Monday, September 1, 2014


The comment string on Deacon Steve Martinez' letter to the editor in today's PDN

  • Chuck White ·  Top Commenter · Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Thank you, Deacon Martinez, for your letter. It's the first time in my recollection that a member of the ordained clergy in good standing on Guam has acknowledged in the public media there are problems. I hope that you will not face any reprisals for what you have written.

    My prayer for the Church here is that its many secrets will be replaced with an honest transparency and that our evangelistic and catechetical efforts will reflect the legitimate diversity of Jesus's flock.

    Chuck White
    • Zoltán Székely · Works at University of Guam
      Dear Deacon Steve, I respect your opinion. However, I have to disagree. Internet blogs can be useful as forums to share thoughts. But there are minimal cultural expectations blogs have to keep in order to be considered worthy to read. In most European and mainland American blogs with wider readership there are some unwritten rules followed that enforce these expectations and make the ensuing conversations possible. These basic rules are simply not followed at JungleWatch.

      As a former commenter at Tim Rohr's blog, I was greatly embarrassed to see that many of my comments challenging Tim's position were simply censured out. When I protested, Tim stole my profile picture from social media and posted it on his blog, together with my workplace information including my office location and phone number. It was such an abuse of trust that would never ever happen at any of the above mentioned culturally acceptable blog sites.

      I warned Tim about a year ago that his methods of managing his blog are intellectually dishonest. You may read about this more here: . Then, a mob of anonymous comment-trolls were unleashed on me, trying to silence and chase me away from his blog. I suspended my comments altogether under these culturally unacceptable circumstances. So it is completely justified to call these kinds of "grey matter" blogs like JungleWatch, that do not follow a required minimum in fairness and conduct, trash blogs and hate blogs as these terminus exactly describe and cover their scopes.

      If you, dear Deacon Steve, want to have meaningful exchanges of ideas to happen on blogs, you have to establish one with minimal cultural expectations. In particular, you have to ensure that

      1. only registered persons can make comments;
      2. anyone who makes a comment is identifiable by IP code;
      3. no anonymous comments are possible;
      4. there is an unbiased team of moderators who make moderation decisions by consent;
      5. common Internet blog protocols on acceptable vocabulary and conduct are enforced.

      I wish you good luck in acting on your idea by establishing a suitable framework for further, culturally acceptable exchange of thoughts and opinions.
      • Tim Rohr ·  Top Commenter · Hagatna
        Dear UOG Admin, take note. This is a person you permit to run loose on your campus courtesy of your payroll and our tax dollars.
    • Zoltán Székely · Works at University of Guam
      Let me emphasize: anonymous comments are possible on blogs because the owner of the blog validates the "anonymous" comment option. It is a deliberate choice of the owner, an invitation in fact, to make anonymous comments. It is possible only because the owner wanted it that way! Anyway, it is popular feature on trash blogs and hate blogs, where trouble makers hide behind anonymity.

      However, if the owner of the blog invalidates this option, then no more anonymous comments can be made! Does it sound simple? Well, the technology to clean up the mess caused by anonymous comments is given. What else is needed? Only good intention from the particular blog's owner. Is there any good will and good intention?
    • Ricardo Eusebio
      It's unbelievable to see a deacon advocate a counter message to the shepherd. Many people have reported being so disturbed by these blogs that they can't go to sleep. Appropriately the archbishop's message which is the same as the nuncio, Archbishop Krebs is to stay away from these blogs but I never heard him say all blogs or all social media. Similarly, if the Archbishop says not to watch a particular movie which can lead you to sin, he is not saying do not watch "all" movies. Deacon Martinez seems to be advocating for us to watch the particular movie and figure it out yourself. If you sin,...well at least you are informed. Wow!


    1. Mr Bullshit and Mr Adulterer, didn't your archbishop tell you to stay out of the blog. You disobedient SOB. I guess the NCW has not completely saved you yet. Go back to your community and obey your archbishop. This blog has been very informative to 144,500 non neos. If you don't like it, stay the hell away from Tim's blog and start your own blog.


    2. When any bishop has lost his moral capacity no deacon or priest should follow the individual bishop. Deacon Martinez has acted with honesty and integrity .


