Friday, August 8, 2014


‘Apuron had no knowledge of National Museum closure’

‘Apuron was asked for financial statement in 2012’
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Here's a comment I made earlier upon learning of the museum's closure and the back story:

The order (to close the museum) did not come directly from Archbishop Apuron but it is still collateral damage due to him. After Msgr. James was fired, people who had donated family collections to the Museum began asking to have them back. The director Vangie Lujan attempted to get some direction from the new administration but there was NO REPLY. With no instruction, no assurance of the future, and the demand to return display items, the directors of the museum had no option but to shut it down. It truly is collateral damage and there is much more to come. It is still not certain who made the decision to close the actual doors. But IT IS VERY CERTAIN who did not reply. 

And as those who practice law know: Failure to reply IS a reply.


  1. Can the Archbishop speak for himself and address the people? We don't want to hear from Adrian.

    1. He is practicing, just in case......can someone give him a toothbrush...too much chewing beetlenuts.....Adrian, you gotta look good when speaking in public!

  2. "And as those who practice law know: Failure to reply IS a reply."

    Now, now... Fr. Adrian is just taking CLASSES to become a Canon Lawyer, he's not an actual, real and for true lawyer just yet. He probably hasn't even gotten to that chapter in his online course, so cut him some slack for not knowing this.

    I'm sure he's giving himself a high five for his perceived clever response, though.

    1. He better hurry up and complete it. How is he going to defend himself when the time comes and questions are truly bombarded on him. He will probably pass the buck! Adrian you better start learning the words to the song with the lyrics "Get ready, Get ready".

    2. Dear Anonymous at 11.20am, if Adrian has not evolved much since the Seminary in his learning abilities, he most likely will take even more time than Msgr David. (who himself holds a record of how slow can you study a subject, and still be awful at it) to get his canon degree.
      From what I can observe he was probably even smarter then. (which is not much)
      What is a constant with the man, is his willingness to do anything with anybody to reach his goals. That has not change, on the contrary it got worse.
      The man is a poor priest, and even worse administrator.
      There are two style of leaders.
      The ones that surround themselves with the most capable people in order to get the best results.
      The ones that surround themselves with "yes men" in order not to be challenged.

      We can see where the Archbishop made his choice.
      If you add to this, the "eminence grise" Fr Pius as his private council we can easily see the chance of getting a real bad brew.
      Canon degree or not.
      Nothing replace principle, and all these actors have none.

  3. Janet B - MangilaoAugust 8, 2014 at 7:42 PM

    When Monsignor James was moving out, Fr Michael Jucutan was harrassing the movers, wanting to look inside all the boxes. Some one asked Fr Michael who asked him to do that. He replied an attorney. When asked further, which attorney, this boy had the brilliant response: "I don't remember"
    I guess he learned from his formators at the Yona seminary how to lie like the Chancery. And he is practically as good at lies as Tony-Baloney, Adrian-Diana, and David the Sicker.
    Sounds like Balvo could have removed Tony Baloney for fiscal mismanagement, but he is far more Christ-like than our mad bishop.

    1. Oh Father Michael, did you see a court order to do a search and seizure of property? This is not looking good for you. No, no, no...Obedience can get you in a whole lot of trouble. You had better reflect and find a way to cover your ass. The truth is always the best way out of a mess.

    2. Father Michael J. hope this court order of search and seizure is not giving you a nightmare with cold sweats.! Don't go screaming now, you never know if someone is listening. It's kinda late to sing "Take me Home" , "Aloha Oi"' or "Do Run Run" now. You are in too deep to climb out. Hold on to your pants!

  4. Janet, guess would would be attorney Terlaje.

  5. People are not making these stories up . Just look for yourself, watch the news. Adrian and His little group are running the show. I was listening to k-57 and he was really trying to do damage control. Sorry you are not fooling anyone. While we respect what they believe and practice. We will not let them push their Protestant like practices into our Catholic Church. Those Neo groups appear to be more Born again Christians then anything. Just go online and read about it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is happening. The Bishop was running away in Yigo last night, from the media like a coward! Go online an see the truth for yourself (PNC and KUAM) it's like he was given a Gag order too! So who is really running the show???? Our Church and It's people want answers now. We need our Pope to get to the bottom of this "Scandal"

  6. If the Archbishop or the new Rector of the Agana Cathedral, Monsignor David did not support what was announced during mass about the closure of the museum, why didn't they send a message after mass that stated it would not be closed, no change of the announcement was made for other masses that day.....unless they wanted it closed...the opening was a tribute to Monsignor James' accomplishment.....The Archbishop nor Monsignor David came to the museum to support the why are they trying to pretend they didn't know anything....stop it already.....

    1. Your point is correct. It was announced at all the Masses including the Archbishop's. However, the Archbishop did visit for a bit. He didn't ask why it was closing. And then there's still the deal with Fr. Adrian's statement to the press saying it would reopen after the change in administration. Obviously he's the one calling the shots.

    2. I was the entire time...he was not there...not even for a little time....He was there at the first fund raiser in March but he did not come on Aug 3..he may have had a private tour ...but not on Sunday

    3. There was a picture in one of the paper's showing the Archbishop in the museum with Msgr. Benavente looking on. I don't know what day it was, but it was with the story about the Museum's closure.

    4. That foto was a few months ago.

  7. Just SHUT UP already!!! Now that you The NEOs are handling the Cathedral and Cemeteries records and finances, we will NOT believe any reports and documents you will all of a sudden unravel, to further defame Msgr. James and his hardworking staff. We would not be surprised when you doctor up documents and post them in the media and say, “Ta-da! See, we found something,” when we ALL know, you crafted it and then continue to lie about it. We are just waiting. Waiting, for more lies!

    You ALL obviously are more than capable in twisting the truth and lie to your teeth so, SHUT UP already! Hiding behind a 'nice and neutral-sounding' post, even posing behind OUR LADY, when we all know you do not even honor her. We see right through you, NEO, or worse yet, NEO Sympathizer!

    Neo Sympathizers are in full effect, hiding behind neutrality and aiding in continuing the work of the church. PLEASE, we see how you are loving that promotion and the quick rise to fame you are getting from these users. Pathetic.

    JUST SHUT UP, Anonymous August 9, 2014 at 11:10 AM, unless you are going to be TRUTHFUL:

    Be Truthful about: All the LIES

    -Show us the money, be transparent, not the Cathedral and Cemeteries finances, all of those were debunked already, we are NOT STUPID! So you can no longer say Msgr. James mismanaged anything because you really don’t think we will believe you. You have all the records now, so it is certainly fair to think that you will mess it up intentionally and try to pass it off as truth.

    -Get out of the NEO and be with ALL of your people, all of you: Archbishop, Msgr. David, Fr. Adrian. Protect us from Pius and whoever else is attacking your people! Better yet, get the Neo off our island!

    -Come out about Fr. John Wadeson, where is he, really? Produce his location; SNAP needs it to do its duties to protect children and all others that he can possibly harm. If he didn’t do it, molesting 2 youths, then work hard to exonerate your name, with the support of the bishop!

    -Be truthful about the museum

    -Be truthful about all the other things all of you have done

    I’m posting this in two different places, because obviously this “nice and neutral-sounding” poster wants to be seen and heard.

    Well, we are not listening to your lie. We will only open our eyes and ears to the TRUTH.

    Jesus Christ, Have Mercy on us and help us, for all that we are experiencing under this Archbishop and the Neocatecumenal Way!

    Santa Marian Kamalen, please intercede for us, indeed!