Tuesday, April 1, 2014


The following originally appeared as a comment to which I have already replied. However, I would like to examine it again here in a bit more detail.
Zenit 1/20/12 quotes Kiko "What is important, above all, is the fact that the Pope has reiterated that the communities can celebrate the Sunday Mass as a community. It is a sociological fact of immense importance, which means that the small community is the salvation for the New Evangelization. The Eucharist, in fact, creates and forms the Christian community, it makes it stable, unites it."

Typical of just about any Kiko quote, this one allows for several layers of analysis. First let us note that it says "Zenit quotes Kiko". Zenit is to Kiko what MSNBC is to Obama. When it comes to Kiko, Zenit has oft demonstrated its penchant for dropping any pretense of journalistic objectivity. 

Do a search on Zenit for Kiko Arguello. You will see article after article of "Kiko says, Kiko explains, Kiko reports, Kiko comments..." Meetings with the pope or some other Church figure are only reported on by Zenit as what Kiko says about the meeting.

And what Kiko says is NEVER a simple recounting of the meeting, but a Kiko paraphrase that turns into an exponentially expanded proclamation as demonstrated in this report. Here we get an insight into Kiko's extreme megalomania. In his mind, a simple, tightly regulated permit is twisted into THE SALVATION OF THE NEW EVANGELIZATION!' 

Let's look at this closer. The permission for the neocatechumens to celebrate the eucharist in the small community was given in 2008 with the approval of the NCW Statute (Art. 13 § 2.)  The permission is given in the context of the Statute which prescribes the mission for the Neocatechuemenal Way as "one of the forms of diocesan implementation of Christian initiation and of ongoing education in faith" (Art. 1), which must "seek to foster in its recipients a mature sense of belonging to the parish" (Art. 6). 

This small permission afforded the neocatechumens can hardly be interpreted to mean THE SALVATION OF THE NEW EVANGELIZATION. But megalomaniac-dictator types like Kiko count either on the ignorance of their subjects or the sheer force of their personalities and hypnotic volume of words to cripple the intelligence of their hearers, and at that, Kiko is a master. 

In this short excerpt, Kiko demonstrates the genius of the successful modern revolutionary. Kiko would never use the words "Sunday Mass" amongst his own. Those words are calculated for the wider Zenit audience. Kiko eschews the word "Mass" because for him, more than anything else, it represents the post-Constantinian/Tridentine Church he believes to have apostatized, and which he sees himself personally called to replace.

This is why he calls this little permit to celebrate the eucharist in the small community "THE SALVATION OF THE NEW EVANGELIZATION", which by extension is the salvation of the Church itself. And Kiko the Magnificent is at its head. 

However, in order to reinvent the Church in his image, he must first be perceived to be within it. This is Alinksy Rules for Radicals #2: Never go outside the experience of the people who you wish to convert. As we know, neos use the word "eucharist" in place of "Mass", not "the Eucharist" or even "the celebration of the Eucharist, but just "eucharist". They say "we will have eucharist" like we say "we will have Mass." 

The stand alone use of "eucharist" in place of "Mass" is not familiar to the average Catholic ear. Thus he does not say "the permission to celebrate eucharist as a community". People would wonder what he's talking about. So he says "Sunday Mass", and the average Catholics thinks "Okay."  

Here we see Kiko for exactly what he is. The veil is off. Kiko and the Neocatechumenal Way are not about what the Statute says they are to be about: just "one of the forms of Christian initiation" (Art. 1) with the end goal of fostering a mature sense of "belonging to the parish" (Art. 6). No, the Neocatechumenal Way is about the conversion all Catholicism to the Kiko-way, for Kiko's Way is SALVATION. In fact, Kiko IS the Way. 

Finally, Kiko knows the truth of lex orandi, lex credendi: the law of prayer is the law of belief. He knows that if he can change the way we pray the Mass, our highest prayer, he can change what we believe. This is why, while accepting other limitations to the practice of the Way, he adamantly refused to change the manner in which the NCW celebrates its liturgy. The liturgy is his agent of change. 

Thus we see the concession granted by Benedict for the limited celebration of the liturgy in the small communities, become, in Kiko's hands, a full blown imprimatur allowing him to declare his Way as the SALVATION of the Church and himself as the Savior of the New Evangelization and in fact the Church.

But we were warned....the abomination would not be found outside the temple, but within it. 

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