Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Be sure to watch PNC News tonight. You're gonna be famous :)


  1. I watched you, Tim, on the Pacific News Center segment. I hope your very clear presentation results in action, justice and a positive resolution for Aaron Quitugua. I bet there's a lot of us who would be happy to contribute towards Aaron's off-island seminary tuition, living expenses, etc. You are correct, to paraphrase what Anderson Cooper is always saying on CNN, "to keep the archbishop honest." I hope sometime the Pacific News Center lets you give the public an expose' of the weird teachings and corrupt finances of the NCW and how the movement exploits people on Guam.

  2. Congratulations Mr.Rohr. You are a blessing to the people of Guam. You have stood up to three dictators on the hill and we no longer accept them as the spiritual leaders of Guam. May we collect funds and help,

  3. The archbishop has become so dishonest in his leadership it is sickening.