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Coalition for Concerned Catholics of Guam
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February 22, 2014

Camacho, John P. (Director)
Dept. of Revenue & Taxation
Taxpayer Services Division
P.O. Box 23607
GMF, Guam 96921


Dear Mr. Camacho:

It has come to our attention that there is and has been a significant amount of money collected from members of an apparent unincorporated group for which there appears to be no accounting.

The unincorporated group is known as the Neocatechumenal Way and it exists as a number of small communities under the auspices of several local Catholic parishes.

However, the monies collected in these communities - and it is significant - are not counted or considered as part of the normal parish collections.

As you are aware, monies collected as parish collections are accounted for and fall under the normal non-profit corporate status of a religious institution.

It is our concern that monies collected within the un-incorporated entities of the Neocatechumenal communities, being separate from the parish and not accounted for by the parish, do not fall under the non-profit status of the parish.

It is our understanding that the monies collected within the Neocatechumenal communities is under the control of a leadership group known as the “catechists.”

As concerned Catholics of the Archdiocese of Agana, we are writing you to request that you look into this matter as we feel a significant amount of money is being collected that is both unaccounted for and is being diverted away from the parishes and in some cases may be personally pocketed.

In some parishes the situation is further complicated by the "catechists" enjoying the particular favor of the Archbishop of Agana over the pastors of the parishes, inhibiting the pastors from performing their normal due diligence with parish monies and hindering the provision of proper oversight of the Neocatechumenal communities operating in their parishes.

The 2013 Archdiocesan Directory for the Archdiocese of Agana lists the following persons as the “Catechist team for Guam”:

  • Rev. Pius Sammut, OCD
  • Ms. Patricia Cottman
  • Michele Pedroni 

No personal contact information is listed but the chancery office should be able to assist you: Phone: (671) 562-0000/472-6116 FAX: (671) 477-3519

Following are the catechists listed for individual parishes:

  • Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica, Hagatna Contact Person: James and Leonor Tabunar, Tel: 734-1084 (Parish office: 472-6201/477-1842)
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Agat - Contact Person: Joe & Nona Barcinas, Tel: 565-1302  (Parish office: 565-2136)
  • Niño Perdido, Asan - Contact Person: Danny & Rosalia Santos, Tel: 472-5280 (Parish Office: 477-2211)
  • San Vicente Ferrer, Barrigada - Contact Person: Ricardo & MaryAnn Eusebio, Tel: 477-2226  (Parish office: 734-4573)
  • Nuestra Señora De La Paz Y Buen Viaje, Chalan Pago - Contact Person: Joseph & Jenny Naputi, Tel: 734-1144 (Parish office: 734-3723)
  • St. Joseph, Inarajan - Contact Person: Natasha Cruz, Tel: 898-8048 (Parish office: 828-8102)
  • San Dimas, Merizo - Contact Person: Antoine Tajalle , Tel: 987-9419 (Parish office: 828-8056)
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe, Santa Rita - Contact Person: Eddie & Jeanie Aflague, Tel: 789-0418 (Parish office: 565-2160)
  • Saint Anthony, Tamuning - Contact Person: Roland & Melanie San Agustin, Tel: 637-7400 (Parish office: 646-7181/8044)

Thank you for addressing our concern. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Neame withehld
Coalition for Concerned Catholics of Guam


  1. Yes , get this straightened out. Sell that Yona hotel property which is causing so much trouble. The diocese needs to be using its finances to serve the mission of the Church, and that is to serve people and reach out to those in need....those in need!!!

  2. It got awfully quiet all of a sudden.

  3. Give to Ceaser what is Ceasar's and to God what is God's. Their (Way) favorite quote is Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. ..maybe it really means don't let Rev &Tax know what we're doing, far more worse, don't tell the RMS benefactors know what we've done. They give to the seminary under the impression that it is for the benefit of the whole Diocese of Guam not knowing that it is really for the elitist group called the NCW. In our Diocese Many priest are called but only the NCW few are chosen. I pray for a Diocese that is in control of its Ministries not a Ministry that controls the Diocese. In the words of the Elitist, I pas ginen as Jesukristo u gaige giya hamyo.