    3. Ric. Why would anyone not be able to sleep at night after reading Junglewatch. Junglewatch is a highly respected academic page read by over a million Roman Catholics. What is wrong with you? should you not be able to sleep take a " Bloody Mary." to make you sleep.

      1. Bloody Mary is that your girlfriend?


    4. zoltan go back to sleep no one is interested . And why are we paying you to teach kids? what can they possibly learn from you?

      1. Try Eusebio's hot Bloody Mary. You will sleep soundly afterwards.


    5. Archbishop is not the shepherd of this church. He is now only the Shepherd of the Neo. This is exactly why we lost respect for him.

    6. I find Rick Eusebio's comment about people being unable to sleep after reading Junglewatch ironic-because I sometimes have difficulty sleeping after reading Tim's blog because the knowledge Tim discloses makes me even more aware of the deadly noose tightening around our mainstream Catholics' necks by the aggressive, deceptive heretical NCW.

      1. Eusebio must be echoing the sentiments of his Neo community. I sleep well knowing that I've followed my conscience reading and posting here. Gone are the days of blind obedience and silence when it comes to Church matters. Thanks to the internet, people can readily search for the truth and engage in discussion with others who share the same concerns. Thank God we have JungleWatch as a place we can voice our concerns pertaining to the Catholic church.

      2. Dear Agnes,
        the only ones loosing sleep after reading the Junglewatch are the Neos that have been unmasked in their daily denials, lies and attacks against the Catholic Church on Guam, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Mother Church, and the faithful that want to follow Rome and not Kikko and his cult.

      3. There will be more "Sleepless in Guam" when the time comes in "Red October". More will be crying instead of "Singing in the Rain'. After that there will be a broadcast of "I'm Sorry, so Sorry"., but it will be kind of late to sing this song!

    7. Hold on non neos. I think you need an infusion of testimonials from the neocats. Who do you want to listen to Larry Claros, Deacon Tenorio, archbishop? Put in your request and we will post it for you. There are about 500 neo testimonials you can listen to. My suggestion is to email Adrian or Quitugua with your sin and they will personally pick the testimony that fits your sins. If you are a pediophile, you are in luck, we have a lot of testimonials at the seminary.

    8. That is what's so scary about these badNeos, even the supposed 'smart ones' are brainwashed beyond recognition!

      Go elsewhere to get your surgery done, people!
      Be sure your college son/daughter does not take that kind of MATH at UOG!

      Crazy NeoCancers!!!

    9. To Eusebio's point, I clearly remember the Archbishop saying not to watch the Davinci Code...however last week, one of his own, Fr. Michael Jucatan not only watched it but used it as part of his homily in mass. I doubt that Fr. Michael was reprimanded for his disobedience to the AAA.....luckily you can watch the disobedience over and over and over since it was recorded....... double standard.....

      In the recording, the AAA is not specific about what blogs not to go he must mean all blogs related to the issues he is discussing....

      1. He's only talking about those that call him out for telling lies and half truths.

    10. Mr. Zolton, not sure if you truly understand social media. ANYTHING that is posted in a public/social domain is up for grabs. What did Mr. Rohr steal? The TRUTH? What did he not post on this blog about you that is not substantiated or can be easily found? And don't forget, you are a guest here. Please do not try and overstep your position here ON OUR ISLAND.

      Mr. Rohr does not hide the fact that your traffic footprints are easily tracked. I think we know it can get deeper in terms of locating your actual location which is great for the FBI and not so great for those who send him outright or implied physical threats.

      Technology has changed the way we communicate worldwide. How we choose to use it, just like a firearm, is based on maturity, knowledge, and more importantly for me, morals. How you choose to make yourself look like you are being victimized is probably a result from your social media exploits and postings. Yes, its called the boomerang effect.

      Rick Eusebio, not sure where you are coming from. People can't sleep? You should be happy about, it may drum up some business for you!

