Friday, June 13, 2014


I think I need to dedicate a page just to this kind of stuff to demonstrate the brain damage of drinking KAKA.

Why is Kiko's book Kerygma ugly Tim? What's the matter? It does not meet your credential? The guy spent time with the poor of the poor. What did you do? Cradle snatch at school.

Sign_______________ Fruit to fight you
What's really funny is that in responding to a comment by someone who thought they could beat me over the head because the book had an endorsement from a high placed Cardinal I had said that I had already "read" the book in "the vile ugliness and the vomit and sputum recorded in the comments on this blog which are the fruit of this man."

And then this guy proves it further. Of course, these people don't ever use their name when they attack me...and in this case my family too. Their sheer cowardice should tell you that satan is at work. Christ doesn't hide...does he, Deacon. You think I don't know? How pathetic.

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