Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Entertaining the Kiko comments over this past year has been quite an adventure. They certainly have proven to be the "life" of this blog and they have provided us more evidence of the true "fruit" of Kiko's Way (not to mention all the page views, thank you) than we could have ever produced ourselves. 

However, lately, I have found this little exercise - entertaining the kiko's - immensely boring, and taking up otherwise valuable time. In addition, I have begun to feel a tinge of guilt in responding to them since it has become increasingly obvious that they are just children.

I haven't decided definitively yet, but I am inclined to just deposit all further childishness into the spam folder. And that also goes for commenters on our side who bring comments from little Diana's blog over here. I know they're funny, and often unbelievably so. But really. These are children and we are grown ups. We really should leave them alone in their sad little sand box. Let someone else change their diapers.

Fortunately, the chancery provides us all the fodder we need to keep the interest up on this blog:

  • slandering priests
  • alienating property
  • lying to prospective seminarians
  • public defamation of persons unable to defend themselves
  • talking dirty about the clergy
  • mocking Capuchins and Capuchin vocations
  • closing the museum on its first day
  • denying Catholic veterans a funeral Mass at the Veteran's Cemetery
  • withholding paychecks from Cathedral employees 
  • manufacturing presbyters of questionable psychological and academic abilities
  • giving priests an ultimatum to serve the Kiko's or get out of the diocese
  • putting people on the payroll that aren't even here
  • covering up the history of a priest accused of sexual molestation
  • stripping said priest of his duties and then sending him off to a secret location
  • and now, even preaching against JungleWatch and Tim Rohr at Mass, if that's what it still is.

So you see, friends, no need to entertain children. It was fun. But it's time to leave these poor things alone. The chancery is much more interesting. 


  1. Indeed time to quell the distractions!

    May I also request that those who comment cease manipulating of personal names? Whatever you think of that person, respect the intent of all of us by refraining from purposely misstating someone's name. I understand and appreciate satire but it just distracts from the rest of the comment.

    I tend to skip over these comments with the name "changes." I'm sure others do as well. That's unfortunate for the comment just might have had substance.

  2. I noticed some of the articles were getting too long. We need to accommodate the undereducated problem people of society who are all in the neo. Maybe even hook up a dictionary so they can look up words they don't understand. We should also make comments with shorter paragraphs and maybe five words per sentence. Then maybe the NEOS can realize that they are praying at an unauthorized mass. Otherwise they continue to be idiots.

    1. Anon 2:02pm, your comment does not help our case against the Neocatechumenal Way.

    2. I guess you approve of their tactics. Look at what they have done. In plane simple English, they are idiots. Nothing you do or say will help resolve this issue. They are going to ram this neo religion down our throats. Nice try being civil, but in time this NCW is how you are going to praying to.

  3. Although the comments by many a kiko are childish indeed, many are sadly coming from adults, desperately trying to defend the un-defendable. Aside from the immense humor that can be drawn from these inane attempts, it also gives us a very clear picture of how frightening this sect is. Even highly educated persons such as doctors and attorneys try to justify their association with the kiko-cult by spreading lies and misinformation. Since these people are smart, they know the reality of matters, but for some reason choose to skew this reality with a parallel reality called kiko-hallucination.

    Tim, if you had not allowed theses adult members with child like minds to play in the jungle, we would not have seen the vast number of problems that stem from this cult group. While it is often frustrating how they refuse to answer simple and straight forward questions, their lack of an answer is an answer in itself. We can only pray that at some point a light will click on in their numbed brains that they have been completely duped. It appears that the only way things will change is when some sense of sanity is restored to some of these infected kikos, and they start to force a change from within.

    Perhaps an alternative to their incessant childish banter is to place their small minded comments in a separate folder and to publish a weekly top ten list like the letterman show. Here are the top ten foolish comments from kikos and non-kikos for the week. Or if it is too hard to select from the huge pile of drivel, maybe expand the hit list to 25 or fifty.

    Give it some thought as I would miss the humor they unwittingly thrust upon us.

    1. Good idea Janet B! Some of the comments they make are just too hilarious not to share!

  4. I agree with you, Jose. BOTH sides, need to restrain from the name calling and speak on the issues. Let the children play.

  5. Yes! Please place all those childish comments into a spam folder! They distract from the issues at hand. The name calling, sarcasms, & tauntings don't help at all.

  6. Totally agree. Just because Diana's blog focuses on this one doesn't mean we should pay any mind to their points which are never based on either law or fact anyway. I have been following this blog since the beginning and I find myself glossing over all the diana drama because that's all it is. There may be lots of repetition here but it is well needed. Even I with an advanced education sometimes need to read various versions of the truth to really grasp the concepts (they are foreign if you have not spent time learning our faith which I'm guilty of). Now that we know the source to diana, it makes sense that we should just let them play hide and seek or charades or whatever suits their immature needs. I am here for truth and their posts do nothing but cost me precious time. They can make an upRohr in their own little garden. Let's clean house.

  7. If I could be a lawyer here, i would have objected to many diana posts. Objection, relevance! Objection, assumes facts not in evidence! Objection, hearsay! Objection, lack of foundation! And finally, your honor, please direct the witness to answer the question!!!

  8. 4:52,

    That was awesome.

  9. Dear Tim,
    for those of us that have followed your blog since the beginning, I do agree with Janet that, this fodder of childish behaviors, has indeed helped us comprehend the depth and the danger of the depravity that the NCW brought on Guam.
    By the same token, it is easy to understand that you can only answer to so many moronic comments and/or positions from the kikobots and the Diana's jihad followers.

    This last month while the views of the blog have skyrocketed, I forced myself not to post as much as I did in the past, first because I felt it was time for those who had been silent to pick up the flame and vent their displeasure of the issues you highlighted; second because I also sensed that perhaps, the NCW extremists that posted all these non issues were indeed acting to deflect from the real problems.

    I cannot start to thank you enough for the huge amount of work you have put up, and the countless hours you have spent, consciously giving back punch for punch.
    Perhaps as you mentioned it is time to move on, to focus on the most important of issues and concentrate on the core problems.

    1. I wonder what would it take to deliver the knockout punch to take the NCW out for good. I'm thinking that only the Pope wields that power. Meanwhile, the Faithful here on Guam need to step up or be stepped on.