  4. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. Go ahead and complain to Rev and Tax. What did you expect they will find when you don't even know exactly whose name is on the title of the Seminary in Yona. So far, all you've done is speculate. In your eyes, the Way is guilty until proven innocent. Isn't that how the communist government runs?

    1. Looks like this guy tells a little more than he was supposed to.

    2. If nothing is wrong and there is nothing to hide, then Mr. "Talker of Chicken Counters" and his neo hierarchy have nothing to worry about. Audits occur with or without suspicion.

      "In your eyes, the Way is guilty until proven innocent. Isn't that how the communist government runs?"

      This is incoherent. Not sure what you are trying to correlate here. You should have stopped at "speculate."


    4. Do all your checks, conduct investigations. Because your right, we have nothing to hide.

    5. to anonymous @ 1.25: If you want to talk about communism, may be you should talk to Kiko and his former friends, since this is their original leaning...... and most likely why these tactics seem to always reappear out of the blue. Chase the natural.......

    6. Frenchie you speculate way to much. Good Lord have mercy on you. Cus when the lord call your number. I hope you go to Purgatory instead of Sheol.

    7. To Anonymous, Feb 22 at 11.33pm...sorry I did not follow up earlier with your funny comment, but I am usually busy on Sundays (no I don't go fishing).
      Your two lines statement is extremely revealing on a psychological and religious point of view. I will live these issues to experts in these areas, who are better versed than me on these delicate issues.
      Then of course there are the facts....oops.
      You declare that I speculate too (2 Os) much.... OOHLALA!
      Speculating meaning that somebody is guessing, hypothesizing, surmising, reflecting, cogitating, is far from what I am doing.
      From Kiko own admissions, he was a avowed Atheist and follower of French Philosopher, Catholic hater and Stalinist apologist Mr.Jean Paul Sartre. According to his own published legend it is a crisis of "existansialism", which along with his reading of Hegel and Charles de Foucauld (which obviously he still has not mastered) led him to his conversation. Of course he glides over his alliance to the Franquists to reach people of interest in Rome to further his own cause.
      This my dear Anonymous are not speculations but the Gospel according to your own Guru!!!
      Beside this I am glad that you are so worried with my soul.
      Rest assured that you should not waste too much time with me, you could do much more good in worrying and working for the salvation of the lost sheep that are the followers of the way (tempted as they are to follow the false prophets that our Lord Jesus Christ warned us about) We humble Catholics, followers of the true Church are used to be denigrated and having our names called in vain, and thanks to some good parish priests that are left we are prepared to meet and face our savior on judgment day....
      Pax Dominum

  5. Obviously, you can't find the correlation. No surprise there. You can cry to Rev and Tax and the Nuncio all you want. They can come out and audit all they want. They do that with every Parish anyway. But we already know that ain't gonna satisfy you. You're purpose here isn't to right a wrong, but to destroy the Catholic Church. It's too bad that the Archbishop didn't excommunicate there's a suggestion.

    1. More incoherent commentary. It's a simple line of logic to follow: someone clearly has stated that your attempt to connect accountability to "guilty until proven innocent" then "communism" is nonsensical.

      And excommunication? I suggest you learn about Catholicism before you reveal further your ignorance of the faith.

    2. dear Anonymous at 3.25.....thank you for revealing your true face. The face of hate, lies and deceit. As Tim states often on this blog, you are doing more to show and promote this site that the other readers and writers. BTW if somebody has done anything to destroy the Catholic Church on this beautiful Island, surely you, and other neos should have a good look in your mirrors.
      Remember the parable about "looking at the straw in thy neighbor's eye, and not seeing........"

