Thursday, October 16, 2014


I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity. 

You see, no one in Guam was having the conversation you said you were interested "by": the conversation about Archbishop Apuron's removal of Fr. Paul. It was old news and had pretty much gone away. And, happily for the Archbishop, most of the ugly details of how he treated Fr. Paul never really made it to the press. 

However, I was told by the PDN that your letter was the inspiration for, or at least related to the genesis of, the front page story about Mr. Lastimoza, an article which, along with your letter, has caused his teenage children to be bullied at school, his wife to cry, and his 81 year old sickly mother to collapse. 

I'm sure you feel justified in making this family suffer for a crime their father committed over 33 years ago and went to prison for. And I don't fault you for that. In fact, I thank you. It has provided me an opportunity now to retell the whole Apuron-Gofigan saga to the entire public of Guam. And had you not written your letter, I would not have stumbled upon some new information that is going to turn Apuron on his head. 

You see most didn't know the full extent of the evil actions of Archbishop Apuron against Fr. Paul. And almost no one new about the "something new"! But now they will. Your letter has provided an opportunity for me to draw them out and to resurrect this whole evil episode all over again and to provide a new document that will expose Apuron and the Kiko's evil intent more than anything else I provided previously. 

Oh, so fun, Mr. Mills. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! And just in time too, especially now that John Toves is in the picture. See you soon Mr. Mills. 

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