Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Tim Rohr Interview With Rick Nauta, KMOY

Monday, August 18, 2014
Note: The interview was not recorded in studio. Someone had recorded it directly off the radio and sent it to Mr. Nauta. Thus, the background noise and variable quality of the recording.


  1. Too bad the sound is not so good until almost the end. But a nice opportunity to hear again the well laid out arguments on the growing failure of our Archbishop and his administration; as well as what we can do to impact changes.
    Thank you Tim for being that witness

  2. I appreciated hearing not only the information you gave, Tim, but also the information from the 2 other recordings which shook me somewhat--The clergy meeting with Archbishop Krebs (AAA's inability to recall information or paraphrase correctly explains how his statements become outright "lies" that report the exact opposite) and AAA's radio interview (where he gives HIS permission for Holy Mass to be said in anyone's home; no one needs to be ill--they just need to find a willing priest!!):