  6. Let me go on more, if money is collected and not used for the parish FUNCTION it is taxable. Money collected during Sunday Masses are turned into the parish office, this is not taxable. The money is used for the Parish itself, to include donations for whatever because it is recorded by the parish. ALL OTHERS ARE TAXABLE?

  7. There has to be an account where all the money is being channeled to. I do think that the archdiocese needs to be audited. As a member of a non profit organization and we are tax exempt, we have to file our status to Rev and Tax as well as publish our financial statement in the newspaper. If the Archdiocese is exempt, how come we do not see a publication of their financial statement. Rather odd

    1. Churches fall under a different non-profit category and are not required to post their financial statement publicly:

    2. True. However given Pope Francis' recent call for financial transparency at the Vatican, perhaps it is time for Catholics to call for similar transparency at the local levels, even if the government does not require it. What is there to hide?

  8. what parish does the NCW fall under when they have their celebrations at the hotel and collect money in the trash bags. The Parish of the Marriott, Hyatt, Leo Palace or should we say Neo Palace. Hello! Answers!

  9. Judging from the rabid answers by the Neos (which by the way are talking about everything but the issues) some people are getting worried.
    The Chancery, it appears, will have to deploy a lot of work just to answer the questions that many people have had for years.
    The time for transparency and light has arrived.
    The people that are lurking in the shadows, DO NOT like that a bit.
    When the beast starts spitting and yelling, the light and justice are near.
    Remember the prayer to St Michael..

  10. Money is collected and used for both the Way's retreat and the Parish, and these collections are usually done after the Liturgy of the word. The Way uses church grounds to hold their celebrations. They collect to pay for the air-conditioning, electricity, and the use of the CCD classroom, social hall, or whatever room is available in church. The Parish I am in records the money coming from the Way. When the Way uses Catholic schools for their Sunday retreat, they also collect donations and turn the money in to the school. Donations are given to the school for the use of the facility and electricity.

    As for the annual retreat, the Way holds it at a hotel for 3 nights. Did you think that the hotel was going to give us food and board for free? GET REAL. Since when is anything free?

    As for the celebrations in the Way, no money is collected in the Way's Mass, so there's no money to turn in from the Eucharist. We don't collect any money during the Eucharist like the regular mass.

    So, yeah, call out the auditors. They're more intelligent and realistic because obviously, you think that all the hotels that accommodate our retreats give us free meals and free beds. What....did you actually think that the Way was supposed to just keep the money and NOT pay the hotel bill?

  11. The composer of that letter apparently was type happy and couldn't do his/her research before clicking send to Mr. Camacho. So many factual mistakes in it. FYI the names listed for each parish is not composed of "catechists" but rather "point of contacts" according to the archdiocesan website.
    A memorandum has to be sent out to all groups associated with the Archdiocese and at the parish levels. It should remind them that....

    1. If you should collect money for any specific purpose, please attach the cash with a breakdown sheet to your respective finance council so they can report it to the Dept. Rev & Tax.

    Examples of Money Collected...

    Christian Mothers Bake Sale for their Retreat in Manila $650
    Altar Servers for additional surplus and cassocks $500
    Knights for more feathers $100
    Cursillos for more paintings $200
    Choir for more Xerox paper $60
    Neos for more rugs $400


    1. You neos sure are non-friendly. Instead of clearing the record, you carry on about nothing pertaining to the issue deciding instead to mock and scoff at any inquiry. You think that you're being clever, but the questions and distrust build with every dismissive post.
      If your practices are congruent with the true liturgy, why is it so difficult for you to connect the dots? Why play word games? Why create your own definitions? Why construct a separate area for your "eucharistic" service away from the tabernacle?
      Instead of practicing unity, uniformity and solidarity with the Church and her members, you exert much effort at dividing and remaining separated.
      Why go through so much trouble to be contrary? Surely this isn't the much touted "Way?"
      If you neo on Guam keep up with this prideful lack of humility, the fall is going to hurt really really bad. You will not only be hurting yourselves, you will be hurting all of us.