      I speculate that the MAJORITY of people that can not sleep are the true Catholics on this island. They fear what the next magic trick AAA will pull out of his pointed hat. If AAA is not pawning a new lie, he is pimping out his so called "boys" who are not even ordained to wear a Roman Collar and letting others do his dirty recruitment efforts with testimonials. Do you know how that looks just from an outsider looking in?

      My sisters are STRONG CATHOLICS in the mainland, USA. VERY involved like those who were in the Agana Cathedral before the hostile takeover. They came here for a visit and saw the division within our Parish and Churches. They were overwhelmed that a Archbishop would even allow this much of a division within his Archdiocese. Even where they reside, the Archbishop is well respected DESPITE many decisions that did not go a Pastor's way. Their Archbishop was firm but he was and is fair when applying church mandates. He always offered alternative solutions and encouraged dialogue, empathy, and most of all, LOVE that they are all from ONE DIOCESE.

      We don't need to be brutal in our dialogue. At least this is what a lot of people thought when first reading through Jungle Watch.

      Straight up, the NEOs don't play fair. Thats just the truth. What they lack in terms of being able to at least be an average English speaking person they make up with brutal comments and direct attacks (yes, even in their native tongue!). They threaten the owner of this blog to "watch his back". I am glad he is sending those types of threats to the FBI.

      We stay anonymous until the right time and place comes in line with how the NEOCATS will be removed from this island. I am glad Mr. Rohr allows it in this blog site. We have our reasons as I am sure the NEOCATS have theirs with the trash bags and Diana playing dirty.

      btw...Always wondered when the Dept. of Rev. and Tax will be coming down on unreported donations. You know, this would be a great campaign platform for those running for office. Maybe this is something that D & T should get involved with when they do a REAL AUDIT of the income from all parts of AAA's shady arena within the Archdiocese. Yes, I would start with what is in the trash bags AFTER it goes around the FIRST and SECOND time.

      1. Department of Revenue and Taxation, are you going to perform your due diligence and properly audit the donations from the Non-Neo Parishes with the Neo Parishes? Oh, and don't forget the hotel donations that continue to go unaccounted for during the elaborate hotel worship celebration.

        Mr. Camacho, I implore you. There are MANY individuals going over the stress of being taxed audited but these are just pennies compared to what is missing from the Archdiocese Collections, especially during the NEO so called "celebrations".

        Funny how the NeoCats fee they also have Rev. and Tax under the influence of their KIKO-AID addiction. I don't think Mr. Camacho would tolerate this and i'm sure he is seeing how this can be addressed in a civil but at an accountability perspective. We wait for your opinion Mr. Camacho. Praying you are there to provide for the due process that should be applied across the board regarding taxes, accountability, and tax avoidance versus tax evasion. So curious as to the reaction of how the Archdiocese will respond. I am sure it will be a "not much collected" sad story that it is not worth reporting coming from the NEOCATS. NOT!

      2. The neocrats robots had a celebration at the holiday resort this weekend.

    11. 9.34pm. Agree with you. Now I am hearing there are some people including priests who are suffering from stress and physical sickness as a result of the archbishop and have developed health complications. This is true.

    12. Ah! the fruits of the Kikkos are bearing (or is it baring) again......
      I always miss our friend Zoltan the Magyar from afar. His silences and his sneaky appearances under anon can be deceiving.
      He cannot help himself in lecturing poor little us. After all, he is a Professor, so that is understandable.
      That is as far as I am willing to go in the flexibility exercise.
      Unfortunately the level of denial, lies, and attacks by Zoltan and his sidekick Dr Eusebio are not something that should be brushed over.
      The latest pattern is to, not let so many "unprepared" Neos, make fool of themselves here or in the medias.
      Looks like Pius has a plan, at least a communication one.
      1) Send brother Anthony repeat the same old song about why he illegally fired Fr Paul and wrongfully accused Msgr James. Ergo, the tour of Catholic schools and the local media.

      This is an old trick tested many times by politicians and others: throw as much mud as you can, and see what sticks.

      2) Send the best and most articulate you have to communicate along pre-arranged lines to :
      a) continue the attacks of the Archbishop on the victims
      b) deflect from the real issues by bringing new stories to the mix.
      c) attack the messengers and their reputation

      3) Reign in the Neanderthals at least for a short time. Use the network of the NCW worldwide to create more commotions and distractions.

