Monday, July 14, 2014


Archbishop Krebs is reported to have said that Rome cannot solve our problems, that we have to solve them ourselves. We know that. Rome normally does not intervene in internal diocesan problems. It depends on the bishop to resolve them. However, our bishop IS the problem. He knows this and he does not care. And before Archbishop Krebs leaves, he will know it too. Then we shall see. 


  1. When any leader, (business, military, political,sports and most of all religious one) loses his bearings, works against all the ethics he/she should uphold; that leader has lost all credibility and has to do the only thing left, which is to resign.
    Our Brother Antony Apuron, not only has lost his bearings. He has and continues to work against all the ethics and moral guidance a bishop is called to abide by.
    As such he can no longer even pretend to lead this Diocese.
    The more vain and proud he remains, the more and the longer he refuses to follow the teachings of the true Church, the more he hurts, himself, his cohorts, his friends and the Catholics of this Diocese.
    Bishop Apuron, if you have any decency left over, do the right thing. Retire to a life of prayer and let more capable and charitable Catholic and Apostolic candidates take over the burden that seems to have afflicted you so much.
    For myself I will continue to pray that the Holy Spirit might show you the way to redemption.

    If you want posterity to remember you as the lost sheep that found his way home, you can still do so. It is up to you.
    If you want posterity to remember you as the Bishop responsible for the destruction of the Catholic Church on Guam, and the man that brought Shame on his family's good name, you can also do that.
    I hope you will make the courageous choice.
    Pax Christi

    1. Frenchie - who are you to make that decision? The Archbishop also follow the normal mass, again you accuse like your some Lutheran. In what way is je vain? Does he have a personal name plate on his residence. You claim many thing but you yourself has no bearing. Archbishop was picked by Saint Pope John Paul II as a Archbishop. Are you saying made mistake? I agree he may not be love dovey type of bishop but who am I to judge? Come on! Your passing judgement and you are in serious sin and I suggest you go to confession.

    2. Oh. There's the confession guy again. Saying who am I to judge and then judging. And yes JPII made a mistake. A big one. Btw he did not choose Apuron. Oh and btw he IS lovey dovey

    3. Explain, Tim, bro Ton is lovey dovey? Do tell. Never picked up on that one!!

    4. You cannot judge the soul but you can surely judge his actions.

    5. Lovey dovey, as in lovey dovey to some of his faves. It's pathetically obvious.

    6. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 15, 2014 at 2:10 PM

      Obviously, Anonymous July 14, 2014 at 10:34 PM is either a seminarian or a neo-priest with ESL disorientation. Beware Frenchie, if you go to the wrong confessional you may have to go to Neo catechesis as penance!

    7. Well said, Frenchie at 7/14. I wonder if the Archbishop ever gets to read (or have someone read to him) comments made to him directly in these Jungle posts. If he has enough intelligence, humility, courage, uprighteousness, and wisdom left to understand the message being delivered, he should heed the urgings of the vast majority of us non-Neos Catholics. (Please don't request for a census of who "us non-Neos" are! The stats will only blow your face away! Or is some diehard Neo up to the challenge to conduct this census?).

      The message is clear, Archbishop Apuron! If the alleged statement from Archbishop Krebs in in fact true - that Rome cannot resolve our archdiocesan problem; it is up to us to resolve it ourselves! - then do the only honourable thing left. Voluntarily RESIGN your post, and let some other Shepherd lead us out of this desert! If you continue in your obstinacy to support the less than 1% of your flock, and abandon the 99% of us, then you no longer deserve our obedience to you! You are no longer with us! You have left us! The so-called Shepherd (you) will have been truly smitten, and the flock will disperse! If we are no longer your sheep, you are no longer our Shepherd -- and therefore have no reason to obey you! If you cannot see "our way", Archbishop, then go "the Way" with them! Leave us! RESIGN! My goodness, even smarter men than you - unless you consider yourself smarter than Nixon - have chosen resignation as the "lesser of evils". Nixon, when he realised that he was "caught with the goods in his hands", and no other way out, deemed it best to "leave the leadership to a more capable leader". HE RESIGNED - and in so doing, saved his face. Impeachment would have been a much worse option! Think about that, Archbishop. Please go back and re-read Frenchie's message! Think them over well! Weigh all your options! Do the right thing! RESIGN NOW; you will earn the respects of many people. You probably will have saved your face, in the process. Persist in your ways; you will CONTINUE TO MULTIPLY OUR ILLS. As you had used in your letter in requesting for Fr Paul Gofigan's resignation from his pastorate, we throw it right back at you -- RESIGN NOW, Archbishop, or "face a more painful and arduous closure" to this mess you have created. Your call, dear Archbishop. DO THE RIGHT THING, NOT THE PLEASANT THING!!

    8. Retire to a life prayer archbishop.

    9. Archbishop resign.

  2. To anonymous at 10.34:
    apparently your reading skills are on the same level as your writing.
    I guess that after making sense of your babbling, I will attempt to answer your points (if we can call them that).
    Basically you are saying the Archbishop has been chosen by the Pope.
    Well Duh!!!! Is this supposed to be news??
    Managers are chosen by their board of directors, Generals by Congress and Bishops by the Pope.
    Does that make them critics-proof? Absolutely not!!! When they err, they are called to task.
    Even our beloved Bishop.

