Wednesday, July 16, 2014


FR. JOHN WADESON: "I am told that details of our meeting with the Nuncio yesterday have been posted on a blog. I want to express my deep concern and hurt concerning this, especially since the Nuncio explicitly requested this not be done, and we gave our assent to this request."


ARCHBISHOP APURON: "I don’t want anybody going to the blogs or spreading the news again so that it’s all over the place. We need to start the healing within ourselves and not spread it out there so it becomes like wildfire and everybody interpreting and misinterpreting things."

ARCHBISHOP KREBS: "I would agree that that’s a good idea to be really reserved not to spread what is in here. Of course, people will know. There’s nothing secret in this world. But that we do not actively push to bring into our talks people who are not concerned."


It was Archbishop Apuron who insisted on the gag order NOT Archbishop Krebs. And it's WE who misinterpret things? Right. How about telling us the truth to begin with? Or is that too much to expect from our spiritual leaders?

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