Monday, October 20, 2014


This morning, the Pacific Daily News carried the story "Lastimoza speaks out". I happen to know that Mr. Lastimoza did not want to speak out. He only did so because of what Archbishop Apuron is doing to his family and Fr. Paul. 

But whereas Mr. Lastimoza understands and accepts the responsibility and consequences of his crimes, Archbishop Apuron does not. It is only because Archbishop Apuron needed an excuse to fire Fr. Paul that Mr. Lastimoza and his family have been pulled back into the news. 

We know that Mr. Lastimoza was used as an excuse by Archbishop Apuron because of what we learn from this story:
"He was paroled in 1999 and began doing court-ordered community service at the Santa Barbara Church."
You see, when Mr. Lastimoza was fresh out of prison, he was sent to Santa Barbara parish to work for the parish as a condition of his parole. 

See the full parole document here.

Mr. Lastimoza worked at Santa Barbara for three years and Archbishop Apuron had NO problem with it. Let's repeat that. Mr. Lastimoza, a convicted rapist, killer, and sex-offender, a man who had just spent 19 years in prison, was sent to work at Santa Barbara parish as a condition of his parole, and worked there for three years, meaning he was around parishioners and children, and Archbishop Apuron had NO problem with it.

But in July of 2013, July, the month Giuseppe Gennarini comes to Guam, Fr. Paul Gofigan is fired for doing NOTHING more (allowing Mr. Lastimoza to volunteer at the parish), than what Archbishop Apuron HIMSELF permitted between 1999 and 2002

Given Mr. Lastimoza's recent release from prison, there would have been, in 1999, a much greater reason for the concern about Mr. Lastimoza's presence at the parish. But Archbishop Apuron had none. That would have to wait until 2013 and Giuseppe Gennarini's order. 

Santa Barbara is the largest parish on the island. Its population means lots of neocatechumenal communities and lots of neocatechumenal revenue to Gennarini, Pius, and Apuron. Fr. Paul stood in their way. They had to get rid of him. They did. 

P.S. Thank you to Mr. David Mills for your attack on Mr. Lastimoza. Without your attack there may have never been this response from Mr. Lastimoza revealing the conditions of his parole. 

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