Saturday, June 7, 2014


So here's what the U Matuna did with Cardinal Tagle's letter:

Some points:

1. First, this is badly written. In the first line it says that the "U Matuna reported". And then in the last line we are told that it was not the U Mautna that reported but that the incorrect information was provided in a story that was "submitted". We already know that the U Matuna did NOT report the erroneous information because the byline for the original story said "Jennifer Dulla - For the Umatuna Si Yu'os". So it looks like the U Matuna will need to print an ERRATUM to its ERRATUM. But don't hold your breath. 

2. Of course the U Matuna did this to protect Jennifer and so that ultimately this is no one's fault. So now Jennifer can join Diana as another anonymous entity so that no one has to take any responsibility for anything when it comes to the lies of the Kiko's.

3. Speaking of Diana, I heard that after I posted NOW CLICK HERE yesterday she said that she "stands corrected." Sorry Diana, THAT MEANS NOTHING. It means NOTHING because YOU ARE NOTHING. You are NOTHING because you choose to remain an anonymous entity and thus no responsibility accrues to you for anything. There is no cost to you for being wrong, but you were all ready to destroy me and had already started.

4. She is also reported to have said that she couldn't understand how I could have gotten a copy of the letter (I have friends in Manila). That statement is very telling. A few days ago she told us that if we did not believe her that it was our problem and not hers. She didn't bother to check her facts. I did. She was completely sold on the lie and joyfully sold others on the lie. I shouldn't have had to produce the letter. She could have simply checked the source. She did not. 

5. But this she and her that I use as pronouns for the name Diana is not about some cowardly blogger, this is the SOP (standard operating procedure) for the entire leadership of the Neocatechumenal Way. Lie after lie after lie. Secret after secret after secret. And no one questions. And those that do are ostracized, exiled, condemned. Is this the Catholic Church? HELL NO IT ISN'T.

6. Apparently Kiko himself just demonstrated another instance of DO NOT QUESTION. Here's a comment from someone who was with Kiko yesterday:
At the event earlier today, in a holding room filled with many top ranking neos waiting for their cue to come on stage to talk, Kiko overheard a conversation going on between Cardinal Tagle and the Responsibles in the Philippines apologizing to him about the article posted in the Umatuna. Kiko came over and blurted out, "Oh don't pay attention to those crazy reporters".
Translation: DO NOT QUESTION. DON'T PAY ATTENTION. LISTEN ONLY TO ME...and in the presence of Cardinal Tagle no less. I suppose we will be told that Cardinal Tagle agreed with Kiko because the Cardinal did not say least not yet.

7. And speaking of Cardinal Tagle, THANK GOD FOR MEN OF THE CHURCH LIKE HIM! One good decent priest, bishop, cardinal makes up many times over for all the bad ones. 

8. And also speaking of Cardinal Tagle, the Archbishop for one of the largest dioceses in the world, let us now speak of the Archbishop for one of the smallest diocese in the world: ours. Cardinal Tagle's letter may have been addressed to a lowly freelance reporter for the U Matuna, but that's just because Cardinal Tagle is a man of class and manners. It was really addressed to Archbishop Apuron who is not just the publisher of the paper, but the source and perpetrator of the lie - a lie, which we are learning, is just one of many. But we'll come back to that.

9. Don't feel sorry for Jennifer Dulla. First as a sold-out Kiko-bot she has no business submitting anything other than opinion pieces to the U Matuna. Journalism is supposed to be objective and she is no journalist. Second, she is joyfully counting this backlash to her part in this lie as "persecution" and fancying herself a martyr for Kiko to be sure. Third, she is being celebrated by her fellow Kiko-bots for taking the fall for the Archbishop and the Team Catechists who are behind the whole ruse, a ruse that is just one ugly sore on the entire sick body of what this diocese has become since we have let in the beast. 

10. And as a final note, at least for now, I would find it hard to feel sorry for anyone who works for, campaigns for, and happily supports the most pro-abortion senator in the Guam Legislature: Rory Respicio, Jennifer's employer (see it here). I have personally confronted Dulla about this already. Answer: NONE. Here's a record of Respicio's pro-abortion actions since 2010:

• During the debate over the first Women's Right to Know bill (54-30) a bill that would have provided information to women seeking an abortion about their rights and alternatives, Respicio, with the help of Speaker Won Pat, slipped in an impostor bill which turned a pro-life bill into an pro-abortion bill. Learn all about it here.

• A few months later, Respicio gutted a similar bill (Bill 52-31) by lining out every single relevant provision of the bill that had anything to do with informing women about their rights and alternatives to abortion, and then cut the cameras when another senator objected. Learn all about that here

• And when I called Respicio out on his scam on the radio the next day he screamed at me and then hung up in what is now a rather infamous exchange on K57 Listen to it here.

• Several months later, after overcoming Respicio's attempt to sink yet another pro-life bill and getting Governor Calvo to force a vote on a restored Bill 52, Respicio inserted a provision into the bill designed to keep the bill from ever being implemented even if it passed. 

• When I exposed his sneaky attempt to keep Guam's abortion mills churning out dead bodies right before the last election, Respicio promised to vote to remove that provision should the AG opine against it so that I wouldn’t publicly blast him for his abortion-supporting actions. The AG DID opine against it, but Respicio, after getting re-elected, reneged on his promise when presented with a bill (Bill 193-32) to remove that problem provision. Learn about that here

• And most recently, Senator Rory Respicio, the person Jennifer Dulla works for, campaigns for, and happily supports, voted AGAINST a bill that would mandate normal medical care for children who survive failed abortions, and in so doing, voted FOR the intentional death of these children either through neglect or whatever way the abortionist chooses to terminate them. See his voting record and learn more about the bill here

So no, friends, don't feel sorry for Jennifer Dulla, she's in the sad habit of covering for liars. And she is Exhibit A of what the Kiko's do to otherwise good people. 

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