Wednesday, July 30, 2014


David G asks a question that I believe deserves an answer:

So if you believe Fr. John was innocent, why "bring it to light?" Maybe if you didn't, Monsignor James would still be the pastor. Again Tim, I am not saying your wrong rather, I am trying to fit things together.

My answer:

Well then here, let me help you. Here's what you should be asking. If Apuron believed he was innocent "why didn't HE bring it to light" when the charges were first published in 2004 on a national list? Why didn't HE bring it to light in 2000 when he incardinated Wadeson (who should have told him)? Why didn't Apuron bring it to light in 2011 when he recevied a call from the Los Angeles Archdiocese about Wadeson? Why didn't Apuron proclaim his innocence instead of getting rid of him? Hope that helps.

Interesting though how David seems to know the real reason for the firing of Msgr. James: "Maybe if you didn't, Monsignor James would still be the pastor." David is absolutely right. Firing Msgr. James was in direct retaliation for the Wadeson affair. 

But NOT because Wadeson was exposed, but because the Archbishop was exposed. Archbishop Apuron could care less about throwing another priest under the bus no matter who he is. He proved that when he immediately got rid of Wadeson instead of standing up for him. 

The story made Apuron a national embarrassment. The AP picked up the story and went to Los Angeles to find the truth. Turns out, according to a lawyer for the L.A. Archdiocese, they called Apuron in 2011 to warn him about Wadeson. 

Denying Wadeson faculties in L.A. is one thing. But that L.A. thought it necessary to call Guam and notify Apuron of Wadeson says something far more. In any event, Apuron did NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING. He just never expected to be held accountable. And when he was...he turns on others and destroys them.

This is why St. John Crysostom said "the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops." No one has more power in the Catholic Church than bishops. And "to whom much is given, much is expected." And when they lead the little ones astray, then "better for him that he had not been born." 


  1. lest we forget... "he who wishes to be the greatest among you MUST be SERVANT to ALL!"
    Way to give us good example there bishop Apuron. NOT!

  2. You avoided David's question. His question was if YOU believe that he was innocent, why did YOU bring it t light? Forget the archbishop for now and answer what YOU did cuz YOU were the one who brought it to light. So, why did YOU?

    1. Because I didn't "out" him. Cardinal Mahony did.

  3. Archbishop, it is time for you, Davud, and Adrian to kneel down, hold hands and pray for your guidance, for all three of you have lost the ability to teach, guide, and lead the One, Holy Catholic, and Apostoli9c Church on Guam, you may lead the Neos but not us any more.. Jes of Chalan Pqago

  4. Tim Rohr has spoken the truth.

    For 14 years I have silently suffered persecution.

    Father Matthew Blockley.

    1. You need not be silent nor suffer anymore. .. God always heals. It may take time, but you shall be exonerated as well.

  5. Poor Father Mat.. May the Holy Spirit help you