Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I won't give you the pleasure of knowing who I am... I am not a coward... I just follow suit with everyone of your little timmies out there. Have fun going insane! your physical appearance says it all... Be very careful!
Live traffic counter notes that the threat came from:

Mangilao Village, Mangilao arrived from on "JungleWatch: SIGNED: SICK OF IT".


These are the people on Apuron's side. The Kiko's. This is what I deal with regularly from them. This is the real fruit of the Neocatechumenal Way. This is who Archbishop Apuron is. Threats. Lies. Threats. Lies. 



  1. Please Archbishop Krebs, we need all the help we can get. Archbishop Apuron is a joke. He has lost the respect of the many if not all of the community. There is enough evidence in this blog to prove of church injustices that leads back to Archbishop Apuron. He has yet to address the community and remained silent. WE NEED ANSWERS!

  2. Please, Anonymous at 12:06, don't panic! Your post sound like it was written in desperation! Just get of your high horse and come down to reality. Of course, as the "house of cards" begins to fall, all inside it will panic. They resort to threats! Don't blame Tim Rohr personally for this fiasco. He is NOT the cause of this dilemma we find ourselves in. If you need a scapegoat, try us - the majority of island CATHOLICS who are opposed to you and your NCW minions and ways. Yes; blame us - us the non-Neos, who are getting more and more fed up with your shenanigans, especially those who chime in the Jungle to try desperately (but futilely) to defend your Brother Tony. If you wish to offer good advice, advise your KING to resign. Even in a boxing match, the loser comes out more smelling like a rose when the towel is thrown into the ring to signal the end of the fight, than to wait for the inevitable TKO, or worse a KO, if he should continue to fight a losing battle. Wake up! Open your eyes! Open your nose, and smell the coffee! The King hasn't been dethroned - NOT YET. Tell Brother Tony not to wait for the eventual checkmate! RESIGNING NOW is a more honourable "Way" out!
    As for you - Anonymous at 12:06 - get off your duff! We prefer not to, but if you wish to continue the fight, get off your duff, come down to earth, and let's fight to the finish! We - real Catholics are prepared for the fight - thanks to Tim Rohr who has been providing us with demonstrable facts (back up with proof/documents of what he says). We are prepared to fight for our religion, our culture, our island! The more you Neos open your mouths, the more the smell of sulphur comes out -- as this most recent case of Father Madeson (?) has clearly demonstrated. Better for this man to have kept his mouth shut; now he himself may be in deep kimchee! Sometimes, silence is golden, as when it is called for. At other times - as when the WHOLE TRUTH needs to be told, silence is not golden. Which is it to you? - HAVE A NICE DAY.

  3. Dear Tim,

    Courage. God will protect you.

  4. God will protect all who stand on the side of truth and Justice.

  5. You call us timmies. We are not the same. We fear real retribution from the Archbishop. What do you fear? Please tell me who you are afraid of. Tim? Are you working for Tim and fear retribution from him. Please we are not the same. If we were for the Archbishop, we will tell everyone we are. So, please we are not the same. You make me laugh. You little archies!

  6. 12:06pm, Don't make threats or even hints of it, police can easily trace your pc, right into your bedroom if they need to.

  7. You guys sound like a bunch of mean High School girls. It shows also Tim and the Quaker Rohr go after innocent woman (Diana). This is not freedom of speech but defamation. A great definition of internet bully.

    1. Adding to the catalog of another example of the level of intelligence produced by the Neocatechumenal Way. Diana is not even a real person. How can an anonymous person be "defamed." Never mind. Can't argue with stupid.

    2. Tim - you won't believe me anyway and you could bind this I'm not even part the group you hate. It just show your frustration and you continue to provoke this group. Majority of the folks won't stoop to your level. It's what it was said above, your going insane. I read that letter from that Priest he did not call the Clergy Satan but instead he said this is the work of Satan. Tim you twist it more even if you did fabricate that letter. You said it yourself the Pontifical Delegate can't do anything for you but work it out with the Archbishop. I guess it's all up to you, swallow your pride and ask for forgiveness.By the way; Diana is a real person, believe me she is not a Priest. But a nice young lady.

    3. Yes. The work of Satan. And who has the Archbishop been blaming for the division? ME. In fact he said "Mr. Rohr is after me." The division in this diocese existed long before I came along, but I am the first to give it a public voice. The Archbishop was free to go about persecuting whoever wished until I started blogging about it.

      Wadeson has to protect the Archbishop for obvious reasons. But since you mention twisting, wait till you hear how Wadeson twisted Krebs' so called request to keep the meeting private. In fact, he did no such thing.

