Wednesday, May 14, 2014


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frenchie May 13, 2014 at 7:58 PM

Facts vs fiction.

The neos speak of Mission and Evangelisation. What they mean is a so called reconquest of the Church within the Church.The reconquest is a very Spanish notion, that is birthed in its national history and psyche.

At no time the kikomaniacs wished to go and Evangelise China and/or other real land of Mission. In fact, recently many voices have raised the debate within the Church as to why so many priests are coming to Europe or North America, from Africa and South America.

Kiko has used the fact that many priests from these regions are looking forward to move to more "comfortable" areas of the world, deserting their lands of origin, who are often left with not enough priests to take proper care of their flocks. This has been roundly criticized by the majority of African Bishops.

South America is particularly the target of strong evangelisation from North American protestant churches, but so is Africa. Why then remove these priests from their own land to bring poorly formed ones to countries that have a long Catholic history, and a need for an astute parish leadership in line with the local problems these new priests have little knowledge of?

The answer is: more political power within the Church for the kikomaniacs. This is a dangerous game of smoke and mirrors. It is time we pick up the challenge and say no to this nonsense.

frenchie May 13, 2014 at 7:38 PM

As I respect Tim's decision to not deviate from the initial subject, I will make it short and to the point. I will also demonstrate this is not an argument in a vacuum.

No, I do not know everything, hence my lifelong continuation for further knowledge. As my avatar might have told you, I hail from France, the Catalan part of it, with numerous cousins and relatives on the Spanish side, but also with a side of my family originating from Piedmont and Val d'Aosta. So at my advanced age and thanks to my continued search for truth, I have made a little headway in weeding out the venom of Satan and his stooges.

Your argumentation is nothing but the copy/paste of the secular, Free Masons, and historically revisionist expression of the official left leaning medias that pervade Europe and are profoundly anti-Catholic.

Under the guise of "human rights movement" this school of thought has attempted (with some success) to blame the original European populations for the ills of the world in the last twenty centuries. The Catholic Church being at the center of Europe's construction and development during that period, is of course to blame for all the evils that men do to men, according to that overly simplistic idea you try to develop here.

The populations (Catholic or not) that fight these views are therefore by simple association, guilty of poor thinking and poor choices, political or otherwise if they oppose the discourses on colonialism, slave trade, gay marriage, celibacy for priest, defense of life and so on.

Kiko and his hordes have espoused a free masonic, Jewishfication of the Church, with the aim to become a Trojan horse of sort within our Church.

Christ has warned us repeatedly about these kinds of dangers. This is why painting opponents to this movement with the broad paint- brush of Fascism has been so effective in Europe.

This attempt to transpose this false debate to Guam by gross recuperation of that movement and align it to the ills of colonization from Spain, is nothing but evil and paternalist. The true goal being to divide our movement on Guam between Chamorros and non Chamorros, under the guise of a false advocacy.

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