Monday, May 19, 2014


An anonymous recommendation:

The Umatuna may as well be designated and re-named the “Kiko Fan News.” As THE CATHOLIC newspaper on Guam, our Catholic Congregation’s natural expectations are that it would be wide-range in its coverage of non-neo Parishes, parishioners, youth or Priests. But this is
not so; rather, this Catholic paper has clearly and blatantly flaunted it’s biasness as demonstrated in it’s 3 or 4 consecutive Sunday’s repetitious, blown-up, full-page, front-page RMS promotion and in it’s long-windedness and exaggeratingly redundant coverage of neo-ordinations and neo deaconships compared to our local sons’ ordination to the Priesthood or to our local Capuchin son’s Deaconship celebrations. These were the more blatant and obvious Umatuna-neo-highlighting coverages. Other neo coverages were more subtle in what appears to be Umatuna’s quest, goal and mission of: The proliferation of neo spot-lighting. 

I suggest, in demonstration of our objection to and disdane for Umatuna’s neo news proliferation over non-neo Parish level youth, local Pastor, Ministry and Apostolate news by adding the Umatuna along side the AAA in our list to boycott!

I will stand corrected if I'm wrong, but I'm told that Parish Fiesta Ads are paid ads so ...

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