Thursday, September 11, 2014


The Catholic Evidence Guild was first organized in England in 1918.  Its most prominent proponent was Frank Sheed (1922-1981)*. The Guild was founded to train lay Catholics to share and defend the Catholic faith, particularly in secular settings. 

In 2003, Dr. Robert Morgan, a Navy Captain, a physician, and a friend of Archbishop Apuron, founded a chapter of the Catholic Evidence Guild on Guam with Archbishop Apuron's blessing. The concern at the time was the proliferation of non-Catholic Christian churches on Guam and Dr. Morgan's desire to counter the exodus of Catholics to these other churches by giving "clear and compelling" reasons to be Catholic, as is the mission of the Catholic Evidence Guild. 

When Dr. Morgan left Guam in 2004, Chuck White took over the administration of the Guild. Other than maintaing an informational website and hosting a conference in 2005, the Guild is not active and does not have a membership.

*Frank Sheed wrote dozens of good books, but here are three that give particularly good explanations of the truths of the Catholic Faith:

All three are currently still in print.

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