Monday, October 20, 2014


This morning, the Pacific Daily News carried the story "Lastimoza speaks out". I happen to know that Mr. Lastimoza did not want to speak out. He only did so because of what Archbishop Apuron is doing to his family and Fr. Paul. 

But whereas Mr. Lastimoza understands and accepts the responsibility and consequences of his crimes, Archbishop Apuron does not. It is only because Archbishop Apuron needed an excuse to fire Fr. Paul that Mr. Lastimoza and his family have been pulled back into the news. 

We know that Mr. Lastimoza was used as an excuse by Archbishop Apuron because of what we learn from this story:
"He was paroled in 1999 and began doing court-ordered community service at the Santa Barbara Church."
You see, when Mr. Lastimoza was fresh out of prison, he was sent to Santa Barbara parish to work for the parish as a condition of his parole. 

See the full parole document here.

Mr. Lastimoza worked at Santa Barbara for three years and Archbishop Apuron had NO problem with it. Let's repeat that. Mr. Lastimoza, a convicted rapist, killer, and sex-offender, a man who had just spent 19 years in prison, was sent to work at Santa Barbara parish as a condition of his parole, and worked there for three years, meaning he was around parishioners and children, and Archbishop Apuron had NO problem with it.

But in July of 2013, July, the month Giuseppe Gennarini comes to Guam, Fr. Paul Gofigan is fired for doing NOTHING more (allowing Mr. Lastimoza to volunteer at the parish), than what Archbishop Apuron HIMSELF permitted between 1999 and 2002

Given Mr. Lastimoza's recent release from prison, there would have been, in 1999, a much greater reason for the concern about Mr. Lastimoza's presence at the parish. But Archbishop Apuron had none. That would have to wait until 2013 and Giuseppe Gennarini's order. 

Santa Barbara is the largest parish on the island. Its population means lots of neocatechumenal communities and lots of neocatechumenal revenue to Gennarini, Pius, and Apuron. Fr. Paul stood in their way. They had to get rid of him. They did. 

P.S. Thank you to Mr. David Mills for your attack on Mr. Lastimoza. Without your attack there may have never been this response from Mr. Lastimoza revealing the conditions of his parole. 


  1. It is as clear as can be that AAA lied his way through the whole scenario with the Lastimosa case. It is his modus operandi. And the sad part about it - he KNOWS he is lying. So he needs to lie, to cover that lie, and another one to cover the last one, and so on and so on. A simple truth somewhere along the line would have stopped the "chain of lies". But let no one hold his breath! He will not stop lying. It is only when the truth comes out that the lying will stop. So, so sad - and this coming from the "leader" of the Holy Roman Catholic Church! What a shame he has brought to us Catholics!

  2. Per the suggestion by John Toves in his comment in the post "Thanks to the Haters," when I shared this post on FB, I used the hashtags #urgent and #ApuronScapegoat. I suggest others do the same.


  3. My God this shows with absolute certainty that Archbishop Apuron lied and fabricated a whole story to remove Fr. Paul.


  4. Document shows since 1999 Apuron knew Joseph Lastimosa was working in this parish.
    Apuron Archbishop had no problem with this in 1999. Yet 14 years uses it to remove Fr. Paul. Information documents needs to be forwarded to Rome so congregation can review.

  5. What I think that is truly appalling about all this is that it obviously shows how apuron essentially looked Father Duenas boys right in their eyes and faces, at their school mass, where he then actually LIED DURING THE MASS to them there and then. OMG!! What kind of a priest can he be? He is certainly not an example of a holy prayerful man of faith or God!

    Remember how he brought all that stuff up about Fr. Paul, the man, sex and having to keep children safe. He has totally LOST ALL INTEGRITY in the public's eye now. SHOCKING!! ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING A TOTAL DISGRACE!!

    What kind of a message is he sending to the future leaders of Guam? Certainly not one of honesty or integrity. Isn't it a sin to lie? Certainly not a message of an upright citizen in the community or as a leader at all let alone leader of a church.

    How can people have faith in the church when this irresponsible, unprofessional, brain less idiotic is at the helm. Guam's church no less is on a course of destruction. It is scary very scary!

    Not to mention how being a catholic could be seen as being a reflection of association with him. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone must know the protocol for steps to stop him before he does or says anything more to disgrace the church.

    I am sorry to say this, but people can only take so much of lies and deceit. This abuse of power will soon cause people to leave the church in droves. It's not good or healthy for church members, let alone for children to have such exposure. These willful manipulation tactics he participates that can be openly proven. They are the very values we learn the opposite of in the church.

