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Can't think of anything more entertaining and valuable to our cause than to let these people demonstrate the "fruits" of the Neocatechumenal Way themselves. "Diana", here, does an overwhelmingly good job. Try not to choke on the "fruit". And remember, these are the people the Archbishop wants you to join.

Dear Anonymous.

First of all, to answer your SECOND question, New Jersey is NOT the seat of the Neocatechumenal Way. The Neocatechumenal Way doesn't have a seat or capital....not even in Spain where it begun. 

Secondly, to answer your FIRST question, the Carmelite nuns in Guam are of advanced age. In other words, they are elderly. One of the reasons they were relocated to Tamuning was due to their small numbers and their frequent visits to doctors and health services. Over the years, the number of religious sisters has been declining. This is true not only for Guam, but worldwide. Today, it's fortunate that we have at least one or two young girls in Guam who have answered God's call to join the Carmelite Order even if they are walking in the Neocatechumenal Way. 

In the Carmelite Order, the young girl would be trained in following the ideal life established by St. Teresa of Avilla. She would be trained as a nun to lead a contemplative life of prayer, spiritual readings, and manual work. Now that Guam's Carmelite nuns are so advance in their age and take frequent visits to the doctor or health clinic because some of them are ill, would they be capable of teaching an aspiring young girl this religious life, or would she be more of a caregiver? I am looking at this from a logical and reasonable perspective. Thus, I would think that it would be logical and beneficial if Guam's girls be sent off-island to a Carmelite monastary where they can be trained in living the ideal life of St. Teresa of Avilla. But I would also hope that someday, they would return to the island and take over the Carmelite Monastary here to be inspiring role models for Guam's women who hear God's calling. 

Finally, I would appreciate if the thread of this post is not derailed too much or too far off. This post is about God's calling and deals with the letters written by Mr. Aaron Quituga and Father Adrian. As I said in my post, I don't think Mr. Quitugua is ready for the priesthood yet. The seminary is not a place to discern whether one should become a priest or not. It is a place to prepare men for the priesthood. A person doesn't enroll into law school to discern whether he wants to become a lawyer or not. The purpose of law school is to prepare students into the field of Law. In a similar manner, a Seminary is a place to prepare candidates for the priesthood. And I also believe that every candidate should be screened before entering any Seminary.

NOTE TO DIANA: We are told you are a "responsible" or a "co-responsible" or something. How come you're not responsible enough to put your real name/full name not only on your posts but on your own blog? Come on. I'm responsible enough to do so. Why do you cower? Obviously there must be something really wrong with what you believe or else you wouldn't be hiding. And while you're at it, post your picture. We'll use it to replace this one. 


  1. When Diana stated being given papers from a web link regarding Father Adrian and Aaron to look over, first thing came to mind...a lawyer!

  2. "Diana", please tell us what credentials you have to judge whether Aaron, or any other man for that matter, are ready for the priesthood. Contrary to your statement, the seminary is a place for men to discern the priesthood. Your analogy of law school is invalid as you fail to see that a vocation to the priesthood is much, much more than a career choice. How sad that you degrade the priesthood into a simple career choice. You truly do not see the beauty and truth of the priesthood. Then again, the NeoCat Way seem to do this all the time.

    I don't know you and I don't know whether you are married or not, but an accurate analogy of the priesthood would be that of marriage. A person does not know at the very first instance of meeting their life partner that they will eventually marry them. To be ready for marriage takes much time, introspection, and prayer. This is the purpose of dating- for the couple to determine individually whether or not they are truly in love with the other. And even dating does not automatically entail marriage. Dating relationships go through many stages, highs and lows, over a period of time in order for the individuals to truly discern whether marriage to each other is their true vocation.

    A vocation to the priesthood is very similar. When the man discerns that he is ready to enter the seminary, this does not mean that he must/ will become a priest. Entering the seminary is to enter into a "dating relationship" with the Church, the bride of Christ. The seminarian must then journey through many trials throughout his seminary life to discern whether the priesthood is his true vocation, similar to what married couples must do- this is why formation is just as important as the academics in the seminary.

    I know that Aaron has been discerning the priesthood for years now. The very fact that he has made is known that he wants to enter the seminary is a testament to the fact that he feels a calling the priesthood and wishes to submit himself to God to discern if this if this is his true calling from God. Who are you to judge his vocation?

    By the way, what about the guys who entered Redemptoris Mater Seminary and left, like Luis Ortega and Giovanni? Were they told that they must become priests when they entered? Were the ridiculed because they discerned that the priesthood wasn't for them just as you ridicule Aaron for wanting an ordinary diocesan formation? Are the current seminarians at Redemptoris Mater told that they must become priests since they have made the decision to enter the seminary?

