Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Note: This post might have been overlooked since it was posted on a particularly busy day. So reposting. Educate yourself. Stop just opposing the Neo because they are taking over your churches or messing up your personal life. Start to understand the dangers in Kiko's theology which is the real root of the problem. 
by Chuck White

In my previous post, “Kiko’s Passover Problem, Part I”, I showed that Kiko Arguello deforms the meaning of the Last Supper and Jesus’s death by stripping the sacrificial element out of the Jewish Passover of first century Palestine.  This causes a problem for Kiko because  Jesus considered himself to be the sacrificial Lamb of the New Passover, as did the inspired authors of the New Testament.


  1. Outstanding write-up Chuck! Of course, don't expect shallow people like Kiko and his legion to understand. Unfortunately far too many people in today's society equate love with a flawed desire to please. Discipline and punishment are becoming taboo. If God really loves us, why does he allow bad things to happen?

    There is an inherent lack of understanding that the human condition requires a certain level of pain and suffering in order to learn. If you teach your child not to play with fire, he may understand the cause and effect relationship. But he will never fully comprehend the consequence without the experiential knowledge of what it means to be burned. Good parents discipline and punish their children out of love because they know some lessons are best taught through experience.

    Similarly, when our first parents Adam and Eve were created, though gifted with paradise, they chose to disobey. Hence pain and suffering were introduced so that they and their heirs would never forget the consequence of disobedience. Moreover, He denied our return to paradise until until such time that full atonement could be made. But however could we, those who have fallen from grace, ever atone for the sins of His once perfect creation? Quite simply, we could not.

    But in His infinite mercy, He sent us His Son, born into man without original sin so that His sacrifice would make full atonement for Adam's sin and by which He would establish a new covenant with His creation. When Jesus said that no one can go to the Father except through me, he was establishing the conditions of our return to eternal paradise. And before He gave His life for us, when He gave Peter the authority over His church, He gave us an institution by which we could fulfill those conditions.

    Kiko is unable to fathom this Truth because he is convinced that "sparing the rod" is the true measure of love and that mercy does not need to be earned.

    1. Actually, he misunderstands the whole idea of the covenant offering. There HAS to be a sacrifice. For us it is perpetual in the Eucharist.

  2. Thank you, Anon 1:35am. We do have to be careful about talking about "earning mercy", but God's mercy and justice intersect in the person of Jesus, and Kiko very clearly pits the two against each other. As I study his teachings I see a definite antipathy toward the expiatory and the penitential. He might say that he's just "de-emphasizing" those things, but I'm convinced it's much more than that.

  3. Thank you. I stand ccorrected. I wasn't quite sure about leaving that last little bit in. Yes, in fact we know that God's mercy knows no end. Perhaps forgiveness would be a more appropriate word. The point I was trying to convey is that the Church requires us to ask for forgiveness with a contrite heart in the sacrament of penance in order to be absolved of our sins. Because he is a loving Father, He gives us the opportunity to reflect on our flaws so that we can learn from our failures and then approach Him with humility to ask for forgiveness.