    It is all so dark and bizarre it almost seems unreal and impossible to be true. But it is true. Evidence keeps popping up on a daily basis through JW and more people appear to be taking notice and a stand for justice.

    We are not talking about just any business here. We are talking about the Catholic Church the 2000 year old Catholic Church that is 400 years old on Guam. All I can say is, I hope Rome really does know what is going on here. And they are just letting Apuron's ugliness be exposed for all to see, so it will be easy to oust him. God bless the Catholics of Guam and may true healing be restored with in the church and her faithful.

  6. And the lie he had to say to justifying moving Msgr James to St. Anthony. As pointed out in JW, it also happened in July. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    I wonder how our compassionate brothers and sisters in the NCW respond to this. Or is the so-called "disobedience" far more important than compassion?

  7. Tim, Thank you for all that you're doing to continue to protect our good church. May God continue to bless you with the intellect, courage, and abilities to speak up and keep catholics well - informed. May the holy spirit continue to guide you as you help us through these dark times on Guam. May God also protect you and your family from harm. May truth, justice, and all things of God prevail. I pray that all of this comes to an end and that our good fishermen priests catch and keep more fish in our good church. I hope these things do not drive the faithful away from our church. Mother Mary, please pray for us. Rome, please hear and help us!

  8. Wow Tim. Archishop Apuron allowed Mr. Lastimoza to work at Santa Barbara Church to satisfy one of the conditions of his parole, and Mr. Lastimoza was there for three straight years. This certainly proves that the presence of Mr. Lastimoza was not an issue, and was only an excuse, with brutal consequences to Mr. Lastimoza, his wife, and their two girls, by the archbishop to get rid of Fr. Paul. This is not an oversight or mistake or even negligence on the archbishop's part. It was deliberate and premeditated. This is evil.

  9. Incredible how document after damning document continue to be revealed by Mr Rohr which shows how beastly our Spiritual Leader has become. The only item even more bizaar is how a group of neos can blindly accept and applaud this persons actions. But beyond the emotion that we all must feel after seeing how Mr Lastimoza and his family, and how Fr Paul have been treated, this letter from the Parole Board shows several things with great clarity.
    In March 1999 the Parole Board felt with absolute certainty that:
    Mr Lastimoza's "Release is compatible with public safety and security." In other words, the
    professionals who look at these matters believed that Mr Lasitmoza was no threat to
    anyone on Guam.
    "There is a substantial likelihood that he [Mr Lastimoza] will abide by law..." - enough said
    "The prisoner's attitude toward law and authority is compatible to his release..." I'm good
    with that. As a matter of fact, the parole board was so comfortable with the rehabilitation
    of Mr Lastimoza that set an "additional special condition": THAT HE "PERFORM 8

    Community service is not unusual, but many times they assist the mayor's office. My nephew had a run in with the law, and he had to do community service as well. But instead of working at the mayor's office, he asked to work for the parish. The Parole Board got the approval of the Archbishop and that is what happened. No problems at all. Based on this experience, I am assuming that Mr Lastimoza also wanted to draw near to the Church, and had requested community service with his local parish. The Archbishop certainly had no problem back in 1999 in allowing Mr Lastimoza to work for Pale Ray Cepeda. Undoubtedly this was based on the powerful report by the Parole Board. But suddenly, in 2013 a more powerful report came out...the kikos wanted the Dededo Catholic Church, and poor Mr Lastimoza would have to be the sacrificial lamb along with Fr Paul. Mr Lastimoza was merely a pawn in a devilish game of chess between the Catholic Church and the NCW movement that wanted to further infiltrate it and change the Church to conform to their way of thinking.

    Did Mr Lastimoza do anything during his probation, or afterward in his employment at the Dededo Church to show that he was a possible harm or danger to the Church community or the school? Absolutely not! His only fault was that he was the best excuse to get to Fr Paul. And Fr Paul's crime was that he followed the Archbishop's order to terminate employment of Mr Lastimoza, and then allowed him to volunteer around the Rectory and other areas.

    Tony, your days will be remembered as the darkest time this island has faced. Yes, my parents faced Japanese occupation, and some of their acts were indeed evil. But your acts are more evil because you represent the Church, but you use your authority to malign good people like Mr Lastimoza and Fr Paul. You have sold your Catholic soul to the devil called kiko, and you refuse to step down from your position as spiritual head of our Catholic Church.

    Step down as Archbishop, and do whatever you like as a kiko, we really don't care. Just stop infecting our faith with your ruthless and deluded vision of salvation. We choose God, and we reject kiko!

