Friday, April 25, 2014


Now why in the world would anyone not want to be one of them?
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Anonymous April 25, 2014 at 9:26 AM
Quetajodes, Pinche y Bastardo Senior Chuck White. (Interesting. This one appears to be in Catalan. Maybe we can track it.)

Anonymous April 25, 2014 at 9:23 AM
Yeah and the Churches in Japan are dead. Suicide is high and Christianity in Japan died. Maybe send Gofigan in Japan.......Hmmmmmm

Zoltan April 25, 2014 at 9:22 AM
Tim, you wrote this:

"Let's review. In the NCW "eucharist":

The priest does not consume the sacred species before distributing to the communicants as he is required to do.
The communicants do not consume the consecrated bread "as soon as" they receive as WE ALL are required to do."

Here is my question: so what? What is your problem with this? Stop repeating your simpleton arguments that have been refuted and disproved many times. A community is one body as we learn it from the Bible and acts as one body. This is the end of story.

We cannot care anymore about you own personal problems of non-acceptance and denial, your distaste and opposition. It is a challenge for you and nobody else to overcome your bitter feelings. Lo, the world is moving on and not coming back to the same old things again and again that have been passed irrevocably, once and for all. Cheers!

Anonymous April 25, 2014 at 9:21 AM
So your upset someone augment their Christian life within the Catholic Church SMH. But yet you can't hold your skirt to defend the Church with the Protestants! Your pathetic!

Gino from Sinajana

Anonymous April 25, 2014 at 9:17 AM
Out of context, out of context. YOU only interpret what you would like to believe. Let see here a layman who never set foot inside the Vatican........ Who do I believe? The guy who does not have any communication with four Popes. The Popes that dissect it and approve it and the current Pope cancelled the investigation about the way. And the audience here continue to feed off the negativity. Hmmmmmmm. Kiko, Carmen and Fr.Mario they spoke to the Pope's. Yeah I side with them. Jealousy ....Why? I don't see you drawing 2,000 people in your Bible studies, hahahaha. The rotten fruits you bear........ And to Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchApril 24, 2014 at 9:51 PM YOU ARE TRUE evidence of true CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN. I can't wait to see you in the other side.
Lastly, NEWS FLASH Pope Emeritus and Pope Francis are DEFENDING the way. LETTER SENT OUT. STAY TUNED BUBBAS! LOL!

Anonymous April 24, 2014 at 11:12 PM
You experience the love of God through the community. Have you ever participated in an Agape in the Way, for example? Do you know what is it? Well, it is the love of God coming alive for the hungry and the needy. You mock the real presence of the Lord in the community. But He is there. One community is one body and one body has many parts, as St Paul says in his letter. The Body of Christ is the community which is natural ingredient of the church. The church is dead without the communities. I am not talking about the Way only, but any communities of Christ in the church. What other meaning can you tell of his real presence among us?!

Anonymous April 24, 2014 at 11:48 AM
Really?! How many Christian (Catholic) in Japan. Not even a fraction.


  1. Wow! How absolutely ugly. I guess the loathing brothers from hell brought back a little extra to share with the rest of us.

    There can be no reasoning with these types, but at least we know the truth. Now it's time for the rest of us to get off our fannies and hold our Archbishop accountable.

    Ria Camacho

  2. I am a member myself. Seeing these type of comments are embarrassing. They should all be ashamed.

  3. Thank you David Galvan for your honesty.

    1. Well it is certainly good to see how our seminarians are spending their time. When they are not confessing to their communities how many times they fondled themselves (that's also called masturbation), they obviously spend a lot of time playing in the jungle!
      Most of this compilation was written by ESLs, so we know that these are coming from priests, or priest wanna be seminarians.
      The really sad part is they hardly ever have anything intelligent to say or add. Just vinegar and venom. What a brood of vipers!

    2. Might I remind you Janet your persecuting the Popes Seminarian. Saint Pope John Paul II WHO initiated the REDEMPTORIS SEMINARY. LOOK IT UP. KIKO DID NOT INITIATE THIS SEMINARY.

    3. Seriously, this English as a second language thing is getting to be a real problem.

  4. Thank you David, you seem to be a member indeed! Lol. All the more you should be ashamed because you don't read but judge by the surface. By the way, are you a member of what exactly...??

    1. Zoltan, David is a walking member! LOL! According to his statement he is ashamed of the comments. Not all members of the NCW are assholes like you.

      Do you have a PhD...Puruha' Dinage' (full of lies or deception)

      As a mathematician, you couldn't even defend the percentage of Christianity in Japan, that these people make a fraction belonging to a whole!

      The only whole you know is your "asshole" which is not even A fraction of the NCW as a whole community.

