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P. Saverio Cannistrà O.C.D.
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Dear Father General,

We believe that Fr. Edwin "Pius" Sammut O.C.D. has a largely negative influence on the administration of the Archdiocese of Agana and his words and actions here as a leader of the Neocatechumenal Way have had a divisive effect on the Church of God in Guam for the better part of two decades.  At the current time Fr. Sammut leads the Neocatechumenal Way on Guam as the chief catechist and he also serves as the secretary of the Blessed San Vitores Theological Institute in Guam.  

Please see the attached petition, signed by 352 individuals and families from August 3, 2014 through October 2, 2014.  All signatures were collected online from the Thoughtful Catholic web site at

We ask that you review his words, actions, and influence here to ensure that it is compatible with the mission of the Discalced Carmelites and that you assert your appropriate authority to ensure that Fr. Sammut's work here on Guam comports to the high ideals of his Carmelite order. If necessary, please remove him from service in Guam.

Si Yu'os Ma'ase (Thank you).

/s/ Concerned Catholic Faithful on Guam


  1. POPE-CLERGY Oct-3-2014 (460 words) xxxi

    Church suffers from bishops choosing ill-suited priests, pope says

    (CNS/Paul Haring)

    By Carol Glatz
    Catholic News Service

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Many of the problems in the church today come from accepting men who are unsuitable for the priesthood, Pope Francis told the Congregation for Clergy.

    The vocations crisis and lack of priests have meant that "we bishops are tempted to take in, without discernment, the young men who present themselves. This is bad for the church," he told those taking part in the congregation's plenary assembly meeting at the Vatican.

    "We have to think of the good of the people of God," which means taking the time to screen and "study" those seeking a vocation, he said Oct. 3.

    "Examine closely whether he belongs to the Lord, if that man is healthy, is balanced, if that man is capable of giving life, of evangelizing, if he is capable of forming a family and turning that down in order to follow Jesus," he said in off-the-cuff remarks.

    "Today we have many problems, and in many dioceses, because of this error made by some bishops to take those who come -- sometimes thrown out of other seminaries or religious institutes -- because they need priests."

    The church does need priests and there is a lack of vocations, he said, but the solution cannot come at the expense of the faithful.

    Proper formation of candidates and priests is like polishing "a diamond in the rough" so that "they shine in the midst of the people of God," he said in his prepared written remarks.

    As such, proper formation is an ongoing task that takes time, care, patience and respect for the conscience of the person, he said.

    But most of all, formation is a relationship that demands consistency and discipleship; it is not just about passing on "theological or spiritual notions."

    "Jesus didn't say to those whom he called, 'Come, I'll explain it to you,' or 'Follow me, I'll instruct you.'"

    Jesus formed his disciples through his invitation of, "'Come, follow me. Do as I do.' And this is the method that the church wants to adopt for her ministers today as well," he said.

    Priests are called to grow in their awareness that they are "shepherds invited to be in the midst of their flock, to make the Lord present through the Eucharist and to impart his mercy," the pope said.

    "It's about 'being' priests, not limiting themselves to 'doing'" what a priest does, while also being free from any "spiritual worldliness," he said.

    The pope said it is wonderful to see priests who are full of joy and radiate an inner peace even during moments of hard work or struggle and pain. But none of that comes "without prayer from the heart and in dialogue with the Lord, who is, if you will, the heart of priestly life," he said.


  2. Carmelites become a target to be sued because of Pius.

  3. Situation in Guam archbishop ordained unsuitable candidates to make up numbers of neo priests. Most of those ordained would not have been ordained in a mainland diocese.

    1. Would not have been ordained in a mainland diocese. COPY THAT.

    2. Quite true. This is why Guam has 20 times the number of neo-seminarians per Catholic when compared with the Catholic population of a place like Boston which also has a neo-seminary. We take all the rejects because we have the only bishop in the world who does not ultimately decide who gets ordained. Giuseppe Gennarini decides who gets ordained and Apuron obeys. He has been overheard actually saying that he knew he shouldn't have ordained "so and so", but he did. That's seriously grave matter.

  4. Tim, what kind of illness is yours?

    1. It's called SCCDI: "Sick of the Catholic Church being Desecrated by Impostors."

    2. I think I also have SCCDI. I woke up early this past Sunday and prepared for mass. I read the readings and reflected on them as I was changing into my Sunday best. I arrived early, parked, and braved the rain and wind to get a front-row seat. A few minutes before mass one of the ministers announced that a substitute Neo priest will be celebrating. I just packed up my Missal and umbrella and walked out. Aware of what St. Thomas Aquinas said about blessings, I still feel that It's a lesser sin to miss Mass than participate in heresy.

    3. Gerry, I attended the 6 PM Vigil Mass with my family and was dismayed to hear that Fr. Tom McGrath would not be presiding, that his substitute would be a NCW presbyter. Unlike you, I was unable to walk out, so I comforted myself with the knowledge that I would be attending another Mass the next day. I sat through it, recorded the homily and refrained from receiving Holy Communion.

      As it turned out, I developed a fever during the night and was unable to assist at the Sunday Mass as intended. I trust that the service I attended on Saturday fulfilled my obligation, even at the barest minimum …

    4. In reference to 12:55 comment and the madness of on going insanity interspersed with scholarly brilliance and advocacy for the Real Catholic Church on Guam that JW posts.
      Tim it is nice to see you still have a quick witted sense of humor that is appropriately refreshing. A pleasant reprieve from all the darkness of Guam church drama.
      Thank you for keeping your head on your shoulders and your feet firmly on the ground. No doubt it can not be easy at times.

      Not knowing your personally I can only observe how your blog posts show evidence your intent is done with God as your partner. Your posts minus an occasional relevant statement with poignant personal humor or frustration are not expressed in any willy nilly way but through the guidance and teachings of the Roman Catholic church and Cannon Law that you constantly refer to.

      The flip side of this local church drama is that JW is a brilliant opportunity for Guam's Catholics to learn about the faith and thereby gain a deeper understanding. Also evident of JW value to the Catholic community is that other Scholarly minds see fit to contribute intelligent learned posts and support your efforts.
      Another important key aspect that goes with out saying. Guam Catholics advocates and others, have found a safe place to give voice to their concerns in what otherwise has long been considered a climate of fear.

      Hear is to your continued health and SCCDI condition, "Sick of the Catholic Church being Desecrated by Impostors." It indeed may be one healthy virus condition worthy of catching and spreading. All the Best to You

  5. Why would one even announce a suitable neo priest . What is such a statement saying to people in the pews.

  6. Regardless of the celebrant's intent - in regards to the consecration and the making present the ACTUAL Body and Blood of Jesus, YOUR INTENT to attend a valid Mass would have still been honored by God and there would be no culpability on your part. I did walk out of Mass once when the Neo's took over the pulpit at the homily. To my discredit, I let my anger get the better of me and did not make an effort to attend another Mass to fulfill the obligation. I went to confession at the earliest opportunity though and the priest rightly chastised me, not for walking out of Mass, but for not going to another one. NEVER MISS MASS.