Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I hear all the time about how "Tim Rohr is out to destroy the Catholic Church on Guam." Aside from how pathetically grasping, self-incriminating, and laughably untrue that statement is, every question I have posed on this blog relative to the Neocatechumenal Way has been posed elsewhere. And it looks like the Bishop of Boston doesn't want to answer any questions either...other than with pre-manufactured Kiko answers.

Here's an excerpt from one of the comments that we can relate with:
Friends in Denver and Newark have told me that it is standard operating procedure for the RM seminarians to spend more years in formation than they do incardinated in the diocese that paid all their bills. 


  1. Lately I've been known to say, "The NCW seminary on Guam is out to destroy the real Catholic Church on Guam." Tim Rohr is attempting to SAVE the real Catholic Church on Guam. Thank you, Tim.

    1. Agree. Tim Rohr has worked with great dedication and good intention to save the archdiocese of Agana from financial and moral decay from our present administration. In the future Guam will come to honor him for what he has done to save this local church from disorder.

    2. Agree. There is another silver lining to all this exposure. I have made time as lukewarm catholic to research my Catholic Faith and truly become more informed and Faithful to the teachings and practices of Our Holy Mother Church. For me the key word is "Instituted by Jesus Christ Himself" as we were taught that He did in His Gift to us in the Sacraments of "Holy Communion" and the Highest Form of Prayer and Worship to Him in the Mass. Not created or re invented by man for the community fellowship for man by man and removed by man to a worshipping place other than HIs Holy Dwelling The Catholic Church!!!
      So there you go critics of the very least he has earned his points of heaven's rewards with me. When we received the Sacrament of Confirmation as children, we were called to become "Soldiers of Christ ", Defenders of Our Catholic Faith.