    2. I have never wrote about the % of Christianity in Japan. You outta be ashamed of you language, dear anonymous.

    3. Did I say you wrote about the Catholics in Japan making up a very small fraction of The Catholic Church? I said you didn't defend the statement!

      You only focus on what you want to attack! My mouth is just as fine as yours and so is my language!
      See you in class DEAR TEACHER!!!!!!!!

  5. Janet. The seminarians read your comments.

  6. Janet, what's your hang up with masterbation, don't tell us you see that as a moral evil.

    1. Ummm, maybe she sees talking about it in front of a group as a problem. By the way, learn to spell it.

    2. "Janet. The seminarians read your comments." I am very pleased they read, but I would be infinitely more joyous if they actually took to heart what is being said. If they want to be a part of this community then they should commit themselves to this community. We are a very welcoming people, but we have also learned from various occupiers to be cautious.

      What we have seen is the same with the NCW. They come in with a lot of hype and secrecy as to motives. They recruit the highest ranking locals to their side so people will not be so wary. They when they think they have accomplished enough control over the poor natives they start to roll out their selfish goals.

      Proof - many questions have been asked for documentation and absolutely nothing has come from the NCW to answer these questions. The entire leadership of our Church has are former Catholic converts to the Kiko Church. The NCW tried to plunder our treasure/gold when they convinced Benedict Apuron to give them a $75,000,000 treasure in Yona, for free.

      Fortunately, we the people are used to these tactics...they are the same as the Spaniards, the Japanese, and the American. They say they want to bring improvements, but they fail to clarify those improvements are really meant for them. What Kiko and his occupiers failed to plan on is that we would fight back so hard...thank you Japan for training us for this day. We didn't lose faith then, we will not lose faith now.

      Rome is slow to realize that our leader has switched religions and has ceded the Catholic throne he once held. Our persistence will eventually prevail, then Tony, David, Adrian, and a whole slew of Neo priests and seminarians can go elsewhere to spread their poisonous division...or maybe Rome will finally reel in Kiko and his kooks.

      Thanks to four brave men on the finance council who stood up to Benedict Apuron and his fairy Vicar General David, our treasure is still intact. They won't quit, but neither will we! They are accumulating a financial fortune in other ways...vast unreported income, free facilities for their use, they found parishes who will fund their projects of celebrating outside a proper Church, and armed robbery when NCW sheep reach their 2nd scrutiny.

      Seminarians, you want to be accepted? Listen to what our Holy Father said to Kiko a few months ago about respecting local cultures. You want to be priests, they start focusing on the Gospel of Christ, and not the promises of kiko.

      "Janet. The seminarians read your comments."

      Lord I hope so!

    3. Anon 4/26 @ 9:50am..."Janet, what's your hang up with masterbation, don't tell us you see that as a moral evil."

      Now here is an intelligent boy seminarian! I have a hang up because I mention it one time? BTW, I was just told that this is the most common revelation from the seminarians during their public confessions to their communities, with teens present. What a fine example you present to your young members!

      While Kiko himself may condone it and practice it, listen to what the CCC and the Catholic Church have to say about masturbation...better yet I'll give you the paragraph so you can look it up...paragraph 2352.

      I wonder if the RMS library even has a copy of the CCC. If not, between your trips to the internet porn sites you can also find the CCC online. Pay attention especially to what it says about "affective immaturity" and "force of acquired habit". You may not be guilty of a grave disorder because of this personal defect.

      Boy seminarian, you shouldn't worry about my thoughts and hang ups, you should focus on what God has to say.

      Last thought on Tim's comment regarding spelling. maybe MASTER was the intended spelling because this "gravely disordered action" has mastered many in NCW community.

    4. On more than one occasion, seminarians (as well as lay persons), have "echoed" their lustful sins. For example, masturbation and thoughts of women. Keep in mind that there were usually children present. Innocent, young children overhearing grown men openly discuss their sins...

    5. You spewing hatred against faithful people is just making everyone tired.

  7. My neo friends tell me they hear a lot of sexual stuff in their gatherings as in adulteries, same sex, masturbation. But they tell me the same people air their garbage over and over again. I think theres some kinda psycho pleasure they get obsessing over this. And yes it concerns me minors are present and listening. Me I prefer taking my sins to the priest in the box in private. The way Catholics have been doing it for thousands of years. But according to the neos we've been doing it wrong i guess. But a few weeks ago Pope Francis went to confession the normal way. I dont think hes gonna spill his guts to the public with all the details of his sins. just my opinion

  8. More and more the neo's on guam are looking and sounding like a CULT...they've got bad people in there and the bishop just enjoys the soap opera. Very disturbing.

  9. Worrying the NCW is looking like a religious cult operating within the catholic church. Certainly The group needs to be observe . To be safe for now suggest no young children should be allowed to attend without an adult present with them.