Tuesday, October 21, 2014


And no, Archbishop, I didn't get this from Fr. Mike, so leave him alone.

Here we see Fr. Louis Brouillard, the priest of Agana recently listed by the Diocese of Duluth as "credibly accused of child sexual abuse." As of 2005, even though he had been gone from Guam for many years, he was still receiving a monthly stipend and probably health coverage, courtesy of you. The stipend is said to be between $650 and $900 per month. The 1972 date of departure does not comport with a July 5, 2013 story in the Umatuna which stated: “San Isidro Catholic Church of Malojloj in the Municipality of Inarajan officially became a parish on July 21, 1973 with the appointment of her first Pastor, Rev. Fr. Louis Brouillard,” parish officials said in an announcement this week.

Here we see the now famous Fr. John Wadeson, an "incardinated itinerant". Of course he wasn't "itinerant" at all, unless you want to call jetting back and forth between San Francisco and Guam "itinerant". Further, we see here that the people of Guam, without their knowledge, are being made to financially support priests who do not serve in Guam. So now that he has been "removed from ministry" by Archbishop Apuron, where is he, what is he doing, and how much are we paying him? Here are some related links:

In the case of Fr. James Starastanich, at the time the rector of RMS, we see an example of Archbishop Apuron "mixing funds", the "same "inappropriate accounting practice" he accuses Msgr. James of doing with the Cathedral and Archdiocesan Development Group accounts. RMS is a corporation separate from the Archdiocese of Agana. The Archbishop recently made that clear when he said that RMS would be publishing its own financial report since it is a separate corporate entity. However, here we see the seminary rector not being paid by RMS, but directly by the Archdiocese of Agana. That's mixing funds. The proper thing to do would have been for the Archdiocese to fund RMS and then for RMS to pay its rector. But apparently Archbishop Apuron is above his own laws. 

Let's stop playing games, Archbishop. If you are going to drag out Msgr. James' finances in public as you have, then we demand full disclosure from you as well. For a bishop who hates gambling, you are pretty good at three-card monte. 

P.S. Your "3 Kings" were spotted getting on a plane yesterday morning, presumably for their pre-ordination retreat. The plane wasn't headed to the Philippines. New Jersey perhaps? And who's paying?

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