Monday, June 23, 2014



The Neocatechumenal Way 
and the mission to destroy Fr. Paul Gofigan

by Tim Rohr

Fr. Paul Gofigan was the pastor of the largest parish on the island of Guam. He was also one of the few pastors left on the island who resisted the advance of the Neocatechumenal Way, a cultic international organization that had cultivated heavy influence with corrupt Vatican officials as well as many of the world's bishops, including Guam's. It was only a matter of time before the Archbishop of Guam would be ordered by his Neocatechumenal masters to crush Fr. Paul. That time arrived on July 16, 2013. At a meeting with the Archbishop, Fr. Paul was ordered to resign as pastor, locked out of his office, stripped of his priestly faculties, publicly replaced, ordered to vacate his place of residence, and banished from the diocese. The Archbishop expected Fr. Paul to just go away. He didn't. This is the story. 


  1. Is this going to be a real book?

  2. My God is this really true or is it a joke.

  3. Thinking the same is this true or has he writ book .

  4. Thumbs up to your endeavor,Tim. I whole heartedly support and agree with the need to publicize the devious, subtle and underhanded goal and agenda of the kikos on Guam -- to slowly, but surely brainwash Catholics out from authentic Catholicism into kiko-altered and refashioned Catholic-wanna-be religion by strategically focusing on maliciously removing non-neo priests
    who the kikos perceive may get in their way,