Wednesday, July 16, 2014


FR. JOHN WADESON: "I am told that details of our meeting with the Nuncio yesterday have been posted on a blog. I want to express my deep concern and hurt concerning this, especially since the Nuncio explicitly requested this not be done, and we gave our assent to this request."


ARCHBISHOP APURON: "I don’t want anybody going to the blogs or spreading the news again so that it’s all over the place. We need to start the healing within ourselves and not spread it out there so it becomes like wildfire and everybody interpreting and misinterpreting things."

ARCHBISHOP KREBS: "I would agree that that’s a good idea to be really reserved not to spread what is in here. Of course, people will know. There’s nothing secret in this world. But that we do not actively push to bring into our talks people who are not concerned."


It was Archbishop Apuron who insisted on the gag order NOT Archbishop Krebs. And it's WE who misinterpret things? Right. How about telling us the truth to begin with? Or is that too much to expect from our spiritual leaders?


  1. What happened in that second meeting with the clergy? Apparently, the first meeting, which was only one hour, wasn't enough? What happens now that the Nuncio left? Was he only here to just listen and give our priests and bishop a slap on the wrist, or are some things going to change (i.e. leadership)?

  2. Well my friends!!!
    More of the same:
    Deny, deny! Lie, give 1/2 truths, delay, misinform. This Archbishop and his minions have been doing this for years.
    The Chancery, yet, has to realize that their tactics are no longer viable in a modern world.
    Actually this is exactly what Archbishop Krebs underlines.

    How can you be so lame Father Wadeson? You think we are some kind of idiots from the bush?
    Or maybe some superstitious poor migrants from LA?

    Guess again, Chamorros and Filipinos are a lot smarter that what you have been led to believe.
    You shall soon find out.

    1. Archbishop the archdiocese should make a statement on social media about the Father Wadeson case. As usual you do not respond and this is what causes further problems. It is not the blogs. It is the inability of the chancery to respond to concerns by modern communication which millions of people only use.

  3. Why is Apuron so afraid of the blog and other disclosures? Is he afraid of transparency? Is he afraid that he will be made to look like a mean, egotistical, tyrannical, and vengeful person? Okay. I see now why he is afraid. All of the above is true!!!

  4. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 16, 2014 at 11:00 PM

    It sounds to me like the Nuncio is a realist. "There are no secrets." As a diplomat he certainly knows that information can not be contained in the modern world. His words should be noted...not to bring people who are not concerned. He realizes that the lay people are concerned and he does not want them kept out of the loop.

    I am also not disappointed in our own dear Archbishop's words of advice...keep it quiet, let's start the healing for ourselves and "not spread it out there so it becomes like wildfire and everybody interpreting and misinterpreting things." Typical double speak we have heard for far too long. He obviously thinks we are not intelligent enough to understand what is going on! NEWS FLASH - we understand.

    Certainly, there will be some who misinterpret what is said, (on both sides of the battle lines between kikos and non-kikos) but that is no excuse to keep the average well-thinking person in the dark. If there is a misinterpretation then that is really a sign of miscommunication on your part Archbishop. If you had a better grasp of communication skills we would have no problems. You should have learned from Nixon what happens when you lie about what really happened. Too bad there was no 18 minute gap in your case. I wonder if Diana was the leak so she could fill your spot when you are forced to step down?

    What you should have learned long ago is that when you say one thing today, and then another tomorrow, people are bound to misinterpret. They don't know which lie is furthest from the truth! But if you were really truthful all the time we would not have a problem interpreting a consistent message.

    Dear Archbishop, you are beyond hope because your lies have finally caught up with you and you are not man enough to now say enough is enough. We really need to pray to St Jude for you.

  5. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 17, 2014 at 12:22 AM

    Interesting note before I head to sleep. San Francisco just logged in at 7:10am PDT to check out the blog. It can only mean one of two possible reasons:
    1.) SNAP is checking for latest news before catching their flight to Guam, or
    2.) the high rent house owner in San Francisco is checking to see how bad things are to see if they should put a for rent sign out on Fr John Wadeson's lawn, and get a new tenant. I doubt Guam can afford to rent that space any longer, they will need to save every penny for the coming lawsuits. Hope this doesn't mean AAA will be extended again!
    What a nightmare I am living through!

    1. Guam invites snap to return.

    2. So many lies archbishop apuron.

  6. So sad to even think that there is a mole amongst the laity.

    1. So sad to even think that there are people like you who are more concerned with the desire of the laity to know what's happening in their church than you are with lying clergy.

    2. To ANON 7:32 AM, are you more concerned about keeping secrets or disclosing the truth?