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Popes have promulgated the Way

Tim Rohr ·  Top Commenter · Hagatna
Sorry, Ric. The "popes" have not "promulgated the way". Apparently you do not understand the use of the term. ONE pope, Pope Benedict, promulgated the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way. The Statute is a rule imposed on your group outside of which you have no approval. You are outside of that Statute because you continue to sit to consume the consecrated bread which is NOWHERE permitted in the Statute. In matters of the liturgy, unless an exception is explicitly permitted, the neocatechumens are bound to follow the liturgical books. You do not. You have simply to show where this practice is permitted and there would be no basis to oppose you. Stop with the name dropping and the trumped up facts and simply answer the question. The only defense offered so far is that you are getting away with it. Our Church, at least the one I belong to, doesn't operate that way. Now for the folks who will read this, watch the personal attacks on me. Anything but answer the question.

  • Maria Baza · World History Teacher at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
    Hello, Mr. Rohr. As stated in the article, you are invited to petition or make inquiry to Cardinal Cañizares, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, as to whether we are going against Rome's instructions in the liturgy. He is the supreme authority of these matters as designated by the Pope. Thank you.

  • Tim Rohr ·  Top Commenter · Hagatna
    Maria Baza Hello Maria, the reason the Statute was promulgated was so that there would be no more need to ask such questions. With the promulgation of the NCW's Statute in 2008, the rules relative to the parameters of the NCW's celebration of the eucharist were imposed. The Church expects you to follow the Statute and not disobey it.

    In a another comment of yours on a previous article, you clearly stated that you do in fact sit to consume. You then gave as your "permission" to do so: the Pontifical Council for the Laity knows about it. Sorry, but that's like a man saying "my wife know's I cheat on her but it's okay because she hasn't stopped me."

    In February of 2014, in the letter from Cardinal Becciu, referenced by Dr. Eusebio in this article, Kiko Arguello was once again reminded that the Statute is his "regulatory charter of reference". The Pope did not refer Kiko to Cardinal Canizares, as you do here. There was no need. The Pope referred Kiko to his Statute outside of which there is no license for the NCW to operate.

    From the beginning both Kiko Arguello and Archbishop Apuron rejected the direction to conform the distribution of Holy Communion to the liturgical books. The only exceptions permitted in the NCW Statute is to receive under both kinds and to remain in one's place STANDING to receive. As you have explained, while you stand to receive, you sit to consume, and consume only after all have received. There is no permission to do this as you have already stated, admitting only that Rome hasn't stopped you from doing so.

    You may not think that this violation of the Statute matters, and you may not be blamed for thinking so. But your leaders know better.

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