Friday, May 23, 2014


I wanted to give you a preview of the next installment of the Fr. Paul story. It will be subtitled: THE TALL WOMAN. Here are the first few paragraphs. It should be ready in a day or two. 


In the Appeal of Fr. Paul's removal which was sent to Rome, Fr. Paul's attorney, Fr. Adolpho Dacanay, S.J., concludes his investigation of the case with the following remarks (emphases mine):
3.5 This is a canonical procedure that has gone awry. In the process, canonical procedures were mangled, provisions of the Code were ignored, the attempt to correct the bungled process feeble, and in the meantime the rights of a pastor violated and his good name ruined. Even the constitution of the advisory body required by C.1742.1 is very suspicious. The concerns raised by the Archbishop could have been accomplished even without the bungled attempt at removal, therefore one really wonders what is the real purpose behind the move. 
After a seven page review of the entire case, Fr. Dacanay poses the same question most of the Archdiocese of Agana has been asking even though almost everyone knows the answer. Everyone knows the answer because everyone knows the Archbishop's intention: to mow down any priest or deacon who stands in the way of The Way, and to intimidate into submission everyone else.

Stay tuned. 


  1. I am glad it is FINALLY to Rome. Now let us see if the VATICAN can solve this horrendous miscarriage of justice and Catholic principles!

  2. Unfortunately this is not the only complaint in Rome regarding the archbishop of Guam. Much more has happened that is not reported on this page for now.

  3. I suspect "the tall woman" is Pat Cottman whom previous posts describe as storming out of a meeting with Fr. Paul and other priests because he would not go along with the NCW's proposed illicit liturgy practices the NCW wanted to implement in his parish. I know her and have seen her terrible temper.

  4. Inquiring minds ask: could she be Diana????

    1. I don't think so...was she here for WYD held in Barrigada? According to Diana, she never met or knew of Jackie Terlaje until she, (Jackie) was introduced as one of the guest speakers.

      I still believe that Diana is Jennifer Dulla, a writer for the Umatuna Si Yu'us. Later you will learn why I think she is who she is.

    2. I also do not think it is Pat Coffman. Ms. Coffman is wise in the ways of the Neo and knows better than to reveal the inner workings of the Way. Diana is an ordinary groupie who hasn't a clue that "she's" telling us way too much. But as I said before, it doesn't matter who "she" is. "She's" the average Neo, simply repeating what she's been told, and repeating stuff her catechists would never say.