    Lets face it- if Aaron was a Neo and willing/ wanting to attend RMS, you wouldn't be attacking him and playing God with his vocation. In fact, you would be the first to meet him at the RMS gate. Shame on you! Instead of attacking and judging Aaron, you should be praying for him.

    Praying for true vocations,

    A former Neo- seminarian.

  3. "Diana" is a good cover for you Jackie Terlaje. Gave yourself away by comparing the priesthood to law school and stating on your blog that someone "asked you to take a look at the letters" between Fr. Adrian and Aaron and also the fact that you are a so called "responsible". How dare you!

  4. Yeah, and she mentions law school and the field of law in the last paragraph too.

    The "take over the Carmelite Monastary (sic) here" part stood out for me. Got it.

    1. Yes, they want to take over. We need nuns on island. Sad to say the NCW only see these girls as being on a geriatric mission if they stay here!

      I suppose part of their mission does not cover the part of helping the poor, the sick, the needy...all,part of the corporal works of mercy.

  5. I do not know where you are coming from Diana, but according to your answer you seem confused.

    A woman enters a convent because she feels the calling to the religious life. Upon entering, she is given a period of time to reflect before taking the next step whether it be a Postulant, Novitiate, then a few years to decide if she wants to make that total commitment by taking her final vows. All done in a convent.

    So, you are saying that the seminary is different? WOMAN YOU ARE WRONG! Men enter the seminary because they too, feel the calling. They too go through a period of testing before they move to the next level. Have you forgotten the saying, many are called, but few are chosen. Many enter the seminary but only a select few make it just as in a convent life.

    It sounds as if you have become the Mother Superior for all nuns in addition to wearing the Vocation Director's hat for priestly vocations! You do not know anything about the life in a convent or in a seminary until you have lived it.

  6. If this is a particular lawyer, I am well acquainted with her and she truly believes people outside the way are in darkness and unworthy...that is, until they drink the kool-aid.

    For all the humility that she professes as a neo she found herself worthy enough to be judge and jury of Aaron's heart. She is educated in kikoman's ways so that means she is now granted the ability to determine from some emails the readiness of a young man for seminary. I am impressed!

    Not all can be supers, and you, Tim, are no super. Unfortunately you are not only tagged as a Judas Devil, but as a Pharisee obsessed with the law. Sitting or standing to receive Jesus? It's just the law.. fugetaboutit! Guess the neos are talking lots about you and this blog so no wonder why the "law man" comments surfaced here and there. It was a catechism lesson for the evening! They are praying for you Tim...well, from the blog comments, not all of them.

    Lawyer D would really dig that picture of you have of her because she can say you are persecuting her...whoever she really is. And really, how is it persecution if you are unknown as Anon or Diana? As one neo "graciously" accused you of, Diana could be blogging in the dark with her pjs...just another nameless neo cursing the truth brought to light.

    "In the same way, those who are against the Way are also blind."Just like a Pharisee? Just like Tim and the rest of us Judases who persecute you?
    Remember that Joseph Smith also told his flock they were persecuted... sounds no different from neo claims:

    "The Savior said, . . . "Blessed are ye when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely for my sake; rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the Prophets which were before you." Now, dear brethren, if any men ever had reason to claim this promise, we are the men; for we know that the world not only hate us, but they speak all manner of evil of us falsely, for no other reason than that we have been endeavoring to teach the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, sel. Joseph Fielding Smith (1976), 124; paragraph divisions altered.

  7. I guess Mother Dawn, Sister Therese, and the other Guam Carmelite sisters, because of their advancing age and poor health, are incapable of showing aspiring young ladies the "Way". I guess Wisdom and Holiness that comes with age, sacrifice, constant prayers, and suffering are not suitable teachings and examples. Diana's argument is not only specious, she fails to tell us the real reason why these aspiring young and not-so-young ladies are sent off island--to Morristown, New Jersey to be exact. Why Morristown, a place far less known than Guam herelf? Why did the Neo bosses sent them off to New Jersey when Guam has her own monastery? I'll tell you why. That's because the Morristown Carmelite Monastery is a renegade monastery steeped in the ritual and practice of the Neocatechumenate Way, and Fr. Pius, Guam's chief Neo honcho, is the spiritual director. The Morristown Carmelite monastery is a Neo monastery. Guam is being used by Neo outsiders to perpetuate themselves. Look at the Neo seminary in Yona. We were told it was self sustaining and is not subsidized by the archdiocese. But we know it has been subsidized by the archdiocese to the tune of hundreds of thousands annually, with the Archdiocesan appeal just the latest gambit to pull away more money from local and pressing interests and problems to subsidize the goals of the Neo. And that Diana is the truth. Check it out for yourself.