      This is what we are witnessing for the last week.

      When you put this in the wider picture, where Pius, Genarrini and their Boy Tony, actually are reducing the number of parishes where the true Catholics can go to worship, and the acceleration of the graduation of RMS sub-standard priests to be; what you have is an all out war against all of us.
      A push to reach their goal before our complaints can be heard and acted upon.

      This is why, we must prepare for this latest onslaught, like we would for a big Typhoon.
      Because that is what we are facing a storm of huge consequences if we are not prepared.

      The level of depravity of these people is huge. We must steel ourselves for the upcoming fight.
      The closer we get to our goal, the more vicious these attacks will be.

      St Michael the Archangel......

    13. It is heartbreaking to see Dr. Ric Eusebio's blind obedience to the archbishop. He is highly educated and is trained to question things. Blind obedience is NOT what the church teaches. Maybe that is what Fr. Pius teaches, but that is wrong. I pray that he opens his heart and mind and see what is happening to the Church in Guam. There is division within the Church, which everyone can see. What can he and the NCW do to heal it? What can you do Dr. Eusebio to promote unity and reconciliation?

    14. regarding blog etiquette ... blogs in general are not news media, although some blogs function as news outlets. therefore, blogs in general are never expected to be unbiased, unless the blog's owner(s) have made the specific commitment to remain neutral.

      to that point, the owner of a blog therefore has the right to decide which, if any, comments are allowed to be posted. if you disagreed with something posted on a blog, and your comment on that blog was disallowed, you're always free to start your own blog and reference that other blog. it's free and it's easy!

      i have no problem with anonymous comments on blogs, especially if the comments remain focused on the points of a thread topic. but if an anonymous comment contains slander or calumny, then that's a different case, and i would expect the blog's owner to block that comment or at least call it out as slander and calumny.

      in the particular case of guam-focused blogs ... guam is a very small place. therefore, i can understand people wanting to remain anonymous, because the danger of retaliation is very real. retaliation can come from an employer, or a family member, or the government, or from someone with power in the parish. and if they couldn't retaliate directly against you, they can retaliate against people close to you.

      1. As of today, I have 1096 blocked comments. And there are probably another 500 which I deleted. 99% of those blocked comments are from people who support our side of the argument. As you know, I gladly post, if not feature, the comments from the Kiko's as they make our case better than we can.

    15. I remain anonymous because I do have a working relationship and friendship with Neo members that I value. I hold the Archbishop solely responsible for the division, conduct unbecoming of a spiritual leader and the layers of deceit that have been substantiated in Jungle Watching him. Many of us Dr. Ric, from both camps are losing sleep,rightly so. These are our beloved priest and parishioners,friends and family that our small island has intimate interconnections with.Some of our families are your patients. The division is grave and the Archbishop cannot morally allow to continue to do NOTHING. It has been almost a year since he has not offered or acknowledged our hurts our pains, and then he rationalizes his misdeeds to our children?!
      Archbishop Anthony Apuron, you not Jungle Watch lied to us (and continues to lie but now to our children) There was an important message from the Nuncio and that was completely ignored from the top? Break the Bridge of ministry of Msgr. Benavente, break the credibility of financial advisors ,break the credibility of 5 holy priest. We are broken. Your responsible flock is sadly broken. Please go back and tell the nuncio how you further destroyed the bridge. Tim Rohr and Chuck White did not divided us, you Archbishop of two masters deceived us!

    16. "don't read junglewatch because it makes you angry, therefore if it makes you angry, you are committing a sin." so don't read junglewatch anymore" Fr. Pius Sammut. On his rounds earlier last month to all the communites

      1. For those of us who haven't figured it out by now. Pius is the mastermind for all this crap. He brought the neo here. And look, he walks around and speaks with the authority as if he's an archbishop....but wait, that's the dirty truth isn't it? The archbishop hasn't been in control for a while now, it's this foreigner Pius, who speaks for Kiko, brainwashing our people with his forked tongue. How is this man legitimately still a priest when he is estranged from his order of the discalced Carmelites?