Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Entertaining the Kiko comments over this past year has been quite an adventure. They certainly have proven to be the "life" of this blog and they have provided us more evidence of the true "fruit" of Kiko's Way (not to mention all the page views, thank you) than we could have ever produced ourselves. 

However, lately, I have found this little exercise - entertaining the kiko's - immensely boring, and taking up otherwise valuable time. In addition, I have begun to feel a tinge of guilt in responding to them since it has become increasingly obvious that they are just children.

I haven't decided definitively yet, but I am inclined to just deposit all further childishness into the spam folder. And that also goes for commenters on our side who bring comments from little Diana's blog over here. I know they're funny, and often unbelievably so. But really. These are children and we are grown ups. We really should leave them alone in their sad little sand box. Let someone else change their diapers.

Fortunately, the chancery provides us all the fodder we need to keep the interest up on this blog:

  • slandering priests
  • alienating property
  • lying to prospective seminarians
  • public defamation of persons unable to defend themselves
  • talking dirty about the clergy
  • mocking Capuchins and Capuchin vocations
  • closing the museum on its first day
  • denying Catholic veterans a funeral Mass at the Veteran's Cemetery
  • withholding paychecks from Cathedral employees 
  • manufacturing presbyters of questionable psychological and academic abilities
  • giving priests an ultimatum to serve the Kiko's or get out of the diocese
  • putting people on the payroll that aren't even here
  • covering up the history of a priest accused of sexual molestation
  • stripping said priest of his duties and then sending him off to a secret location
  • and now, even preaching against JungleWatch and Tim Rohr at Mass, if that's what it still is.

So you see, friends, no need to entertain children. It was fun. But it's time to leave these poor things alone. The chancery is much more interesting. 

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