Friday, June 13, 2014


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Another LIE stated about the meeting at the Chancery yesterday. Can someone provide the Archbishop's letter! Post from Diana

Anonymous June 13, 2014at 1:27 AM

Tim has been proven wrong on many occasions, he just doesnt (sic) allow those comments to ever see the day. (That would be "the light of day".) Tim doesnt (sic) allow comments that compromise him or his blog. (Umm, I not only allow them, I feature them. Like this one.) I have made numerous comments that were not allowed. Things are a bit crazy now, all because of him. (I see.)

There was a clergy meeting held today at the chancery. (Oh, well thanks for telling everybody. Nothing on this blog was said about it...till now. You were there?) This meeting was not called by the Archbishop but by a group of priests that saw the need for it. Guess what was the overall subject? Yep! you guessed it. (Well, then we have to assume that you WERE there and you are running your big mouth.)

Tim has gotten in over his head and he is at a point of no return. (Oh, so the meeting was about me. News to me!) He is being reckless and mindless of his comments. (I see. That's right. For the Kiko's documents mean nothing.) It is very evident and sadly the only people following him are of his kind. (And you know this because...?) The church on Guam does not need to worry about the damage of jw. There is no damage because the deceit is in the lie that jw represents the majority of catholics on Guam. It doesnt, and the blog owner knows this. (So then why are you commenting about it?)

The vast majority of catholics on guam are catholics by birth. (You should at least capitalize Catholics and Guam.) They have no real concept of their faith. (I see. So did you hear that non-Neo Catholics? You have no real concept. And neither your parents and grandparents who endured the horrors of WWII and who clung to their Catholic faith as their only hope. You, your ancestors. None of you had a clue until the Kiko's came. Sounds like Harold, doesn't it.)

Many priests (non-neo) speak of these catholics (sic) who are "seasonal" christmas (sic), easter (sic), thanksgiving (sic) etc.. This is why the other denominations are rising. (Umm, they've been rising every since Apuron became Archbishop. Could it be...?) They are going door to door and reaching out to the people all the while we have a group of people who are busy with their veils and staring at the rear of a priest. (You just called Jesus Christ a priest's rear. Did you learn how to do that in your seminary?) I dont have a problem (LOL) with this but I mention it because this is not what the times are seeking. (Oh, I see, so now YOU know more than the pope!)

Then tim (sic) would brag that, there are a strong young group of people who are patronizing the latin rite (sic). (No, actually we worship.) Well, that same great group of young people are being given guns and not being taught how to use them. (Being given guns. I see.)

For example, I was in the presence of a conversation between a Latin Traddie (well there's the name calling) and a woman who attends a Baptist church on-island. This woman was interested in experiencing the Catholic Faith and had just shared her admiration for the sacraments, she more so spoke about how she really wanted to go to confession. Well, without the need to even go there, this young gentleman Traddie decided to call out the Baptist church on all their flaws. What an approach to evangelization! I already knew where he learned it from. (And you know this because...?) The young baptist woman, well how would you feel? (Well, right now I feel rather embarrassed for you that you think you're a Catholic.)

You see Tim is calling out the Archbishop and anyone associated with the NCW on Guam with criticisms and exclaiming that these are issues only associated with the NCW. Everytime (sic) things are pointed out to him that are obviously in favor of the NCW, he doesnt (sic) allow the comment. (I guess one of these days I am going to have to publish all the comments I have not let through. Most of them are about the Archbishop and abuse of many kinds. Would you like to see those?)

Anyways, the jw blog has taken a turn for the worse and has fallen in line with all the other bogus blogs out there. Joy! (So do you think God is pleased with you right now? Was this really an expression of Christian "Joy"? Or did you just abuse the word "Joy", and God with it?)

What if I told you that the whole purpose of this blog was simply to provoke people like you to say the things that you just said? But anyway, tell us what else happened at the meeting, Deacon. 

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