      Many people who have commented of the Neo have been truly injured, slighted or have been brought to frustration with their experiences. Does that not give you cause for reflection? Does not the mounting evidence of questionable practices here on Guam and around the world not lead you to at least take a step back and assess the situation? Are you so tunneled vision against Tim that you don't allow yourself to see past your own nose?

      This is truly troubling.

    2. You are a freaking idiot! Each organization such as the daughters of America, the feathered group, the cursillos, etc. should have their own by laws and some do, which are tax exempt. Are the Neos tax exempted? Better get your by laws together and apply for tax exemption!

  12. Where is that memo? For your information the CM and KOC are separate non-profit entities. They have a Board and minutes of their meetings and therefore have separate accounts from the Parish. Each group reports to their respective Pastor but their finances are accounted for. I'm not a member of either group but I see this transparency. Sorry to say but the Neos do not have this clearly laid out. Everything down to their finances are hidden and therefore should be made clear. If there is nothing revealed, as someone said will happen, then none of you should be blowing trumpets here. Nervous?

  13. Anon 7:13pm: The Knights of Columbus have been exempt from the Guam's Business Privilege tax under 11 GCA 26203(c) since 1988. Check on Rev and Tax's web site. You're making this up as you go along, aren't you? Freakin Liar. The snarky "more feathers" gave you away, but we have your number buddy.

  14. Dear Mr. Chuck White,

    I was just stating that the composer of that letter really has no idea what he/she is stating or talking about. Yes, Im sorry I forgot that the KofC is an entity on its own. That was not the point. I was trying to get it across to some people that the letter above is accusing the NCW of not reporting funds, what funds? I can only assume that the funds they have or collect are for a specific purpose. In the same manner that every other group or gathering of individuals may come to so doing. It is not an isolated issue.
    I have been in many situations were a collection was being made for a purchase of some sort be it flowers for the church, donations to assist the homeless etc. In all, the letter had big accusations that Im not really sure have any truth behind it.
    It was bit of humour for me and Sorry to ruffle your feathers, but Ive been approached on numerous occasions to join the KofC, but I refuse because maybe its a local thing but I see no purpose in the KofC other than dressing up. If you have any real reason as to why someone should think about joining the KofC, please share.

    1. This is not about the KofC! Quit trying to change the subject. Why do you neos continue to distract and deflect?
      Your "garbage" collections are much more significant than for mere flower purchases. But you wouldn't know that if you were the one being told not to question. Perhaps your defensiveness reveals that you are one of those who command others not to question what you do with their money?

    2. Too bad you don't have the courage to put your name to your comment so the Knights can at least get back to you. But I'll do you a favor and forward your request to their president.

    3. Thanks Tim for forwarding my request.

      To Anon@7:24am

      -I am not trying to deflect from the subject, I was responding to Mr. White in his representation of the KofC and he accusing me of being a liar.
      -The "garbage bag" that you are referring to is not a regular collection. It may be significant if the need is there. Again though, a collection is only done for a specific purpose, and is done in a manner as to only collect the exact amount needed.

      You may not understand this as with the other issues mentioned in this trail.

      It is hard to understand things when looking from the outside. Dont worry though I was once like you.

      Please continue to pray for our local church. We all need it.

    4. You still put it in the garbage bag during your celebration so it is a collection! How else would you explain it...tithings? A basket is passed during regular masses, this is a collection! When somethingl is passed around for you to place money in is a collection. What do you call it, a savings account, checking account, TCDD, money market plan, investment?

    5. Tim, it's not a regular collection, though a collection is done. COLLECTION is COLLECTION no matter how you look at it. I am sure you will come up with a new word to substitute this COLLECTION just as the word Neocatechumenary was invented.

    6. You know that you are being less than truthful. You even fool yourself in believing that only "outsiders" are commenting. Where do you think the information is coming from? I know. That's why I am confident in continuing the inquiries.

