Sunday, June 29, 2014


  1. Dear Diana, when the parishioners of the parish say NCW stay out, you stay out! We will run you out!


    1. Dear Anonymous at 9:33 p.m.,

      There is a hierarchy in the Catholic Church. The layperson is at the bottom of that hierarchy. Those who disobey the Archbishop has put themselves outside the Catholic Church. Oh ye of little faith. For over 2000 years the Catholic Church have stood, and now you feel that the Church will fall because of the NCW??

It's comments like these from "Diana" that make me hope "Diana" is not Fr. Adrian or any priest, because if that's the case, things are much worse than we thought. However, all signs do point to Fr. Adrian, and what "Diana" says here is quite consistent with the regular hog-trough Kiko-think we've become quite used to.

Kiko teaches that the church apostatized after Constantine and was only restored with Vatican II. He mocks the Church that existed and grew in the intervening 1,300 years.

The great impetus of Vatican II was its emphasis on the "priesthood of the laity". The laity were to no longer be Catholic cattle in the pews (as Kiko saw us and still does). We were to be co-equal with the clergy in terms of spiritual dignity and vocation as lay persons.

In fact, the Neocatechumenal Way and the many other lay movements that grew out of Vatican II were and are seen exactly as a response to this idea of the dignity of the lay vocation and a movement of the Holy Spirit. And further, our Neo friends never tire of telling us this.

However, now that someone stands up to them and calls them out on their errors..."NO MORE VATICAN II! You are all sheep. Shut up and sit down. Obey." It's funny because this "shut up and sit are only lay people...bow down to the great Archbishop" is precisely the pre-Vatican II Kiko-version of the church that they condemn. But then that's Kiko-think.

By coincidence (?) A NY Times story appeared in my inbox just after I read the above garbage by "Diana": POPE DEFROCKS ARCHBISHOP: Jozef Wesolowski, an archbishop from Poland, was laicized for sexually abusing boys while stationed in the Dominican Republic as a papal nuncio.

According to "Diana", those boys should have just obeyed the archbishop and (deleted) and not complained. After all there's a hierarchy in the Catholic Church, and "lay people are on the bottom", (deleted).

Actually, "Diana", God has used us "bottom people" throughout the history to purge the Church of people like you. You just happen to be next.

P.S. You may want to note the following line from the story:
An auxiliary bishop in Santo Domingo, Victor Masalles, posted a Twitter message on Monday that he was surprised to see the ambassador walking along a street in Rome. “The silence of the church has hurt the people of God,” the bishop said in Spanish.
Well, the Catholics of Guam, the real ones, are SILENT NO MORE! 

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