Thursday, March 20, 2014


Join the Guam Advocates for Life in an island-wide effort to peacefully and prayerfully protest abortion on Guam.

Dr. Griley is an abortionist who performs abortions on the second floor of the Polyclinic on Ypao Road in Tamuning. Feel free to Google him to verify this information.

We are inviting:

  • Individuals of all backgrounds
  • Community groups
  • Church groups
  • School groups
  • Anyone and everyone!

Pick an hour between 3pm and 6pm on any (or every) day of this Lenten Season to pray/peacefully protest in front of Polyclinic.

If you can't make it in the afternoon, please find some time in the morning.

Important tips:
-Park along the little side-road to the left of the bus stop next to Polyclinic so as to avoid illegal parking.

-Bring a friend. Members of the GAL have always been safe in the area, but it's best to have a protest-buddy.

-Be careful to stand in or near the bus stop to make sure you stay within the limits of public property.

-Bring prayers either on paper or on your mind to fill up your hour of protest.

-Bring signs with peaceful/caring messages of life/hope/reason on them to hold as commuters drive past.

Got questions or concerns? (i.e. What do I say if someone asks me questions? What does Griley look like? Your tips are confusing...) please feel free too do one of the following:
-text 9886620
-call 4770278
-post on the event wall!

Here is their Facebook Page:

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  1. These brave and caring souls are my heroes.