Sunday, October 19, 2014


Joesph Lastimoza and his wife speak out on accusations of sexual relations with a local priest


  1. Tim,
    You should should hear about what they did with the John Rivera burial. If the family would allow you to open up, it would show the people of Guam how vindictive, petty and truly heartless the Neo's are and the people that head it. They keep adding fuel to the fire and it doesn't matter to them what you have done for the church, as you personally can account to, but what they can do to you if you speak out against them. For the sake of the family I will remain anon.

    1. 6.59am world now needs to know what happened at the John Rivera burial?


  2. Amazing interview this will become a major story in days.


  3. oh dear archbishop the lady says her husband is not Gay. And archbishop you seem to want to oust everyone as gay. So we need to ask the question archbishop what is going on? why do you want to tell so many people they are gay.
    At the same time from this video it appears to me that Joseph has made a fundemental option in his life to have repented for his past and now lives his life in the grace and presence of our Lord. He does not give me the impression of a threat to society. Once more I can see he is supported by a loving and gracious wife . So Archbishop Apuron can you explain why everyone in your mind and I guess Adrian is gay?

  4. Just imagine for over a year Mr. and Mrs Lastimoza have remained silent. Thank you for now coming forward to inform the world the truth about the evil Archbishop Apuron and Adrain. There only intention is to destroy the Catholic Faith and culture on island and destroy every priest ever person who opposes Apuron and his cult..


  5. Appears John Toves is well informed. Live feed is going wild. Many new places are reading the page from all over the world, yes even the Soviet Union. All are opening for one reason, to learn about Archbishop Apuron and Adrian, and their evil intention to destroy the Catholic faith and people in Guam.

  6. Kiko still wildly waving his arms!!! Faster, faster, faster, kiko! Nut job.

  7. Hi Mr.Rohr. I dont have your email address but I know your also a catholic apologist. I was wondering if you have written anything on pagan practice or cafeteria catholics and if you could give me a link to it. Sorry my post is off topic. Thanks.

  8. Now that we see a face to the name Joe Lastimoza and his wife, one would have a difficult time trying to argue that he is a danger to the community. Fr. Paul embraced that family for what they are today, not for the crime he committed in the past. It would have been Jesus-like if archbishop Apuron had attempted to even have this man, his wife, and two girls checked out before he condemned them.

  9. To all and especially Mr Lastimoza and his Family:

    I personally met Mr. Joe Lastimoza (Joe) at one adult gathering over the last 2 years where he was humble enough to ensure everyone's meal was more than adequate. He humbly served with a 5 star rating that was more home-like than a commercial 5 star restaurant.

    His demeanor, his hospitality and humility was what really caught my eye. It was an outstanding representation of Faith, with "action, in action", as I felt it. It was an amazing feeling!. I embraced him and consistently let him know he is ALWAYS in our prayers and I pray one day to be able to fully realize the humility God has bestowed upon him within myself.

    He seemed blessed with the REAL presence of mind and why he was there at the times of the get together, He displayed his love for God and Neighbor and to break bread with them just as Jesus did with many of the sinners he sat and ate with.

    What a shining and awesome example of one who truly cared not just for his family, but for other as well. I believe this did not happen overnight and can't even begin to understand the amount of soul searching and faith his awesome wife went through to continue to. stand by his side, much more, his entire family (his children) and loyal extended Family.

    Joe, I truly believe you have more support for your state of being with the blessing from above than the Pharisees that occupy (i.e borrow) the title of a true Shepard and Spiritual Leader(s) at the top of the Chancery Hill.. You and your family are in our prayers. Please continue to stay strong my friend and brother in Christ.

    Bless you and your Family...

  10. As I said before injustice was not simply done to Fr. Paul with his removal but injustice was also done to Joe Lastimoza, his wife and his two children when they were used as reason for Fr. Paul's removal. Fr.Paul welcomed back a sinner and the top leaders in the Church in Guam charged Fr. Paul with disobedience for being Christ-like. There is something wrong with this picture. I pray that Rome who is hearing this case against Fr. Paul will do the right thing and correct this injustice so that our Church in Guam will again be the last refuge. Will again be truly a forgiving Church loving unconditionally like our Lord Jesus.

  11. Joe Lastimoza is an exemplary example that the system works in rehabilitating criminals. Thanks be to God!

  12. With tears streaming down my face, my heart sincerely goes out to Mr and Mrs Lastimoza. Their love and respect for one another can not be denied while enduring this very traumatic public and personal experience.
    They are courageous beyond belief through all this horrific ridicule of Father Paul that brings them and their children such shame and blame. They are the sacrificial lambs in all this. There is no way apuron and Mills could have ever expected them to speak up.

    I hope the powers to be in Rome sees this video and your account how the Justice assigned Mr Lastimoza to the church and apuron approved it. He does not deserve to be called archbishop he is a very sick man who needs to be removed ASAP.
    I feel very concerned about the Lastimoza girls. This public shame and blame must be absolutely horrific for them to experience. They can not hide. They have to go to school every day and we all know how mean kids can be. Oh I hope someone is watching out for them and is there for them. They are having to live this out at the expense of apuron's unpredictable and vicious vindictiveness. I am sure It is of little consequence that apuron looks like more and more like a real jerk and far from being a holy man or church leader.

    I am in AWE of Mr and Mrs Lastimoza courage. Thank you Tim for bringing out the REAL TRUTH about apuron and how he has been operating the Catholic church on Guam. Despicable!!

    I am sure there will be much more to come and as heart breaking as it is for both Guam's Catholic community and this family, I am glad that it will all help to remove the evilness at the top. So Guam Catholic's can move forward and no longer be distracted by all this horrific drama of removing good priests and destroying families names. Not to mention the culture of fear around speaking up that has existed, because of inappropriate behavior of a church leader. Enough already!!

  13. I agree that Apuron is looking more and more like a jerk to the 10th degree!