    1. Average age of Nuns is 74 years in the USA . 3% of nuns are under 40 years. Some of the women who went to Morris town Carmel we're not young women.

    2. Being Neos, they probably would not have qualified for the local Carmelites anyway.

  8. uhhmmmm...... one question. What do you then call the period of aspirancy?
    It is a time to discern while being exposed to the life of the priesthood or religious life.
    In fact, I feel that every young catholic man should spend a year in seminary for no other reason than to discern his vocation. If the Mormons can send their young men on "mission" for two years, I think it wouldn't be to much to ask our young men.
    Part of "preparation" is the discernment process. FYI not every person who attends law school decides to become a Lawyer.

  9. Diana: You believe that Aaron wasn't ready for the priesthood; but that wasn't Fr. Adrian's assessment. Fr. Adrian told Aaron that he was rejected -- not for lack of apparent vocation -- but on account of the archdiocese's lack of resources: an explanation that was later shown to be untrue. Perhaps you should offer your assistance to Fr. Adrian since he apparently doesn't have your keen eye for seeing into the hearts of aspirants to the priesthood.

  10. I remember a generous aunt who lived in one of those toy-looking homes, that opened her doors to all the priests that attended Menlo Park. She wasn't a young lady and on the heavy side but she always made a place or two for the men. It was her ministry.She's rolling over in her grave thinking that all these men turned their back on the Roman Catholics. In March of all months that I remember after the war, there were women(Christian Mothers) that went from store to store and home to home. There was a Catholics that gave as much as she could so that she could finish the tuition for a priest. Now, the seminaries are coming from Guam learning what I can't say. I only advise that our people stand up for what it right Humiliation through firing is not right in this world, what the heck what was the bishop thinking that he could turn things around without any one knowing....How do we honor a non-priest and his girlfriend? Fr Paul, write the saga in chronological dates and together we can bring this to the Vativcan. We can push a petition for the intention of getting you back to your priesthood and start over again bringing back priests that can speak English, These dudes can hardly speak English, but who cares, the bishop wants to be a cardinal short on kneeling for the devil to get it.

  11. In pronouncing judgement on Aaron's vocation, Diana demonstrates the arrogant ignorance we have come to expect from the neo-defenders. A man desirous of the priesthood does not get to DECIDE if he is going to be a priest, his director, pastor, or even his bishop does. But what are facts to these people? If their founder and god is willing to defy the pope to his face, why should we expect these hatchlings to respect anything? We don't.

  12. The Diana/Jackie ignorant-response was a tell-tale of an individual not attuned to everything about Catholicism.

    The Diana/Jackie cloak and devious attempt to rationalize, legitimize and to pull the wool over people's eyes about the lies and about not just the uncharitable, but unchristian treatment of Aaron also a tell-tale of not-lawyer-smartness; as well as a tell-tale of the typical and now quite common and identifiable style: the NCW-attemptted-and-failed style.

  13. Oh Diana, the posting of "Oh you of little Faith " said by Our Lord to the Doubting Thomas. There is little or no faith at all in the instructions of our DEARLY ELDERLY RELIGIOUS SISTERS!

    Let's face it, NEOS need to protect their investments...NEO is a NEO and you CANNOT associate yourselves regarding the religious life for whatever it may be unless IT IS NEO!

    Same goes for MARRIAGE....marry someone within the communities. They even go as far as introducing couples for dating. Who are you people fooling?

    There is no option for decision making, the NCW makes them for you..YOU CANNOT STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET..YOU WILL ALWAYS NEED APPROVAL!

  14. Geez, just give Aaron a chance! He's willing to fund his own tuition. Again Tim, what does this Archdiocese have to lose? Absolutely nothing!

    1. The Archdiocese, or the Archbishop rather, has everything to lose. His Cardinal hat completely depends on his carrying out Kiko's will. Look at Boston and O'Malley and then you will understand.

    2. Cardinal Hat? The only hat he deserves is a DUNCE HAT!


    I thought maybe some of you would enjoy this article. The Pope wants bishops to stop acting like CEO's.

    1. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE. I hope that all will take the time to read it.
      I also believe after reading it that maybe, just maybe, the Pope is actually reading JungleWatch and sees that some bishops are in deep distress. I hope I am right on this thought.

  16. I think our shepherd on Guam had better begin reading Pope Francis' articles or listening to his admonishments because it sure sounds as though Pope Francis is directing them toward our own shepherd. "Stop being Airport Bishops" and " Stop acting like CEO's"-- Pope Francis is right on target with his sense about the complaints of the sheep about their shepherd, and on the nose with his clear observations about how our shepherd sees himself!

