Monday, July 14, 2014


True to form, Archbishop Apuron tried to hijack the very important meeting with the clergy this afternoon with Archbishop Krebs. Instead of letting Archbishop Krebs speak, Apuron had Deacon Kim, the finance officer, go on for about 15 minutes about diocesan finances. 

This very important meeting was only to last an hour, and already 15 precious minutes had been hijacked with financial report mumbo jumbo. WTH! But typical Apuron tactic.

Thank God for Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua for getting up and stopping Kim and reminding everyone in the room that they were there to hear from the Papal Nuncio. Msgr. David must have encouraged others to speak up and they did. In the presence of Archbishop Apuron the clergy demanded a private meeting with Archbishop Krebs with Apuron NOT IN THE ROOM. 

Deacon Kim
Archbishop Krebs agreed. It is time to pray hard for our clergy. There is no way for Archbishop Krebs to protect them. They will still be at the mercy of Apuron. And he will try to destroy them...unless we stop him. 

Think hard folks. It will soon be time for you to put your name to your words. Throw off your fears. Our priests are! Our REAL priests!

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