  10. I saw as I logged in that a viewer from Belleville New Jersey had viewed JW just before me. Belleville is right next to Kearney, NJ which is where the RMS is at, and is at the heart of the kiko confusional way in the US. They should be getting worried about their plans to usurp the Church on Guam, because Tony, David, and Adrian are completely incapable of handling this matter. I suspect that Pius, Giuseppi, and other kikos from the US will be sent to bolster the efforts on Guam. We are small in size, but huge in their plans because we are the closest they have come to conquering an entire diocese. Thank you Benedict Apuron for selling us out. But thank heavens you are genuinely inept in your mission, so we shall prevail. Your days are counted. You had better start liquidating personal assets in preparation of your exile.
    The Nuncio will soon be returning and you cannot show any progress on all the promises you made during his last visit.
    The verdict will be rendered and you shall be vanquished. The kiko balloon will quickly deflate on Guam, and some other poor diocese will become the target of the kikos.

  11. Dear Mr. Rohr:

    I read the Parole Order and the first line states that Mr. Joseph Lastimoza's release "is compatible with public safety and security." This is the first of 17 Findings by the Parole Board which states essentially that Mr. Joseph Lastimoza is not a danger, let alone immediate, to the public, including women and children. There were no qualifications or conditions that would prevent Mr. Joseph Lastimoza from being present in any particular institution such as schools, church grounds, movies, playgrounds, parks, or anywhere! He was free to be wherever he wanted. Then, something better and wonderful happened. Mr. Lastimoza fell in love, his wife-to-be agreed to marry him knowing full well his background and criminal record, had two children, were embraced by Fr. Paul, came back to their Faith, and living good lives. How glorious is that! And all of this was common knowledge. Something truly evil is lurking at the Chancery to use this this man and his family as a pawn in an evil scheme to get what they want.

  12. Dear Tony -

    We know you do not like to answer questions, because they force you to lie again, but here's a question we the people of Guam have.
    When did you sell your soul to the devil?
    We know you have gone over to the dark side, but what was the tipping point, how did it happen, and is it true that Fr Pius is the anti-Christ? Or would it be Kiko?

    What you have done to Fr Paul and the Lastimoza family is nothing short of pure evil. So when did it really begin?


    1. Janet, I can give you the date, place, time, when he sold his soul. but will wait I want to watch more unfold.

    2. Ok. I too am curious at what else there may be, but remember that every day this evil man and his cohorts remain in charge of our Church, people's salvation is at risk. Do not delay any longer than necessary and consider all the damage this terrible man has already accomplished on Guam. We need to get him out as fast as possible. If you have anything that will complete the departure process, please let it unfold now.
      Thank you.

  13. Tim, what was truly touching, amazing, and inspiring to see was Joe Lastimoza's wife standing by her husband. I heard that Joe's wife was a UOG student with a Criminal Justice major when they met. I heard that she had him checked thoroughly, up and down, and sideways countless times. Yet, despite his past criminal record, she decided to marry him. She saw something good in Joe that only God can illuminate in her. She made the right choice. God is good. Now, why couldn't Archbishop Apuron have the guts, spine, integrity, and balls to do the same thing?

    1. @1:30, forgive me for putting my name in your posting. I couldn't have said it better. What a powerful image of a wife standing by her man not because he is perfect but despite of his imperfection.


  14. Well, now you see the truth Apuron has no integrity in his life, not as a priest or bishop has he lived a life of integrity.


  15. Yes, the wife is clearly no fool and her evaluation carries much influences over readers of this case.

  16. Shocking disturbing this man is a spiritual leader.

    1. What is more disturbing is that others at the Chancery...David, Adrian and others went along with the deception.

  17. How does this fit in the Global survival of the Catholic Church?

    Our Holy and Apostolic Catholic Church has been under siege from malevolent organized movements since the rise of the 18th century philosophers.
    One of the first casualty of this movement was the French Monarchy which was considered as the daughter of the Church. The French revolution tried unsuccessfully to dismantle our Church in this country.
    One of the most influential movement to combat our Church has been the Free Masons, it took advantage of its political alliances to develop greatly amongst white Anglo Saxon protestant countries.
    Its philosophy of "Enlightment" was one of the main tool to fight what they described as the dark hole of ignorance which they pretended came from the Catholic Church. Over the next two hundred years it would become the mantra of our enemies and allow for some of their biggest successes.
    Of course the French King and the monarchy was not the first victim of this philosophy, it actually had started during the Republic of Crownwell in England, which saw the eradication of the Stuarts (and the sidelining of the Church of England) aided and abetted by the Jewish bankers from Holland which only asked for England to recognize their religion as being legal in England. It would become the first European Nation to do so.
    Within the Jewish emancipation movement of the 17th and 18th centuries which seeked to have countries recognized their disciples as full citizens of their host countries, a secretive and powerful movement made some strong alliances with the Masons in these countries, this movement is known as the Tamuldists. (coming from the Talmud, the holy Jewish scriptures)
    This movement is secretive, racist, supremacist and profoundly anti-Catholic.
    Both the Tamuldists and the Masons declared that the Catholic Church had to be destroyed in order for their movement to become successful.
    As we have seen in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, they tried very hard.

