Friday, August 8, 2014


‘Apuron had no knowledge of National Museum closure’

‘Apuron was asked for financial statement in 2012’
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Here's a comment I made earlier upon learning of the museum's closure and the back story:

The order (to close the museum) did not come directly from Archbishop Apuron but it is still collateral damage due to him. After Msgr. James was fired, people who had donated family collections to the Museum began asking to have them back. The director Vangie Lujan attempted to get some direction from the new administration but there was NO REPLY. With no instruction, no assurance of the future, and the demand to return display items, the directors of the museum had no option but to shut it down. It truly is collateral damage and there is much more to come. It is still not certain who made the decision to close the actual doors. But IT IS VERY CERTAIN who did not reply. 

And as those who practice law know: Failure to reply IS a reply.

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