  17. If Diana is Mrs. Terlaje then I really feel horrible for the young men who fall under her watch. Anyone in the Agana communities who are discerning vocations will have to talk with her and if this is her idea of what going into the seminary is then she shouldn't have a say in these boys vocations. But sadly she does along with other unqualified people who call themselves "catechists". They make the decisions.

  18. As the facts unfold the archdiocese of Agana Guam is clearly in a leadership crisis.

  19. A question, I don't know if it fits here or not. Are all of the new class for Deacon walking in the way? I heard before they made it a requirement.

  20. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchFebruary 28, 2014 at 4:31 PM

    Diana Terlaje says: "I would think that it would be logical and beneficial if Guam's girls be sent off-island to a Carmelite monastary where they can be trained in living the ideal life of St. Teresa of Avilla."
    And I say: "I would think that it would be logical and beneficial if Guam's men be sent off-island to a real/accredited seminary where they can be trained in living the ideal life of Jesus Christ, the servant."
    How sad the Archbishop has ruined so many vocations to the priesthood so that it would appear that the Neo was the only source of vocations. Your grace, I hope the Lord judges you mercifully when the day comes.

    Diana Terlaje further says: "But I would also hope that someday, they [Guam's girls] would return to the island and take over the Carmelite Monastary here..."
    And I say: "If the Neo women take over the Guam Carmelite monastery, that will be the destruction of religious life as we have come to love and know it." Look what the Neo has already done to the Church (not just on Guam but throughout the world). They have torn a chasm between their followers and traditional Catholicism. They have purposely destroyed vocations that didn't suit their vision of missionary calling. They have openly taught that disobedience to Rome is ok, as long as they are obedient to [Pope] Kiko Arguello.
    Diana Terlaje adds injury to insult when she adds: "...take over the Carmelite Monastary here to be inspiring role models for Guam's women who hear God's calling."
    And I say: "I have been so inspired by the religious already here on Guam!" From examples like Fr Lee Friel, to Pale Jose, to Sr Bernadette Marie, Sr Brigid, Sr Cisco, and the list goes on and on and on. Diana thinks that only the Neo men and women can inspire the people of Guam. But if they would un-bury theirs heads from the Kiko litterbox, they would see that God has given us many Holy people to inspire our lives.

    Diana, aka Jackie Terlaje is a very troubled soul, who needs the love of Christ to pierce that hardest of hearts. I fear that those in the Neo (and I was once one of them) are being taught lessons of superiority that will only drive them further from the love of Christ. The catechists harden these impressionable hearts and take away their dignity by not allowing them to make their own decisions. They ridicule the One, True Church as outdated and flawed.
    I have many friends struggling to get out of the spiral they are in, but they are made to feel guilty, told they will be abandoning God if they leave their community.
    My dear friends, go to a non-Neo priest and seek spiritual direction on how you can move forward in your lives. Ask if there is salvation outside of the Way, and listen with open hearts to what they have to say. My catechists told me I would step closer to hell if I stepped outside the Community. I went to another parish, spoke to a "local" priest, and he saved my life. There are many good people in the Way, but there is also real evil there disguised as leaders. I cannot explain why, maybe greed, maybe misguided trust. But whatever it may be, there are also many people in the real Catholic Church who pray for your spiritual welfare. I count myself as one of them. We need you also to help pray for those who feel trapped.

    If you are in the Neo and do not feel trapped, do not feel obligated to follow "that" Way, and find fulfillment, then God bless you. But please do not impede those who desperately need to rediscover their one, true Church.
    So very grateful to my spiritual director, and still glad to be back in Holy Mother Church.

  21. Janet. Know what you mean. I often study junglewatch in my office late at night. My security staff looked in my office and saw the face on the computer they ask me who is that face , they said if you keep looking at that face you may become like it.

  22. "Thus, there are many different members in one Body. All Catholics in the Body of Christ need one another. The eye cannot say to the feet, "I don't need you", nor can the feet say to the mouth, "you are not important." All are important and help one another. The members of the Body of Christ need the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit, the feet becomes lame and cannot walk to evangelize. Without the Spirit, the mouth becomes mute and cannot sing nor speak the word of God. Without the Spirit, the eyes becomes blind and can only see the letter of the law. "

    Oh Diana, I have two feet that help me stand up to what I believe in. My mouth sing praises to God, but not in your NEO tune. My eyes see the goodness of The Lord all around me. By the way, you forgot about inner feeling, for I feel the presence of The Lord within me.

    Before you write, start thinking out of the box. What you just posted is another attack on those who have minds of their own. You do not.!