Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I was cleaning off my desk and I came across this again. I was about to file it away when something struck me.

In this statement, Archbishop Apuron directly infers that his removing of Fr. Wadeson "from active and public ministry" is directly related to his policy "regarding sexual misconduct". 

In my initial post about Fr. Wadeson, I only referred to the existing reports and even stated that the claims against Fr. Wadeson may be "false allegations". However, Archbishop Apuron makes no such claim or defense of Fr. Wadeson. He removes Fr. Wadeson from ministry in accordance with his sexual misconduct policy, effectively bolstering the existing allegations against Fr. Wadeson.


Archbishop Apuron helps Fr. Wadeson disappear! How's that? Really? Isn't that what all those bishops in the states were being sued for a couple of years ago...helping problem priests disappear? How does helping Fr. Wadeson disappear correlate with taking "these matters very seriously?"

Fr. Wadeson may in fact be innocent of any allegations of sexual misconduct. (Personally, I hope he is.) But Archbishop Apuron, after effectively accusing him of sexual misconduct by removing him from ministry and then helping him disappear, is now the object of MISCONDUCT. 

Isn't their a zero-tolerance policy for bishops too? Joelle Casteix (SNAP) recently began following me on Twitter. Maybe she'll know.

Suggestion to Clergy and Religious: The next time Archbishop Apuron drags you in to read off the charges against Msgr. James and/or Fr. Paul, or anyone else for that matter, ask him to explain his own conduct in helping a priest he treated as a sex offender to disappear. 

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