secular life. 

In the event that this may happen, Aaron, is simply doing what all responsible young people should do: making sure that there is a Plan B for his future. Too bad you didn't get that, but then bashing Aaron was your primary objective so we shouldn't have expected otherwise. 

Here's a fun one:
Christian does not sue people. Yeah thru baptismal you are CATHOLIC but your heart is harden. JESUS CHRIST did not do this. Cast your stone cuz you never sin. I pray for you, really and sincerely. Jesus Christ said DO NOT BE AFRAID. from Non NCW member.
The commenter is responding to my reference to lawyers now being involved with the Fr. Paul case. Aside from this person's presuming to know my heart and himself casting stones, we would do well to note that currently there are several very public lawsuits by Christian organizations of every stripe against the Obama administration for its violation of religious freedom by the HHS mandate. 

In fact, the Catholic Church has a whole system of hierarchical recourse built into Canon law that essentially enables the equivalent of civil law suits. We even have courts (tribunals) and a "supreme court", the Apostolic Signatura. That said, I appreciate prayers from any source, even if you feel it necessary to stone me first. 

Here's one more:
@anonymous 5:37. Then Aaron should do the same as your friend. If he really wants to be a priest, then use the money he said he already have and go to a parish that would sponsor him.
This person is responding to another comment from someone else who was denied a traditional priestly formation for this diocese and was forced to seek an opportunity to enter the priesthood in another diocese. But again, the commenter misses the mark, probably because it is too horrible to look at: AARON WAS LIED TO. 

But beyond that, the people of this island have been giving for years to support the education and ordination of our own young men to the priesthood. It is the desire of the Church, and especially since Vatican II, that every place wherein the Church is established, to supply its own clergy. It is the mark of a healthy church. 

However, we now learn that our Archbishop is sending our own local boys away or outright denying them, and using our contributions to recruit and import foreigners, probably because he figures that since their presence depends on him, they will be more loyal to him. Well, he's certainly right about that. 


  1. Didn't they read this section of the letter?

    In the event that you do have a change of direction in this matter and decide to follow the course of action that we require, please fell free to contact me.


    Theme song time! Laughter is good for the soul!

  2. Yay...the theme song! Then back to the subject at hand. Lies.

  3. The fact that he had a Plan B indicates that he place more faith in himself than in God. The Archbishop was right in rejecting him. The Seminary is a place to prepare a man for the priesthood. The priesthood is not a career choice. Its a calling from God, and if God is truly calling, a man doesn't need to a Plan B.

    1. No. The seminary, at least initially, is a place where a man can discern and be discerned by superiors, for the priesthood. Ultimately, it is not the man's choice, but that of his superiors. The man only has a choice to enter the seminary. Whether he becomes a priest in the end is not for him to determine.

  4. I work at the airport and I saw Msgr. David Quitugua, the vicar general, along with the newly ordained neo priest from Agana, Fr. Michael Jucatan, board a plane for Saipan. This morning I saw them again, coming from Saipan. Looks like the "Marines" from Guam were called in to help save the poor people of Saipan, who like the people of Guam, are considered PAGANS.

    I called my cousin who is a neo and asked her why such a short trip by the vicar general, she said that they had a reconciliation ceremony and the neo priest from Guam who was "missioned" to Saipan needed help.

    Wow, how nice of the vicar general. Like the earlier post stated, there are other more important things right now that the vicar general should be focusing on, like be looking out for the lawyers. Before we know it a shipment of neo priests from Guam will be shipped to Hawaii to help preach the gospel there too! Really?! That I got to see, with a glass of Pina Colada on hand overlooking the ocean, I'm sure!

  5. And who paid for the trip of Monsignor David and Father Michael...this archdiocese!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing how the Chancery feels free to spend Church money(that came from our donations) on matters outside of Guam. If this was a company or a government agency, they will both be indicted for the misuse of funds, or at the very least, negligent.

    1. Then stop giving money to the your parish. Common sense! I heard Harvest has an opening for COMMON SENSE. Howeeeee

    2. Anon 2:51: You heard that Harvest has an opening? Why because you are from a Protestant group and in the know?

      Typical neo response! The commenter has valid concerns and you state that he should become Protestant because heaven forbid he question neo practices!

      You sound exactly like the responsible couple for Agana...at least the wife!