  18. so sad that Mr. Lastimosa coming forth and speaking for himself as well as his family got a few more haters via the media. You didn't have to say anything but you did. I pray that God will watch over you and your family and keep you safe.

    On another many out there got their white ribbons flying..(great idea for whomever came up with it) I've got mine flying in Yigo. In support for THE JUNGLE WATCH.

  19. Continued.....
    To make it brief, the great majority of the Marxists, Leninists and Troskists were Talmudists and used their connections with the Masons to help secure the establishment of the Soviet Union and the destruction of the last strong Christian Monarchy, the Romanov. (albeit Orthodox)
    These movements main goal was the eradication of the Christian Religion for the benefit of an international world government (sounds familiar?)
    Out of these destructive movements, came a new notion, which has almost been accepted by the majority of Christians (Catholics included): the Judeo-Christian heritage. This idea which germinated in England in the 19th century wants Christians to believe that they share the same basic views on most issues (which is a huge stretch of the imagination.)

    Of course this goes against most teachings of the New Testament and has been rejected by Catholic scholars. Within the Protestant Churches it has gained considerable ground, specially in view of their strong reliance on the old Testament.
    Please bear with me for a little longer.
    Out of the blue comes a defrocked Nunn and a failed artist, former Marxist, turned Evangelist who created the NCW with the pretention of renewing the faith of the "fallen Catholics" and evangelize the heathens.
    What is shocking is the parallel the NCW teachings makes with some of the Talmudists traditions, the Masonic initiation rituals, degrees of enlightment and the heavy use of Jewish symbolism in its celebrations, paintings and music.

    This is at the core of the opposition many Catholics have against this sectarian movement.
    One of these in particular is its heavy reliance on the notion of persecution and special treatment in the eye of God (according to them) which draws directly from the Tamuldist view of the world and its "Motus Operandi"

    1. Hi frenchie, did you know that the NeoCats have the same kind of step-by-step hierarchy as the Masons? They are called the "catechists". This is a league of self-appointed, plain cloth "teachers" who actually do not teach the Catholic, faith but everything coming from Kiko. These catechists hide among simple parishioners, but in fact they are like wolves among the sheep. There are 33 steps of grades, just like for Masons, to reach from a simple community catechist up to the top of the NeoCat hierarchy. Perhaps Arguello is the only one who is a grade 33 catechists, but they say there is a woman and a priest there with him.

      What I had a chance to observe is the cult of the catechists that spreads upward, culminating in a total personal cult built around Arguello. They literally worship the guy. All catechists at the lower grades have to repeat everything whatever Arguello commands them. Then they watch each other and whoever does not follow faithfully every word coming right from the top will be demoted and never again promoted to a higher grade. This is the driving force behind the NeoCat because all these catechists want to go higher in the pyramidal game and want to become a higher grade than others.

      This whole mechanism is pure Masonic. They gamble with the Holy Spirit opening the Bible by chance and preaching from the page the book opens. They claim to own the Holy Spirit when they actually abuse it. Just this last weekend NeoCats had the annual 4-day cult seance as Diana keeps bragging about it. Fr Pius, probably at least grade 25 himself, gave the direct instructions making himself a "transmission belt" from Arguello and his top dogs. It is clear that they want to figure out the next move of Pope Francis in order to shine and get his trust. All this evangelizing mission they talk about is completely fake. Put Francis is much smarter, he has already figured them out and will put them in the roller coaster. Just watch... ;)

    2. Hello Voice-of-faith,
      yes indeed I did, this is why I mentioned it . Thank you for the clarification and details.

  20. Continued:

    How does this all fit with our issues? May you ask.
    Well, it is very simple. We have the only Archbishop in the Catholic Church who has elected to walk in the way, this neo Masonic movement who is trying to take over our Church from within.

    This is totally incompatible with his duties as a Archbishop. He does not stop here, he embraces this "philosophy" which is very anti-Catholic to the point of plotting to remove all real Catholic priests in his way and in the way of the take over of the Church on Guam by the NCW.
    Using lies, deceptions, Character assassination, aping in this the long tradition of these movements that have attempted to destroy our Church for centuries.

