Monday, March 10, 2014


Scrutinizing a Scrutiny: A Critical Look at the NeoCatechumenal Way’s First Baptismal Scrutiny Convivence 

Warning: If you were told to stay out of the Jungle, you definitely don't want to go here. Proceed at your own risk. 


  1. So, when I received the sacrament of Baptism as an infant, I was not received by the Holy Mother Church! May as well change the Baptismal requirements to adulthood, then the neocatechumenal way can be responsible for their souls if anything should happen between now and then.

  2. You should ask the parishioners of Santa Bernadita about the image they were forced to project in thier minds this weekend at Mass.
    From what I was told, it was not appropriate. I am referring to the Neo commercial.

  3. Chuck, will you explain about the second scrutiny? Is that the one where the neos are pressured to give away much of their money and even land to the NCW? Several people have written in these comments about being pressured by their NCW leadership to turn over nearly all they own to the NCW.

  4. Anon 9:59pm: I couldn't say, but if you have any verified anecdotes about any other psychological leveraging done by the Neocatechumenal Way, send it along to Tim at

  5. I am afraid many of you have mixed up something.
    This is not the Church of infallible pronouncements, of anathemas, of clear unambigous words, of latinity and universality, of solemnity...

    This is the Church of interreligious dialogue, of ecumenical prayers, of rehabilitating heretics, of long vague speeches that you need a "hermeneutic" to understand, of almost as many rites as there are languages, of particular "charisms", of WYDs that look like religious rock concerts, with clapping and hands in the air...

    In fact, the only things that are the same are on the surface, enough for the majority of those who like to call themelves Catholic, but don't really want to go beneath the surface.
    But the minute you scratch below the surface you see a completely different mentality, theology, praxis.
    You are then faced with the choice of accepting the existance of this contradiction and choosing sides or pretending that black is white and everywhere daisies and strawberries.

    So why should we be surprised if NCW receives all that they want.They are all "legitimate" part of that system.
    The only thing that bothers modernists, the only thing they can't stand is the same as for all converts into a different religion, they fervently reject their former one - the thing that bothers the Catholic Faith!

  6. My ex-wife refuse to allow me to seek a separation and ultimately an annulment because her Catechists told her not to. I am a very active participant in my parish and in the greater Arch-Diocese of Hagatña. I have this separation since the first year of mt marriage. I love my Church and I long to receive Jesus present in the Eucharist however the members of the way and their respective leadership feel that I will only be worthy of Communion with Christ in this Neocatechumenal way. Those of you members of the Way that are reading this probably already know who I am and you know my HISTORY as Fr. Pius puts it. I just hope that you all can go to sleep with your arrogance disguised as ministry knowing that YOUR WAY destroyed me and my marriage. I do not offer the Peace of Christ to you as you all do, instead I pray that our Lord find mercy for you all.

    1. Seek out the help of a non-Neo priest. From the information you provided, you should be able to receive Holy Communion, as long as you are living chastely.

    2. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchMarch 11, 2014 at 3:47 PM

      I definitely feel for you Anon 03/11 @ 1:35, a broken marriage is always emotionally draining. While I was in the Way another situation like yours occurred. While the wife was told not to move forward with the annulment the husband wanted to move forward with his life.
      Even though the wife did not want him to try for an annulment, probably because of selfish reasons, he applied and eventually was granted the annulment. It may take a little longer if she does not cooperate, but it can happen even if she refuses to participate. First, you need to have the marriage legally ended by divorce. Once that is done you may apply at the Tribunal Office at the Chancery.

      Understand that an annulment is not a divorce. Rather, it is a determination that for various reasons the sacrament was never valid. If there was an issue at the time you said yes then that may be grounds. Seek this out so you may fully participate in the Church life as a single man, or remarry sacramentally. Good luck and may God bless your effort!

    3. Imagine going before THIS tribunal to get an annulment when the NCW has already ruled:

      Rev. Msgr. David C. Quitugua, JCD, Judicial Vicar
      Rev. Carlos Vila, JCL, Associate Judge
      Rev. Joeffrey Brian V. Catuiran, J.C.L., Associate Judge
      Rev. Jonathan Alvarez, JCL, Associate Judge
      Rev. Adrian Cristobal, Advocate
      Rev. Jose Villagomez, OFM Cap., Promoter of Justice

    4. Note Fr. Adrian Cristobal is going to be your "advocate". And you're going to tell him how the NCW ruined your marriage and expect him to "advocate" for you????