    I do not claim many thing(s) (since there are many things, they take an S). I, like thousands of Catholic faithful on Guam, have observed the lies, the deceit, the 1/2 truths, the gross misinterpretations, the injustices and the fear mongering.
    My conclusion is not a judgement but a witnessing of facts. The facts are that our Archbishop has failed in the Mission entrusted onto him by the Pope.

    Therefore I suggest, ( I do not demand) that if he is an honest man, but also if he wishes to have a legacy that is positive, he should in all logic resign. Like any good leader would resign in facing such a litany of fiasco.

    I do not say this in hatred or with a hardened heart, but with love and compassion,and some sadness, in the hope that the priest than St John Paul chose as a Bishop for the island of Guam would live up to the mission he was entrusted with and rejoin our Holy Mother Church.
    The Pride and the Vanity that he has demonstrated repeatedly have so far impaired his judgment.
    This is why I asked for the Holy Spirit to intercede for a moral and just decision, and atonement.
    As for my supposed sins, I confess weekly and make sure to live my life on the principles taught to me by my Church.
    The only thing I ask is that our Archbishop does the same. Nothing more Nothing less.
    Pax Christi

  3. So, it is up to us to solve our local problems. And, so, it is time for the parish priests to decide whether to be the voice of the Archbishop or be the voice of their parishioners!


    1. That is right Frank, you nailed it on the head.
      But it is also time for the parishioners to protect their priest from undo pressure and outright injustice.

    2. Archbishop Krebs has given us the go-signal. The Vatican will not involve itself in our local problems. We must solve our problems ourselves. We must go to "war." The battle lines are being drawn. If the parish priests represent us, we should not let what happened to Father Paul happen to any of them.

      But, they must decide which side to join.

      We have always looked up to our parish priests as our religious and moral leaders.
      And, in this "war" against the Kikobots, they should be our leaders, our "generals." If they choose to be silent or remain on the sidelines, they are by default, not representing their respective parishes.

      Blind obedience to a higher authority can not be their defense. Remember what happened to many generals who followed Hitler. Obedience to a higher authority
      could not protect them from being tried as war criminals. While there will be no war trials here, they will be long remembered for whatever stance they take. Besides, the position of Archbishop of the Diocese of Agana has been abdicated by Tony Apuron's neglect and abuse of the Catholic faithful. (I will not call him Archbishop any more).

      I advocate not supporting the Neo Priests and/or Parishes. While we are at "war",
      we must, as someone else said, be like refugees and go instead, to parishes where we feel safe. After the "war" which WE WILL WIN, we can come back and "rebuild" our beloved parishes.

      Remember, people, we are the majority and this is our island!


    3. Anonymous/Frank — Like you, I had hoped that our Non-NCW priests could serve as our “generals” in this impending WAR for the Survival of the Church in Guam. But the “Filipino Guest Priest” pointed out in the earlier 7 July JungleWatch post “Call to Action” that “…because of our unique position as leaders in the faith community and subjects to the local bishop, we walk a very narrow path … please be assured that we are also called to action, an action this is not always seen or recognized by the laity. We need to go to our Archbishop as loyal subjects …” The “Filipino Guest Priest” also assured us that “… even if you do not see your priests in a public showing of support for improvement in the Guam Church, please know we are working just as hard, and just as diligently, to restore our Church to a place of love and welcoming hospitality to all members who have a heart for Christ.”

      In the end, Anonymous/Frank, it will be up to us, the laity, to fight for our Church. The Non-NCW priests, particularly those like the “Filipino Guest Priest” who may not yet be incardinated in the Archdiocese and others who choose to remain silent, do so out of the Instinct for Survival. After seeing what happened to Fr. Paul Gofigan last year, it will take an incredible amount of courage for any priest to speak up! So far, we have seen Pale’ Mike Crisostomo use his real name to submit a couple of comments to the blog, not hiding behind the Veil of Anonymity or a pseudonym — Pale’ Mike used his real name. During the recent meeting with Archbishop Krebs, another brave priest Msgr. David I. A. Quitugua actually put an end to Deacon Kim’s Dog and Pony Show regarding Archdiocesan Finances in an effort to salvage what little time was allotted for the meeting! It was not reported which of the courageous priests requested that the Archbishop vacate the room so that the clergy could speak more openly with the Nuncio, Archbishop Krebs. Fr. Matthew Blockley has also submitted comments, signing his name at the bottom of his comment; but inasmuch as he is not here on Guam, I’m guessing his support will be that of prayers for our effort.

      Blind obedience, which is what the Kikos/Kikobots advocate, will not work. We will need to pray for guidance so that we will know how to wage this war to preserve the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ here on our island of Guam.

      You are absolutely right, Anonymous/Frank: WE are the Majority and this is OUR island! We can work together to take back and rebuild our parishes.

  4. Ok. We solve our problems. Laity of Guam have plans .

  5. Laity must work to solve the problems.