      And let's see... "stoop to my level"? I am practically the only person around here who believes enough in himself to put my name on what I say. The people against the NCW have good reason to fear being named, just like the non-Neo priests. I hope they get over it soon. But you. Why are you hiding? Who are you afraid of? Why be anonymous? Why is Diana anonymous if she speaks the truth. Like Jesus said go and teach all nations but don't let anyone know who you are. Right. You are all afraid. Afraid of what? Afraid that you are actually very wrong? You preach joy, courage, peace, but all I see is fear and hiding, fear and hiding, paranoia, slinking behind anonymous rocks and throwing stones. That's mental illness, man.

      GREAT FRUIT OF THE NEOCATECHUMENAL WAY. Thanks for the page view.

    4. Tim the Archbishop did not attack you ever.

    5. Oh hello, Archbishop. Did I ever say that you did?

  8. Diana sure looks like Jesus in her blog avatar.

    When you start having feelings for some inanimate image in the blog world...well..Houston you have a Big problem....heheh

  9. Gosh Tim I hate to be your enemy no wonder you have many friends. I just looked up the Webster dictionary for Internet Bully - your picture is in it.

    1. Let's see now, just how exactly does one bully another who is anonymous? In fact, for the intelligent people reading (obviously you don't qualify but read on anyway), I am the practically the only person who can be bullied because I have a name and am standing. The rest of you are hiding behind rocks and throwing stones. And I'm the bully? More insanity from the Kiko camp. Too much fun.

  10. Of course here's the real fun fact for all you haters. Trying to prove than I am insane is more important than the Archbishop's harboring a priest who is on a child sexual molestation list. Of course I'm quite used to this. How I got Tagle's letter became the crime instead of the fact that a great lie was perpetrated in his name. This is what happens folks when you get deep into the Neocatechumenal Way. If nothing else, this blog has served as a catalog for Kiko's rot.

    I think from now on, I'll just respond to these posts with ATTC: Adding to the catalog. And TFTPV. Thanks for the page view. Why do you think the Media is now paying attention? All those page views.

  11. Well !!! Tim,
    I do not recall when was the last time we saw such a surge of comments from the Kikko kookoos. May be, when you reported the reasons for Fr Paul's civil lawsuit?

    You must have hit pretty close to where it hurts really bad. They are really out in force tonight.
    A last hurrah before the collapse?

    It would be humorous if it was not so hateful and desperate.

    You have of course the regulars. We can recognize them from their failed grades at ESL.
    The same rehashed and stale discourse.

    But something new: the KGB/Gestapo style threats coming from somebody, who apparently "keeps tabs". Reminds me of some of the methods used in Chile and Argentina during their respective military junta periods.
    Hummmm!? May be one of our South American Transfer?

    Could be interesting.... I guess when you chase the natural, it keeps coming back....LOL

    Kikko the former atheist/marxist turned Franquist, always liked to recruit on the edges of these shadowy movements, specially in South America.
    Giving these people a new virginity of sort. Same thing with some of the Sicilians and Calabreses hanging in his skirts.

    These types of neanderthal reactions demonstrate that their true nature is only skin deep.

    One thing is certain is that your blog has never seen so many visitors, and that people are now signing their name more often. A telling sign that more and more people are no longer willing to remain silent.
    The tide is definitely turning against the NCW, their secretive and heretic ways, and the men that facilitated their expansion here on Guam.
    You've got to love it.

    All these chicaneries are now rising up from the depth their were hiding in.
    People are shining a light on the darkness, we know Satan does not like that, he will scream and shake and spit.
    I believe that is what we are witnessing.

    St Michael the Archangel, defend us in Battle..........
    Lets steel ourselves for a fight, because it is coming.
    But we are not alone. Judging by who is watching. The whole world is waking up.
    Keep the faith.

    1. Because the other two blogs don't keep tab of their viewers. The other blogs are humble and don't keep tab of bragging rights. We all know this is a hate blog close to KKK.

    2. 11:37. LOL. Add to catalog.

  12. Tim, you've revealed the truth about a corruption in the hierarchy of this Archdiocese! The hierarchy of our beloved Catholic Church! It would be seriously wrong of you not to reveal the facts given you, and spiritually damning of us, the Church Militant, to continue our history and record of complacency!

    The kikos are certainly trembling out of their minds because of all that is being revealed! So much so that they cannot stick to the issue, nor intelligently address the issues -- let alone defend their corrupt position. They resort to the only way they know how to react and respond, hiding in the dark or behind closed doors as they resort to: name-calling, fabrication and throwing stones.

    When they run out of names and lies and stones -- and still not addressing the documented kiko corruption you've been instrumental in bringing out -- they resort, in desperation, to whining: "we're being persecuted!" ... and crying: "boo, hoo, hoo!"

    Yes! The TRUTH will, triumphantly, PREVAIL!