Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I suppose most people my age would not object to a picture of themselves in the local newspaper where one is actually ten years younger. But this was a clever ploy by the PDN. 

It is no secret that the editors of the paper are pro gay-marriage, as they have consistently stated so again and again. And it no secret that I am their biggest public nemesis, calling them on it again and again whenever they run an article in support of the gay marriage or LGBT lifestyle in general. 

However, and the record shows this, I have never written or spoken against LGBT persons, but only against the arguments used by advocates that either lack substance or, as in the article I criticize here, simply presents a lie. 

The lie which I criticize is a certain pastor's premise that since God made man male and female, this is somehow "foundational for the rights of all men and women, gays and straights." As I point out in my response, God goes on to order the "male and female" to be fruitful and multiply, which completely negates his premise, but the "pastor" dishonestly omits that part of the verse. 

As you will see, if you read this, I not only criticize the bastardization of scripture by this so-called pastor, I advocate for an intellectually honest way forward for those who want to socially identify themselves under the LGBT label, a way that more and more LGBT's themselves are embracing and leaving the "victim" thing behind. 

Not being able to engage my argument honestly, the PDN digs up a 10 year old picture of me standing in front of a religious store that I have not run in 7 years in order to keep me cast as a religious zealot and to keep the debate where they can comfortably engage it. I'll take it as a compliment.

Quit bastardizing rulings, scripture to suit needs

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