Monday, July 7, 2014


The time is coming when the people of this diocese may need to act. Since the posting of the ad/public notice by the Concerned Catholics of Guam, there has been a growing interest in supporting a more public effort. 

This may take the form of public protests, public calls for action, calling radio shows, writing letters to the editor, personally engaging certain members of the clergy, financing more and larger efforts to call this archdiocese to accountability, and many other efforts. 

Such actions will be uncomfortable for many. But while challenging church leaders may be new for Guam, it is NOT new either in the history of the church, or in dioceses now throughout the world where injustice and abuse has had its way for far too long under the cover of church authority. 

The onslaught against our diocese, its parishes, and its people has become unbearable for many. We may be asked to endure injustices from without, but these are injustices from within. While we continue to call on the Archbishop to rid himself and this diocese of the foreign forces that have driven us to this, we also call on concerned Catholics everywhere to be ready to stand up in case the Archbishop won't. 

If you care to join us, send your contact information (actual names preferred) to Your personal information will remain confidential. We will be compiling a mailing list of "go to" people should the day come when we need you. We hope it doesn't. 

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