Friday, March 28, 2014


Anonymous March 27, 2014 at 8:02 PM
In all honesty, I refuse to have my children confirmed here. Two of them have taken a crash course in Manila and confirmed there. Why did I do this, well we were required to attend a talk about the Way, and I didn't need for my 11th grader to hear about the marital problem of the speakers. I guess I was expecting the speakers to focus on what the true meaning of defending the faith was. The final words were, we found the "support group" that helped us and that "support group" is through the NCW. Through the Way, you will truly see the salvation of The Lord.


  1. Well she/he has a choice of fast food way to get your children's confirmation. If you want your children's faith cheap and convenient? So be it. Again if you choose not to, you are free to go somewhere else. No one force it to you. Don't be surprise if they don't grasp our Catholic faith because of prejudice.

    1. Most parents are not aware that they do not need to send their children to any program at all to receive the sacraments. Most parents are bullied into thinking that they have to submit to CCD's and Pre-Cons and Cons, etc. Most parents do not know that they have a choice. Most parents are in fact "forced" to do what they are told because they are not told otherwise.

      This is not only wrong. It is a violation of the parents' supreme authority to be the primary educators of their children. For Confirmation, Canon Law only requires 1) the age of reason, 2) knowledge of the sacrament, 3 desire for the sacrament. This is also true for Holy Communion and Reconciliation.

      But this particular parent's real concern was the subjection of his teenage child to personal accounts of marital infidelities and other private matters not even fit for other adults to hear let alone a vulnerable adolescent. Go ahead and have your support group, but priests have no business demanding that the rest of us subject our children to your bedroom stories.

    2. How are you call my Filipino heritage of learning the Catholic Faith cheap! Our churches have more than 7 masses packed to capacity! The entire congregation prays and sings together that one can feel the presence of holiness.

      Why don't you confront the Filipino priests on island and tell them their way of catechizing in the Philippines is cheap.

  2. Whattt!!!! what does that have to do with recieving the Sacrament? Actually I feel that most of the diocese's confirmation programs are wanting...
    Instead of sending everybody to the NCW, why don't we fix the diocesan program. Laziness? Maybe just the 'Way' the higher ups are planning it?