Sunday, March 2, 2014


I know it's hard to come in on the middle of some of these conversations, but some of these comment strings are too entrenched in previous conversations to try to relate the whole context each time we copy a comment to a post like this one and offer our own comments to the comment. Follow that?

Here, give this one a try (go here for the fuller context):

Chuck you can gather million ammo. If it's the work of God you can't simply uproot it. God exist in all these claim. God bless you and your family.

[As you can see, this is the usual "neo-rip": slap down the person you are addressing and then use God's name in vain.]

Chuck replies:
God has indeed blessed my family. Lavishly, amid both the joys and the sorrows.

"Ammo" was a poor word to use - I apologize. "Signs" is a better word. And one way or another we will continue to present signs that the implementation of the Neocatechumenal Way here on Guam might not be the work of God.

yes many signs miracles signs. he shows he brought me back to our church the Catholic Church. I found her beauty through this charism. in peace with Jesus Christ

[Then I come in.]

The Catholic Church is the Church which is union with Peter, particularly in the manner in which the Eucharist is celebrated. Your founder and our archbishop have made it very clear that not only do they never intend to be in union with Peter in this regard, Peter doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. So, sorry, you're not in the Catholic Church, you're in Kiko's.

And Tim, who are you to say who is catholic and who is not? What gives you this authority?

Actually, it's quite easy. The pope says "please obey". Kiko says "I will not obey". The Archbishop says (to the pope) "I'd like to see his credentials." I'll stick with the pope. You can stick with Kiko. Easy.

[And then we get this little gem!]

The pope your sticking with resigned. No excuses.

Ah, yes, now we can have some fun. What I was referring to earlier about the obey/not obey was the request by Pope Benedict to the leaders of the Neocatehcumenal Way to please obey the his directive to conform their liturgy to the liturgical books, and the reply of Kiko to Benedict to go screw himself. Read it here

Anonymous Neo (always anonymous because they don't really believe enough in what they say they to put their name on what they say) seems to think that because Benedict resigned, somehow Kiko wins. Yes, we can certainly detect that in all your narcissistic, self-referential, self-reverential comments. 

But, Anonymous Neo, hello? hello? Anybody home? Benedict is THE POPE WHO APPROVED YOUR STATUTE!! And Benedict is the THE POPE WHO APPROVED YOUR CATECHETICAL DIRECTORY!! Hello? Hello? 

Looks like according to this kikokuku you Neos need to throw all that away and go back to the status John Paul II gave you: "ad experimentum".  REALLY? And the archbishop wants us to send in our money to support THIS??

How about a big HELL NO!


  1. But, Anonymous Neo, hello? hello? Anybody home? Benedict is THE POPE WHO APPROVED YOUR STATUTE!! And Benedict is the THE POPE WHO APPROVED YOUR CATECHETICAL DIRECTORY!! Hello? Hello

    There we go. Thanks

    1. Pay attention to what Pope Francis said. You need to read between the lines to understand it. Komprendo?

    2. So pay attention to Pope Francis but disregard Pope Benedict?

    3. Not everybody is going to like the pope. Similar to the ArchBishop Anthony.

    4. There is no comparison between our Pope and the Achbishop.

      Pope Benedict issued an order that was to be followed and it was not, simple as that. The instructions were clear but the NCW likes buffet style to pick and choose which instructions they want for the day. Like him or not, the Pope is the FINAL AUTHORITY. More importantly, Pope Francis has not rescinded Pope Benedict's instructions for the NCW to conform, therefore the instruction still stands.

      As for our Arch, likablity is not the issue of his authority. We all have character flaws, but if he were just and fair and honest, he would be a trusted, respected leader. The problems of his authority has been discussed ad nauseum on this blog and I need not repeat it.