    7. I'm not anon 7:24am but I think you owe the KOC an apology. I don't think you should be representing your neos with these uncharitable sentiments.

      You mention every group has this issue of collecting funds but they don't. The funds are either given over to the Parish or if the group is a separate entity (Christian Mothers and Knights)they report to their board.

      It's just you guys who don't have transparency in this matter. It doesn't matter if you are collecting for altruistic purposes. When there is no accountability and transparency, there is suspicion and temptation.

      So telling Anon 7:24 "Don"t worry I was once like you" is a blanket statement saying:"MYOB because you are an outsider who knows nothing. We are special and don't have to turn in monthly income statements to the chancery. When we collect money our bosses will decide where it goes."

      If you don't like speculation or misinformation, then write your procedures for collecting funds and give this to your Pastor so he is aware. Have income statements to show how money is handled.

      All the blah blah blah, as another neo anon likeses to say, showsbthat this letter has hit a nerve. If it is nothing and nonsense why keep on blabbing?

    8. To Anon@428pm

      You accuse me being uncharitable and then go on with your lack of charity towards me . If I wanted to compare my humour about purchasing feathers with the speculations and assumptions that you have dished out. Where will the charity be revealed? You then accuse me of blabbing. very charitable indeed.

      It seems the suspicion and temptation is only an issue for you. I dont worry about what I contribute, if theres a need, I give freely, gratis.

    9. I'm sorry your feelings are hurt because I stated you are blabbing much about nothing, but you still didn't apologize to the KOC for the insult. By the by, why are you still here? You or one of your friends shot themselves in the foot by their infamous blog post. Are you trying to convince yourself that unaccounted collection money is ok? You can dance around the issue all day, but the rest of us know the truth.

    10. Truth? You are far from the truth.

      If I take the altar servers out to dinner and everyone chips in to cover the bill, do I still have to report this to the parish or to R&T?

    11. Listen sister, I have actually treated servers with my own money. This was from my personal funds.

      Now if I went to my brothers and sisters in the parish and asked for money to spend on the servers, you best believe that 1) I would ask my Pastor's permission to do so and 2) that I would turn these funds over to him with the names of the donors and the amonts they gave. Fr could then cut a check for servers outing, new surplices, etc. It is called being a good steward or accountable with funds that were joyfully given to help the parish.

      Now, you received your apology, where is yours for the insult to the KOC?

    12. Your neo group is supposed to be a ministry under the Parish like CCD and Confirmation and should report your funds properly to the Pastor.

      But herein lies the conundrum because you operate like the Knights and Christian Mothers in terms of your monies. If the Knights got together to treat the servers then wonderful! It is their groups choice and privilege to do so, but here is the difference: they have their own EIN number/non-profit status, their own separate bank account, and are registered at Guam Rev and Tax.

      The problem is your Neo groups are NOT a recognized non-profit entity, though you wish to operate as such, you can't - not lawfully anyway. You don't have an EIN number to account for your status and financials at Rev and Tax so with this in mind, your funds should be turned over to the Pastor and accounted for in the Parish books. Since they are not, there is concern. It's a simple concept really.

    13. Why is there a need to turn in funds? No one should be holding onto money. As was mentioned, if the NCW has a retreat then members are asked to chip in to cover the bill. Its a simple concept. You make it seem as if the NCW stores up money, why would they do that?

    14. Tim explains it best, so I refer you to this blog post: "MAN, YOU ARE REALLY STUPID....IDIOT!" I think it was inspired by you.

      Btw, Spinderella, this is a no spin zone!