    This would be a grave sin for any of us, it is unforgiveable coming from a Prince of the Church, who cannot pretend not to know.
    Hence my long winded explanation to place our struggle in the context of the more global struggle to save our Church from its enemies.

    We have to steel ourselves and our resolve to realize that Guam is not the only one under threat, it is our entire Holy Mother Church.
    Therefore we shall find help within our Church Worldwide to help us fight this fight, because we are only the Trojan horse of the fable.
    Many good people will come to help, we just have to start here, where we can make a difference.
    I am convince that all those who have suffered thus far, to upheld our faith here, will be validated.
    The wicked shall be punished.
    St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.......

  21. Note to Frenchie. I received your long comment and the continued portion. Give me some time to read it carefully. BTW, do you have John's email? I might want to send you something through him. Thanks.

  22. Post Scriptum.
    Please note the following. As this is a very sensitive issue regarding an infinite minority of another religion that has been truly persecuted throughout their history, it is important to underline these important facts.
    A) the Talmudists represent a very small portion of the Jewish faith. Less than one percent.
    B) While the Talmudist core belief is supremacist and racist in its views, the majority of Jewish people do not espouse these beliefs.
    C) Jewish people, specially moderate ones and members of the interfaith reaching groups have been the first victims of the extremists of the Talmudist party.
    D) despite their small size they remain a foe not to be underestimated, and they love to hide behind the rest of the Jewish people of faith.
    E) they are in fact very similar in their tactics, and rethoric with the NCW approach within our own Church

    1. Thanks Frenchie. You guessed my concern.

    2. One thing the Jews have learned in the Holocaust is that blind obedience is not the way to walk in the world. At least the more liberal Jews recognize personal freedom and this way they are way ahead of NeoCats who demand blind obedience from the members inside toward the NeoCat hierarchy, especially to Arguello. I have been observing the NeoCat actions and have a pretty good understanding of their attitude.

      Just as Talmudic Judaism would not recognize personal freedom, the same way NeoCats deny personal choice and preference. Their vision is a stone hearted, unforrgiving God. Diana put this forward very clearly. The same way as most Jews do not follow Talmudic Judaism, most Catholics should also stay away from the NeoCat "Talmudism".

  23. Frenchie, you make me so very, very, proud to know you and have spent time in your company!!! Who would have known you were so bright! I can still pick up on your French/English.

    1. Dear John,
      thank you.
      You know who had the patience and foresight to see through my good looks, and see what was deep inside. This is why we fight.

  24. I remember being taught the Corporal Works of Mercy in CCD classes at Santa Barbara, and not understanding the full meaning behind those things: to feed the hungry; give drink to the thirsty; clothe the naked; shelter the homeless; visit the sick; visit the imprisoned; and bury the dead. Same goes for the Spiritual Works of Mercy: instruct the ignorant; counsel the doubtful; admonish the sinner; bear wrongs patiently; forgive willingly; comfort the afflicted; and pray for the living and the dead.

    Mr. Lastimoza's is a story where Father Paul checked off multiple items from these lists. He has embodied Christ's teachings with his actions -- and this, to me, is very indicative of his true calling as a Priest.

    As for the Archbishop, Monsignor David and Father Adrian... to call their actions shameful seems like a waste of breath. How do you take someone to task for being shameful if they seem to have no sense of shame? Their behavior has been called out time and time again, and yet, they see nothing wrong with what they've done. Instead, they've built up an arsenal of lay people who try to distract you with testimonies of sob-to-salvation stories; as well as priests and seminarians whose teachings are in line of yet another lay person.

    My question to the NCW is this: how is it that the teachings of Christ are trumped by the teachings of a folk-singing artist? I continue to pray for your conversion of heart.

    1. Don't bother asking the NCW any question as it will only be an exercise in futility and a waste of time. Use your time wisely and help expose them as the vipers that they truly are.

    2. Don't bother asking the NCW. They think this is all about persecution.

  25. Not the kind of story we expect to come out of a catholic institution. Framkly one has to ask why three individuals with a complete lack of moral integrity in their character and values are allowed to continue leading a catholic institution. They damage the very moral fibre of the Catholic Church.

  26. I can't wait for the visit to the Santa Barbara Parish. Tony has to answer to all what is happening with our community...we are slowly declining. My friends have lost faith in our so called spiritual leader..they are seeking faith in other religious groups. WAKE-UP GUAM! I know Joe Lastimoza and family...they are DEFINITELY NO HARM TO OUR fact, THEY ARE OF GREAT HELP and ASSET TO US. WHY punish them for the stupid actions of our so called leaders on the hill.