Monday, June 30, 2014


  1. The catechetical ignorance displayed and demonstrated in the postings by kiko followers here and by the fraud-of-a-character, diana, is telling about why they've so easily fallen for kiko's invented, altered and concocted new (neo) self-designed Catholic-wannabe religion. ... and to make his followers feel good about defecting from authentic Catholicism, kiko brainwashes his followers into accepting and using a connivingly clever and seemingly valid response to our admonishment: "denounce and claim persecution!" -- Kiko instructs and advices them. 

    I pray that victims (of kiko's deceit and fraudulent teachings) may humbly be open to what is catechetically pointed out here; that it may help them see the errors (even the heresies) in kiko's teachings which is contrary to authentic Catholic Teachings. This is particularly so on Core Catholic doctrine about the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, and about the Real Presence in the Consecrafed Host, among others. 

    It's not about Tim nor who is on the archbishop's side; it's not about siding with one or the other; because when all is said and done, it is about the potential perdition of souls. Following authentic Catholic doctrine, which contains the Fullness of The Truth, is the One and Only WAY.


  1. Busy,busy @ Diana's blog .... Visit counter 750,000 taught I let you know.


    1. Right. you must be looking at a different blog. No visit counter on Diana's blog other than profile views which as of 7/1/14 says:
      On Blogger since April 2011
      Profile views - 902

      The profile view is the only way to access the blog. So that means since 2011, it has been accessed 902 times by all five of you. But no surprise you can't count since it's obvious you can't even spell ("taught"I let you know"). Ouch! Hope you're not another ESL seminarian.