  15. Hey there NCW members. So where is the substantial amount of money collected at the end of your 2nd Scrutiny? You know the one that is sort of an Exorcism? Some have given the titles to land, homes, some drain thier whole retirement savings and the list goes on and on. Sometimes the value is that n excess of 50-100k. This is a COLLECTION, outside of any Parish unless the RMS is now a parish, (last I checked, NO). These monies are supposed to go towards the aide of a selected family or families in need. Who accounts for the disbursement? Is there a report for Rev & Tax? If the family or families names are pulled by lottery, as is customary with all decisions of the WAY then who covers the tax for the income received by the families? Even if I win a lottery or a raffle with a substantial capital gain on my income I am obligated to report and file with Rev and Tax and pay the due taxes. The winners of the cars at Micro Mall have to pay the tax before they can get thier prize. So please...CHANCERY WORKER, explain to us all how it works. For the record The Neocatechumenal Way destroyed my marriage!

  16. I'm a Yona parishioner and we have the Knights of Columbus. Not all of them may be seen all the time, but I think my priest and those of us who help around the Church can say that our Priests and our Parish owes a great deal of gratitude to the KOC. They do so much for our Church and our people there in Yona. Sometimes regular people don't see all the many little and big projects that are completed and accomplished in our Church and in our village thanks to the KOC. All people sometimes see are when they are sitting around after a KOC meeting and eating and drinking and relaxing. They need to come and see them when they are there keeping our parish standing, serving the homeless, serving the prison, serving the people of Yona and many many many other things. They don't put their name on all the good things they do, because that is not what they are about. And yes, they have their own checking account and keep thourough books because they report all monies to their national board. Just like us Christian Mother's have to. Each penny is accounted for.

  17. What a bunch of cowards those neonites are....trying to defend their sword by being ashamed of themselves as they aim to strike it through the very church established by Jesus Christ. If you're not strong enough to put your name to your post, then you are nothing at the bottom of dog dung and what you is even more worthless. The neons came to Guam because there's a bunch of wimps that easily turn their back to God. Instead of caring for the poor, sick and dying, they drive large and expensive cars and travel firstclass. If I owned this blog, I would only allow posts with real names. If you feel strongly enough about something, then put your money where your mouth is.......oh, and I remember a retreat at the Ladera Towers when the evil one who says it's not about the money, pass around a plastic bag, they bagged over $20K that about not about the money..... My ancestors are rolling in their graves as is Bishop Felixberto Flores....this church wasn't what it was when he passed away. Shame be with you that lie like hell. Please Roman Catholics, wrap up the money and register all the lands that belong to the Roman Catholic Church before the heathens takes it away.

  18. rguello doesn’t talk to media that are critical of his politico-religious line. ‘Why waste time?’ And he rarely talks to the rest. He doesn’t give interviews. To try to get him to be specific about his ideas is useless, he escapes into complicated talk about vital experiences. He is a master of the monologue. His followers don’t know where or how or on what he lives. The majority don’t know him personally though they finance the Way with their donations. The disciple, once he’s passed the ‘second scrutiny’ (a personal examination that happens after the first years in the Way) must hand over to the community 10% of his income: the tithe – (el diezmo). If his partner is in the Way they both have to hand over the same percentage. Nobody knows where this money goes nor how it’s administered. There are no invoices. As well, at the end of each religious celebration one of the ‘brothers’ passes round a plastic bag (the so called bag of filth) into which each one puts what he can; from several euros to a gold bracelet or the deed to an apartment. The bag keeps circulating until the amount set by those in charge is reached. There are minutes of suspense. How many times will it go round? During the construction of The House of Galilee, the grandiose seat of The Way in Israel, the official asked 1000 euros from each of the disciples to finish the work. While the bag was being passed around the rest sang, ‘Consider how the lilies of the field grow: they don’t work, they don’t spin, but I tell you that not even Solomon in his glory was arrayed like one of them.’ In order to advance in The Way it is essential to get rid of your riches.

    1. Solomon? Wasn't there a comment where by a NEO posted something about "even your change can't build Solomon's temple? The commenter should have included neither will it build KIKO'S TEMPLE.

      Now I see the association of KIKO'S songs to the manner in which they must live their lives. BRAINWASHED!