Monday, March 3, 2014


...over 1000 views. Puts us past 180,000. Since I was sleeping, and you (on Guam) probably were too, that means there must be a lot of views coming from other time zones. Hmmmm. But then again, I know the haters don't sleep. They are here. Even now.


  1. They are here, yes.....but so are we!!!
    Like Clemanceau, at the battle of the Marne: "ils ne passeront pas!" (They shall not pass)
    Their hate is feeding our resolve.
    "Va de retro Satanas!!"
    St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle........

  2. Tim is correct. One goes to bed, and next morning So many people have read junglewatch in different time zones. One person told us the first thing she does after a long haul flight arriving at the airport she immediately opens junglewatch to learn about the church on Guam. Junglewatch is now the main source of data Catholics read to understand the situation on Guam and the Mariana's.